Metallic markers produce diverse range of artifacts in breast MRI
August 3, 2022 -- Radiologists must be aware that metallic markers are responsible for artifacts in breast MRI exams, according to Swiss researchers. These artifacts can be of different types and sizes, depending on the MRI sequence, magnetic field, and marker type, they say. Read More
French team shines light on use of ultrafast DCE-MRI in breast cancer
August 3, 2022 -- Breast MRI with an ultrafast dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) protocol can help predict complete pathologic response to breast cancer treatment, researchers from Paris have reported in a new study. Read More
Risk scores can boost assessment of dense breast tissue
August 1, 2022 -- Breast density continues to be a challenge for radiologists, but research from the U.K. and the Netherlands sheds new light on how imaging professionals can refine cancer risk estimates for women with dense breast tissue. Read More
Mammography self-compression yields similar image quality
July 28, 2022 -- Mammograms performed with women compressing their own breasts have comparable image quality and with significantly stronger breast compression, suggests an Italian study published on 22 July in European Radiology. Read More
Do clinical decision algorithms outweigh reader experience?
July 20, 2022 -- When it comes to breast MRI, reporting benefits more from using a diagnostic algorithm rather than expert experience in a clinical, problem-solving setting, Austrian researchers have asserted in an article posted on 19 July by European Radiology. Read More
Breast cancer overdiagnosis rates are low in mammography screening
July 20, 2022 -- The benefits of mammography outweigh the risks of overdiagnosis -- especially since the overdiagnosis rate is low, a study published on 18 July in Cancer Medicine has found. Read More
ECR: What was COVID's impact on staff's stress levels?
July 17, 2022 -- VIENNA - The phenomenon of burnout among radiology staff isn't new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added an extra dimension to it. That's the key finding of two presentations delivered on 15 July at ECR 2022. Read More
ECR: AI cuts radiologist workload by prioritizing mammography
July 17, 2022 -- VIENNA - Using an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to triage screening mammography exams for interpretation both cuts radiologists' recall rates and their daily reading list, according to a presentation delivered on 16 July at ECR 2022. Read More
Video from ECR 2022: Christiane Kuhl on breast MRI and life on the farm
July 16, 2022 -- VIENNA - Novel gadolinium-based contrast agents and the continued development of an abbreviated technique for breast MRI have caught the eye of Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuhl, PhD, at ECR 2022. She also celebrates the welcome return of in-person congresses and speaks about the wider impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world. Read More
ECR: Don't fear lymphadenopathy after vaccination
July 15, 2022 -- Researchers continue to gain ground in understanding lymphadenopathy caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, and several presenters discussed their findings on the topic on 13 July at ECR 2022. Read More