Katja Pinker gives her latest thoughts on breast AI adoption
September 21, 2023 -- Ahead of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) annual congress, Dr. Katja Pinker, PhD, from New York and Vienna, spoke with AuntMinnieEurope.com about the challenges of adopting AI in breast imaging. Read More
What's tomosynthesis' screening role in women with breast implants?
September 13, 2023 -- The use of a low-dose tomosynthesis protocol for screening women with breast implants allows a significant reduction in radiation exposure while maintaining adequate image quality and maximizing the diagnostic performance, Italian researchers have found. Read More
How to harness AI's power for breast cancer risk assessment
September 12, 2023 -- AI is emerging as a promising approach not only to detect breast cancer earlier but also to assess the risk of future breast cancer. Recent evidence from Denmark has shown the vast potential of combining AI systems for short- and long-term breast cancer risk assessment, according to Dr. Filippo Pesapane. Read More
Breast AI comparable to radiologist double reading
September 12, 2023 -- AI alone and AI with one radiologist are on par with radiologist double reading in breast imaging, suggest Swedish findings published on 8 September in The Lancet Digital Health. Read More
AI compares well with breast radiologists for reading test cases
September 11, 2023 -- AI showed broadly similar performance levels when compared to breast radiologists for evaluating cases from enriched test sets in a study led by a research group at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. Read More
Imaging research gets boost from U.K. rejoining Horizon Europe
September 7, 2023 -- Medical imaging and AI research received a substantial boost on 7 September, when the European Commission and the U.K. reached an agreement on the U.K.'s participation in Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation program. Senior radiologists have already welcomed the news. Read More
Attention focuses on breast MRI uptake in high-risk women
September 4, 2023 -- Only a third of women at high risk of breast cancer who have a provider recommendation for breast MRI actually undergo the examination, according a new investigation conducted in the U.S. Read More
Learning the lessons in the shocking case of Lucy Letby
August 31, 2023 -- In the wake of the murder conviction of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, radiologists must bring an end to interprofessional conflict, act in a dignified and professional way, and emphasize the contribution they make to patient care, says U.K. Royal College of Radiologists President Dr. Kath Halliday. Read More
Combined AI mammo texture model improves cancer risk assessment
August 30, 2023 -- A combined diagnostic AI system and mammographic texture model can improve risk assessment for interval breast cancer and long-term breast cancer, a Danish study published on 29 August in Radiology has found. Read More
Do cancer screening exams really extend patients' lives?
August 28, 2023 -- In what is sure to be a controversial study among cancer screening advocates, researchers from Norway have concluded that screening mammography and CT for lung cancer screening don't necessarily extend patients' lives, according to results published on 28 August in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read More