Wide variations persist in how Europeans use PPE in ultrasound
February 11, 2022 -- Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become ubiquitous in hospitals over the past two years, but substantial differences still exist when it comes to face-to-face ultrasound examinations, a new Europe-wide survey has found. Read More
Dutch group uses POCUS to rule out PE in high-risk COVID-19 cases
February 9, 2022 -- Researchers from Amsterdam have used point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to rule out pulmonary embolism (PE) in critically ill COVID-19 patients and to determine who should undergo CT pulmonary angiography. Read More
Nailed it: How fingertip searches can shine a light on cancer
February 8, 2022 -- A prizewinning study has highlighted that in the proper hands, ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic tool that can accurately assess pathologies of the fingernails and toenails, including subungual melanoma. Read More
What are the main challenges when imaging premature babies?
February 7, 2022 -- Premature babies start life with many potential difficulties, but specialist pediatric radiologists can help identify complications quickly, permitting appropriate treatment. In this Q&A interview, Dr. Stephanie Spieth from Dresden, Germany, discusses the practical aspects of imaging premature babies. Read More
Dutch optimize ultrasound use to predict hip dysplasia in infants
February 3, 2022 -- A group from University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands has found that modeling ultrasound images of well-centered stable dysplastic hips in infants predicted which hips developed to normal or remained dysplastic. Read More
Fuchsjäger sings the praises of cryoablation in breast masterclass
February 2, 2022 -- For cryoablation to be more widely accepted in breast cancer therapy, there must be paradigm shifts in how the medical community looks at treatment options and their outcomes, Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger, head of radiology at the Medical University of Graz in Austria, told Arab Health attendees. Read More
What does it take to be a winner in elite sports imaging?
January 31, 2022 -- In the high-stakes world of professional sport, imaging experts require a diverse range of skills, U.K. radiologist Dr. Amanda Isaac said at the Total Radiology Conference at Arab Health 2022. Don't work in isolation, she advised. Read More
Which is best for COVID-19 diagnosis: POCUS or chest x-ray?
January 24, 2022 -- Italian scientists have reported that point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) for lung imaging is of comparable clinical effectiveness to chest x-ray when it comes to diagnosing cases of COVID-19. Read More
Rotterdam study illuminates detection of skin cancer metastases
January 13, 2022 -- Investigators from Erasmus MC in the Netherlands have reported that while relying on clinical examination alone can miss cancers in the head and neck, adding ultrasound may lead to unnecessary procedures. Read More
Scottish researcher Fiona Denison, 51, dies of COVID-19 complications
January 12, 2022 -- Prof. Fiona Denison, an obstetrician who had a keen interest in ultrasound, multidisciplinary research, and global health, died on 9 January after contracting COVID-19, according to a statement by the Edinburgh Medical School and reports in the national media. Read More