AIUM: Can deep learning classify liver fibrosis on US?
March 29, 2018 -- NEW YORK CITY - A deep-learning algorithm that analyzes B-mode morphological ultrasound data and patient demographic information can classify the severity of liver fibrosis in cases of chronic liver disease, according to research presented at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) conference.  Discuss
New Logiq E10 ultrasound scanner paces GE ECR launches
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - A flagship ultrasound scanner optimized for the coming age of artificial intelligence, as well as a CT scanner designed to simplify dual-energy scanning, are among the new product introductions in the booth of GE Healthcare at ECR.  Discuss
Canon launches new 1.5-tesla MRI, US unit at ECR
March 1, 2018 -- VIENNA - Canon Medical Systems is making its first appearance at ECR 2018 under a unified banner since Canon took over Toshiba Medical Systems. The firm has a full slate of product launches, including Vantage Orian, a new 1.5-tesla MRI scanner.  Discuss
New Siemens ECR 2018 products include MRI, ultrasound
March 1, 2018 -- Siemens Healthineers is showcasing two new major product launches at ECR 2018. The introductions include the 1.5-tesla Magnetom Sola MRI scanner with the vendor's BioMatrix technology, and Acuson Juniper, a premium shared-services ultrasound scanner developed after an extensive customer survey effort.  Discuss
Top 3 tips for achieving success in breast imaging
March 1, 2018 -- Breast imaging can be a tricky business. Luckily for ECR 2018 delegates, a slew of experts have provided their top three tips for imaging. You can expect to learn about digital breast tomosynthesis, automated breast ultrasound, and more at today's Special Focus Session.  Discuss
Probe into probes defines optimal decontamination practice
February 12, 2018 -- Dirtier than a bus pole or a public toilet? Ultrasound probes have come under the spotlight again in European best practice recommendations on infection prevention and control. The guidance seeks to address apparent confusion with respect to the level of decontamination necessary.  Discuss
Why 2018 promises to be strong year for ultrasound market
January 22, 2018 -- After a period of mixed fortunes, the global ultrasound market appears to be set for an upturn in 2018, with all the major markets forecast to grow faster than in 2017. Industry analyst Simon Harris looks at what's in store for the major regions of the world.  Discuss