Radiography and medical students benefit from VR training
May 31, 2023 -- Most radiography and medical students appreciate the value of virtual reality (VR) simulation-based training to learn about radiation protection in the interventional radiology suite, an Irish research group reported on 25 May in Radiography. Read More
Power-saving strategies reduce MRI carbon emissions more than a third
May 4, 2023 -- Power-saving measures can reduce the carbon emissions caused by MRI -- one of imaging's most energy-intensive modalities -- by more than a third, a study published on 25 April in Radiology suggests. Read More
AI tool ChatGPT shows great promise in breast imaging
April 10, 2023 -- ChatGPT, the fast-emerging artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, may be on its way to automatically providing healthcare information about breast cancer prevention and screening, a new study suggests. Read More
Career switches can pay off, says senior Irish radiologist
April 6, 2023 -- Radiologists must not be afraid to branch out into broader health management roles and advocate the value of radiology within the system at large. That's the view of Prof. Risteárd Ó Laoide from Dublin, who also reflects on the devastating 2021 cyberattack. Read More
Attention focuses on MRI exam follow-up in brain cancer
April 4, 2023 -- Brain cancer patients who undergo repeated brain MRI scans for follow-up appear to tolerate them well, but most would prefer to avoid gadolinium-based contrast agents if the results were diagnostically equivalent, Dutch researchers have found. Read More
In 2023 and beyond, AI is redefining radiology
March 31, 2023 -- In the field of healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) isn't replacing humans, but is enabling people to devote more of their time to the work that only humans can do, writes radiologist Prof. Dr. Mathias Goyen. Read More
6 ways to foster a 'no blame' safety reporting culture
March 28, 2023 -- Mistakes happen in radiology. And while some safety incidents have significant consequences, others have no significance at all -- in fact, most incidents are often dealt with locally and rather quickly, Prof. Louise Rainford from Dublin writes in a column. Read More
Reporting errors come under close scrutiny at ECR 2023
March 7, 2023 -- The most effective way to not make mistakes at work is to stay at home, and do no work. That's the (ironic) view of ECR 2023 President Prof. Adrian Brady, who spoke at a special session about errors held on 4 March. Read More
Paul Parizel shines light on MRI's role in diagnosis of acute stroke
March 6, 2023 -- VIENNA - CT has long been the go-to modality for the diagnosis of acute stroke, and its benefits are many. But MRI shows growing promise as an effective alternative, past ECR president Prof. Paul Parizel told attendees. Read More
Marion Smits' mugs go viral on social media
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - Prof. Dr. Marion Smits didn't expect to go viral on Twitter when she posted a picture of the customized mugs she gifted her students to celebrate their first lead author publication. But unexpected things can happen on social media, ECR 2023 learned at Thursday's special session. Read More