Trophy time: Winners of EuroMinnies 2022 receive awards
April 5, 2022 -- The winners of this year's EuroMinnies awards have expressed their happiness, joy, and gratitude after having received their engraved trophies during March. We present a selection of heart-warming photos. Read More
Scottish group uses PET to shed light on aortic wall injuries
April 1, 2022 -- Researchers from Edinburgh have reported that PET imaging with F-18 sodium fluoride (NaF) holds promise as a marker of disease activity in acute aortic syndrome and can predict future clinical outcome and guide patient management. Read More
European regulators approve PET/CT system from Xeos
April 1, 2022 -- Belgian medical technology company Xeos has received the CE mark for its Aura 10 PET/CT specimen scanner for use in operating rooms. Read More
Imaging shines light on visual brain pattern of long COVID
March 28, 2022 -- French scientists have revealed a metabolic pattern on brain PET images that indicates the presence of long COVID-19 in patients. They published their findings on 23 March in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Read More
Simple changes can make radiology practice green and sustainable
March 16, 2022 -- Greater collaboration between the medical imaging community and industry is needed in the fight to achieve sustainability. This was the central message of expert speakers at a roundtable session on the "Green Radiology Department" held at ECR Overture on 6 March. Read More
Team Kuhl seeks to develop affordable PET/MRI for breast
March 7, 2022 -- A European research project called Hypmed aims to develop a more cost-effective version of PET/MRI technology to better diagnose breast cancer. Dr. Christiane Kuhl and Volkmar Schulz, PhD, from Aachen, Germany, spoke about the initiative at the ECR Overture. Read More
ECR: Beets-Tan admits times are tough but insists future is bright
March 2, 2022 -- The world faces many challenges right now, but the global radiology community must stand close and be more united than ever, European Society of Radiology President Prof. Dr. Regina Beets-Tan told virtual attendees at the opening ceremony of ECR Overture on 2 March. Read More
Meet the 9 winners of the EuroMinnies 2022 awards
February 17, 2022 -- Radiology has a deep pool of talent that spans the entire continent of Europe. This is one of the key conclusions to draw from the list of award winners for the 2022 EuroMinnies. The eight recipients of the individual and industry awards come from eight different European nations. Read More
Crisis over? Global isotope supply begins to return to normal
February 16, 2022 -- The European nuclear medicine industry's efforts to ensure adequate supply of essential isotopes seem to be paying off. Serious shortages of molybdenum-99 and iodine-131 have been averted, leading expert Erich Kollegger reveals in an exclusive interview. Read More
PET assists in determining therapy response in arthritis cases
February 16, 2022 -- A Dutch group has reported that early assessment of clinical response through the use of macrophage PET imaging can improve treatment efficacy in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis. Read More