AI may help diagnose cardiac amyloidosis on whole-body scintigraphy
May 1, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model trained on whole-body scintigraphy images may be able to identify patients at risk of cardiac amyloidosis, according to a study published on 12 April in JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging. Read More
Ultrasound noninferior to scintigraphy in surgical thyroid imaging
May 1, 2023 -- Ultrasound may be a viable alternative to scintigraphy for presurgical imaging of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism, even without the addition of contrast media, suggest findings published on 13 April in JAMA Otolaryngology. Read More
Emerging PET tracer for prostate cancer displays promise
April 28, 2023 -- PET/CT imaging with F-18 PSMA-1007 detects significantly more prostate cancer than imaging using the standard F-18 fluorocholine radiotracer, according to clinical trial results published in the April issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
On your bike: A day in the life of Paul McCoubrie
April 25, 2023 -- Ranting about the iniquities of clinicians and laboriously detailing your burnout helps no one, writes Dr. Paul McCoubrie in a new column. He's a passionate believer in decent coffee, black pudding for breakfast, cycling to work, and being a good colleague. Read More
German team elaborates on how to reduce PET/MRI scan times
April 21, 2023 -- PET/MRI breast cancer imaging time can be cut in half without losing key diagnostic information, and this could increase the use of the modality for this indication and streamline patient throughput, investigators from the University of Dusseldorf have found. Read More
PET/CT proves superior in detecting invasive breast cancer
April 17, 2023 -- PET/CT imaging surpasses bone scintigraphy for detecting bone metastases in women with invasive breast cancer and should be the technique of choice to stage these patients, according to a team of investigators from Portugal. Read More
Danish team uses PET/CT to predict outcome in metastatic breast cancer
April 11, 2023 -- F-18 FDG-PET/CT imaging appears to be a better predictor of survival than contrast-enhanced CT for monitoring patients with metastatic breast cancer, according to investigators from Odense University in Denmark. Read More
SPECT/CT helps assess patients with knee pain following arthroplasty
April 6, 2023 -- SPECT/CT is an effective way to evaluate noninfected painful knees in patients after they have undergone arthroplasty, according to new global research. The technique proved particularly accurate in cases of joint loosening, patellofemoral disorders, and component malalignment. Read More
Ablaze announces progress on liver cancer therapy
April 3, 2023 -- Ablaze Pharmaceuticals has licensed a peptide drug candidate from RayzeBio that it will develop to target the liver cancer biomarker GPC3. The plans is to market the new drug in China, where the company is headquartered. Read More
PET/CT reveals how COVID-19 manifests in critically ill patients
March 21, 2023 -- A research group from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has highlighted findings from whole-body F-18 FDG-PET/CT that show how COVID-19 manifests in critically ill patients. Read More