A lesson on how to improve PET/MRI performance
December 13, 2018 -- Working with PET/MRI can be complex and time-consuming, but a group of German clinicians has embraced the hybrid modality by adjusting protocols and imaging sequences to greatly reduce scan times and improve the patient experience.  Discuss
TOF PET/MRI reduces dose for breast cancer detection
December 12, 2018 -- Clinicians can use as little as 10% of the conventional FDG dose and still produce diagnostic-quality images to detect breast cancer using a time-of-flight (TOF) imaging technique with PET/MRI, according to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
New method provides boost in PET thoracic imaging
December 10, 2018 -- Researchers from the U.S. and U.K. have developed an automated retrospective image reconstruction technique that helps to overcome poor image results from patient motion in cardiac PET scans. Their study was published online in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Is an accurate two-minute biopsy viable?
December 3, 2018 -- Performing a reliable and cost-effective biopsy in less than two minutes is now possible, thanks to a noninvasive and nondestructive real-time optical imaging device, the head of Paris-based company LLTech Imaging claimed during RSNA 2018.  Discuss
ESR puts renewed emphasis on clinical audits
November 22, 2018 -- An updated edition of a clinical audit tool is to be published in January 2019, delegates learned at the European Society of Radiology (ESR) Annual Leadership Meeting, held in Berlin on 16 November.  Discuss
Quality and safety in imaging come under scrutiny
November 19, 2018 -- To boost quality and safety, it's vital to ensure every activity meets best practice standards, Drs. Giles Boland and Lluís Donoso-Bach write in a guest editorial. Healthcare leaders must build the teams to create, deliver, and manage solutions using data-driven management techniques, they say.  Discuss
What exactly do medical physicists do?
November 2, 2018 -- Medical physicists have many career options around the world, from clinical roles and jobs in industry and academia to computational simulations and testing new scanners, but it's still not a well-known field. They can even be mistaken for a physiotherapist. So what exactly do they do?  Discuss
PET/CT proves clinical value in prostate cancer
October 31, 2018 -- Gallium-labeled prostate-specific membrane antigen PET/CT is gaining ground in primary prostate cancer staging, delegates heard at the recent Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live, held in Barcelona, Spain.  Discuss
Edinburgh team shows the way in cardiac imaging
October 30, 2018 -- To develop new techniques and better diagnose and treat heart disease, more cardiac imaging specialists are required, and cardiologists and radiologists must collaborate more closely to achieve their common goals, according to U.K. experts.  Discuss
Live Barcelona event shows hybrid imaging's vast potential
October 29, 2018 -- PET/MRI is set to shake up tumor biology imaging and is already proving to be a useful algorithm development tool in machine learning, delegates were told at the Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live, held in Barcelona, Spain, on 26 October.  Discuss