EANM seeks applicants for Roger Perez Award
June 27, 2022 -- The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) is seeking applicants for the Roger Perez Award, which is given to individuals and initiatives focused on nuclear medicine education. Read More
Dual-tracer PET/MRI can boost accuracy of prostate cancer staging
June 22, 2022 -- The use of PET/MRI with a dual-tracer approach can enhance staging of high-risk prostate cancer patients by providing extra information and improving disease characterization, Italian investigators have reported. Read More
PET/CT develops growing role in tracking COVID-19 infection
June 22, 2022 -- PET/CT can assist evaluation of lung inflammation and monitoring of treatment effects in patients with post-COVID-19 lung disease, according to new research that shows significant decreases in the number, size, and metabolic activity of the lung lesion can occur in follow-up scans. Read More
Team Hannover collects prestigious Image of the Year award
June 17, 2022 -- German scientists' work on how PET can reveal poor outcomes in patients after a heart attack was honored with the Image of the Year prize at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting. Read More
Revealed: Brain PET images show details of patients' faces
June 10, 2022 -- Could hackers use brain PET scans to recognize patients' faces? Unexpectedly, yes, and at rates high enough to warrant "de-facing" research PET images before sharing data, scientists from a prestigious international facility have reported. Read More
Radiology census reveals true scale of staff shortages in U.K.
June 9, 2022 -- The U.K. is currently short of 1,669 clinical radiologists, and over 200 vacancies have been unfilled for a year or more, according to the annual census released on 9 June by the Royal College of Radiologists. Unless urgent action is taken, the shortfall could hit 39% by 2026, equal to 3,166 clinical radiologists, the report says. Read More
Magnificent Malaga: Snapshots from SERAM 2022
May 27, 2022 -- Over 2,200 delegates have registered onsite for the 36th edition of the national congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), which is taking place in Malaga from 25 to 28 May. We bring you some images from the conference. Read More
French team finds AI software can help cut PET scan times in half
May 27, 2022 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can improve image quality in half-count F-18 FDG-PET scans, a finding that paves the way for significant cuts in acquisition time in routine clinical practice, nuclear medicine specialists from France have reported. Read More
PET/CT reveals heart artery inflammation in COVID-19 patients
May 23, 2022 -- PET/CT imaging shows that inflammation of the aorta is increased in the early postinfection stage of COVID-19 in patients with severe disease, according to a study from Greece. Read More
11.7T MR spectroscopy quantifies brain glucose metabolism
May 18, 2022 -- French researchers have developed a new MR spectroscopy approach to study brain glucose metabolism, a process significantly involved in Alzheimer's disease. They presented their work at the annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Read More