U.K. report puts focus on getting it right first time
November 12, 2020 -- A group of senior U.K. radiologists has unveiled a report called Getting It Right First Time. Among its recommendations are the creation of 18 imaging networks, dedicated facilities for interventional radiology day-case patients, national protocols for imaging common conditions, and real-time demand management tools for diagnostic and interventional workflows.  Discuss
Achenbach speaks on future of congresses and CT
November 11, 2020 -- Next August's annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is to be held virtually, not face-to-face in London, ESC President Prof. Dr. Stephan Achenbach has confirmed. In an exclusive interview, he reveals why the ESC made this decision so early and shares his views on CT's role in COVID-19 cases, collaboration with radiology, and the work of his research team.  Discuss
Radiology takes stock of its role in combatting COVID-19
November 10, 2020 -- Sunday's International Day of Radiology paid tribute to the radiologists, radiographers, and support staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Imaging teams came together to raise awareness and celebrate the vital role of radiology, as well as to reflect on how the profession has changed this year. Our roundup includes the photographic highlights.  Discuss
Is it time to come out from behind the monitor?
November 9, 2020 -- Radiologists need to get more involved and be active in health policy so the profession can be seen, known, and valued, Dr. Lars Benjamin Fritz believes. In an interview, he explains the rationale behind the German Röntgen Society's new working group.  Discuss
Cancer delays: Counting COVID-19's hidden costs
November 9, 2020 -- A patient whose cancer treatment is delayed by even one month can face a mortality risk of up to 13% higher, a Canadian and U.K. study has found. The investigation, published online by the BMJ, was triggered by concerns about delays to cancer diagnosis and therapy during the pandemic.  Discuss
Top tips for MRI infection control in COVID-19 era
November 3, 2020 -- A resourceful team of researchers has developed a simple, low-cost MRI bore cleaning kit to minimize the risk of COVID-19 cross-infection. Unable to find definitive guidance or suitable commercial products, the group has decided to push ahead with its own solution in an attempt to ensure patient safety.  Discuss
How can AI improve prognosis and therapy for glioblastoma?
November 3, 2020 -- Investigators from a top London facility have shown how artificial intelligence (AI) can pinpoint sarcopenia on routine brain MRI scans of patients with glioblastoma. The work helps make it easier to predict how long patients may survive this aggressive cancer.  Discuss
ENIGMA group aims to shine a light on brain trauma
October 28, 2020 -- The recently established Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) working group seeks to boost large-scale cross-border collaboration and data sharing of research studies on adult moderate/severe traumatic brain injury.  Discuss
Lessons from COVID-19 front line: What can we learn?
October 20, 2020 -- Gaining a more complete knowledge of COVID-19 and the value of imaging in these cases -- along with the need to reorganize services, protect staff, and cope with the impact on non-COVID-19 pathologies -- are among the main lessons radiology must learn during the pandemic, according to a senior French radiologist.  Discuss
How can you meet the challenge posed by skier's thumb?
October 15, 2020 -- Skier's thumb represents between 5% and 10% of all skiing injuries, but skiing only accounts for around 3% of acute ulnar collateral ligament injuries. It can pose a serious diagnostic challenge, but one that can be overcome if six top tips are kept in mind, according to a leading musculoskeletal imaging expert.  Discuss