Musculoskeletal speakers reveal trade secrets on sports injuries
March 3, 2018 -- To achieve success and consistently good results in sports imaging, you must be descriptive in the radiology report, know what pitfalls to avoid, and find out what is important to the surgeon. That's the view of Dr. Theodore Miller, from Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University in New York City and a speaker at today's transatlantic master class on sports injuries.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2018: Alexander Radbruch on gadolinium retention
March 2, 2018 -- VIENNA - The debate over the safety of gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI shows no sign of going away, and U.S.-style lawsuits filed against radiologists and vendors in Europe is now a distinct possibility. Dr. Alexander Radbruch, JD, from Germany is both a lawyer and a radiologist, and he presents his views and ideas on this controversial topic.  Discuss
Pediatric patients use app to prep for MRI scan
March 2, 2018 -- VIENNA - The prospect of undergoing an MRI scan can trigger anxiety in any patient -- and arguably even more so in a child. To alleviate this and reduce anesthesia use, Danish radiologists helped develop an app that educates children about their pending experience, according to a study presented on Thursday at ECR 2018.  Discuss
Facebook Live from ECR 2018: Day 3
March 2, 2018 -- Our coverage of ECR 2018 continues with a discussion of vendor activity in the technical exhibits, as well as a review of recent research on gadolinium retention from MRI contrast. Appearing as a guest on today's broadcast is Wayne Forrest, features editor of  Discuss
Necessity of gadolinium contrast comes under scrutiny
March 2, 2018 -- Gadolinium-enhanced MRI scans have been the gold standard in suspected cases of vestibular schwannoma and multiple sclerosis (MS), but given the growing evidence of deposits left in the brain, debate has ensued about how to image wisely. Is it always necessary to use gadolinium contrast agents? Regarding vestibular schwannoma and MS, today's Pros and Cons Session will explore this question.  Discuss
MRI holds promise for immunotherapy but needs more research
March 2, 2018 -- Immunotherapy is a booming field, and recent trials have shed light on the effects of these drugs on cancer. A panel of experts will unveil the latest results and discuss the challenges for imaging in triaging patients and assessing treatment response during the dedicated New Horizons session today at ECR.  Discuss
Canon launches new 1.5-tesla MRI, US unit at ECR
March 1, 2018 -- VIENNA - Canon Medical Systems is making its first appearance at ECR 2018 under a unified banner since Canon took over Toshiba Medical Systems. The firm has a full slate of product launches, including Vantage Orian, a new 1.5-tesla MRI scanner.  Discuss
New Siemens ECR 2018 products include MRI, ultrasound
March 1, 2018 -- Siemens Healthineers is showcasing two new major product launches at ECR 2018. The introductions include the 1.5-tesla Magnetom Sola MRI scanner with the vendor's BioMatrix technology, and Acuson Juniper, a premium shared-services ultrasound scanner developed after an extensive customer survey effort.  Discuss
Philips launches new 3T MRI scanner at ECR 2018
March 1, 2018 -- A new 3-tesla MRI scanner called Ingenia Elition 3.0T by Philips Healthcare is among the new product introductions this week at ECR 2018 in Vienna. The system offers a 50% reduction in scanning time and also improvements to the patient experience -- all without sacrificing image quality, according to the company.  Discuss
The 10-minute abdominal MRI scan: Can it become reality?
March 1, 2018 -- While MRI is sensitive and specific for liver imaging, the time required for a thorough exam often means that radiologists opt for CT due to quicker results and fewer artifacts. But what if the usual 30-minute MRI could be reduced to 10 minutes? Would that sway doctors to send patients for an MRI more often? Experts at today's session on making the 10-minute MRI exam a reality believe that it would.  Discuss