CEM on par with breast MRI in lobular breast cancer staging
May 22, 2023 -- Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) may be a viable alternative to breast MRI for preoperative staging of invasive lobular carcinoma, suggests a Dutch study led by Dr. Marc Lobbes, PhD, from Maastricht University. Read More
Germany's dream team turns on the style in Wiesbaden
May 18, 2023 -- Radiologists in Germany are in upbeat mood after an overwhelmingly positive first day at the 104th German Congress of Radiology, RöKo 2023. The meeting is being held in Wiesbaden from 17 to 19 May under the presidency of breast imaging pioneer Prof. Christiane Kuhl. Read More
O-RADS MRI assists in evaluation of adnexal mass malignancy risk
May 17, 2023 -- O-RADS MRI scoring is an effective way to assess malignancy risk in adnexal masses referred after inconclusive ultrasound results, but improvements are needed for the metric, according to a group of authors led by Prof. Isabelle Thomassin-Nagara from Paris. Read More
Debatin puts renewed emphasis on quality in radiology AI
May 16, 2023 -- One of Europe's best-known and most influential radiologists, Prof. Jörg Debatin, is convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can only work if certain quality criteria are met in the datasets to be diagnosed. The issue of quality and description of data will play a key role in the future, he says. Read More
Power-saving strategies reduce MRI carbon emissions more than a third
May 4, 2023 -- Power-saving measures can reduce the carbon emissions caused by MRI -- one of imaging's most energy-intensive modalities -- by more than a third, a study published on 25 April in Radiology suggests. Read More
Combining PET/CT and MRI can predict outcome in cervical cancer
May 3, 2023 -- The combination of PET/CT and MRI response assessment after chemoradiotherapy in cases of locally advanced cervical carcinoma (LACC) is a more accurate predictor of patient outcome than either modality alone, U.K. researchers have reported in a new award-winning study. Read More
Imaging casts light on growing challenge of heatstroke
April 20, 2023 -- An increasing number of patients are presenting with heatstroke. MRI is playing a central role in the evaluation of these cases, given the frequent involvement of the central nervous system, a group from Barcelona has reported in new research. Read More
What skillset do you need for reporting prostate MRI scans?
April 19, 2023 -- Radiologists reporting prostate multiparametric MRI exams must be familiar with the latest clinical recommendations and the potential pitfalls mimicking malignant lesions during diagnosis, active surveillance, and recurrence assessment, a leading Spanish research team has asserted. Read More
Traumatic injuries from downhill biking can be life-changing
April 18, 2023 -- Get to know the wide range of traumatic injuries related to the extreme sport of downhill biking that often require a multimodality imaging approach in the emergency setting. That's the advice of Italian researchers who've shared their clinical experiences of this area. Read More
MRI reveals malignant transformation of benign gynecological diseases
April 12, 2023 -- Award-winning research has underlined the value of advanced MRI techniques in illuminating the wide spectrum of clinical and imaging manifestations, differential diagnosis, and pitfalls in challenging cases of benign gynecological diseases. Read More