10 years on, PET/MRI begins to deliver in clinical arena
March 18, 2021 -- A wide-ranging and timely special focus session held at ECR 2021 looked at the status of PET/MRI and the progress made over the past decade. Where are we now with "the prince that was promised"? Read More
High levels of gadolinium found at Swiss wastewater plants
March 16, 2021 -- A new survey of 63 wastewater plants in Switzerland has detected high concentrations of gadolinium. It found that selected sewage samples were linked with the release of gadolinium-based contrast agents from hospitals and production outlets. Read More
Early prostate MRI scans can help reduce mortality rates
March 15, 2021 -- Researchers from University College London have reported that performing MRI scans before biopsy on men with high prostate-specific antigen scores could cut prostate cancer death rates by as much as 18% versus no screening, while also minimizing the harms of screening. Read More
Magnetic seeds enhance breast care at London's Royal Free
March 10, 2021 -- Magnetic seeds are a feasible, cost-effective, and safe method of localizing breast lesions, and they're proving popular with both patients and breast surgeons, according to new research from the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Read More
Kuhl provides master class on breast MRI at ECR 2021
March 9, 2021 -- Not everything that glitters is gold, and not everything that enhances in breast MRI is due to breast cancer. That was one of the core messages of Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuhl, PhD, chair of radiology at Aachen University Hospital in Germany, in her ECR talk on how to identify malignant lesions on MRI. Read More
Whole-body MRI helps cancer patients where FDG-PET fails
March 8, 2021 -- FDG-PET/CT is the modality of choice for staging and assessing cancer patients, but whole-body MRI can make a valuable contribution to detection and diagnoses where the hybrid modality underperforms, ECR 2021 registrants learned at a special session on Sunday evening. Read More
Lancet commission highlights unequal access to imaging
March 5, 2021 -- The Lancet Oncology Commission on Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine presented its findings from a major research effort on global health disparities on 4 March at ECR 2021. It's vital to get governments to scale up imaging infrastructure, said Dr. Hedvig Hricak, PhD. Read More
Key sequences make MRI perfect for multiple sclerosis patients
March 5, 2021 -- The potentially devastating effects of multiple sclerosis on a person's central nervous system make it all the more paramount that clinicians use the most effective MRI sequences to diagnose suspected cases of the disease, a leading expert told ECR 2021 on Thursday. Read More
Beard talk comes to ECR courtesy of Parizel's new look
March 4, 2021 -- When the camera focused on Prof. Paul Parizel and his awesome beard during Wednesday evening's opening ceremony, the gasps of disbelief from thousands of online ECR attendees might well have been felt across Europe and beyond. Read More
Sapienza team shines light on cardiac complications of COVID-19
March 2, 2021 -- Advanced imaging is playing a key role in diagnosing cardiac manifestations in COVID-19 patients, including myocarditis, acute coronary syndrome, and thromboembolic events, researchers from Rome have reported. They've shared three new clinical cases. Read More