MRI radiomics, AI distinguish GBM, brain metastasis
June 30, 2020 -- The combination of radiomics and a machine-learning algorithm can be highly accurate for distinguishing between glioblastoma (GBM) and brain metastasis, aiding in the swift diagnosis of brain lesions on standard T1-weighted MRI, according to research published online on 24 June in Physica Medica.  Discuss
New study supports use of breast MRI for DCIS cases
June 26, 2020 -- Using MRI for women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) can lead to a marked improvement in surgical planning and outcomes, according to the findings of a large study published on 20 June in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Swiss team sheds light on knee injuries in adolescents
June 19, 2020 -- Researchers from the University of Zurich have evaluated knee problems in over 100 young competitive alpine skiers. Their analysis may help clinicians better recognize distal femoral cortical irregularities and enable young people to avoid invasive procedures.  Discuss
3D software pinpoints cartilage changes on MRI
June 18, 2020 -- Researchers from a leading U.K. facility have found that a 3D image-analysis software algorithm can spot small changes in the cartilage of knee joints over time on MRI scans. The discovery may lead to the development of new osteoarthritis treatments.  Discuss
Breast MRI lesion score can cut unnecessary biopsies
June 15, 2020 -- A lesion classification scheme named after breast MRI pioneer Dr. Werner Kaiser may help prevent anywhere from 45% to 72.5% of unnecessary breast biopsies in high-risk patients, Austrian researchers have found. The tool also refutes the notion of benign-appearing cancers.  Discuss
COVID-19: Early signs of recovery, but uncertainty ahead
June 11, 2020 -- The global pandemic has created an unprecedented shock to the medical imaging and healthcare sectors. What is the future likely to hold? What are the key economic trends, bright spots, and areas of greatest risk? Market columnist Steve Holloway investigates.  Discuss
U.K. radiology only running at 60% capacity, says RCR
June 11, 2020 -- Radiology is still only running at about 60% of normal capacity in the U.K., and hospitals are struggling to cope with the pent-up demand for imaging, according to Dr. Caroline Rubin of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).  Discuss
New details emerge about how COVID-19 affects the brain
June 9, 2020 -- The case of a 12-year-old Iranian boy who contracted COVID-19 and had a stroke has helped to fill the knowledge gap that exists over how exactly the virus enters the central nervous system and affects the brain.  Discuss
ESR gives full support to validation of biomarkers
June 9, 2020 -- The rapid and effective validation of quantitative imaging biomarkers is essential if they are to have any meaningful future impact on both clinical practice and research, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) has asserted in a consensus statement released on 4 June.  Discuss
UKIO keeps the show on the road and goes virtual
June 5, 2020 -- Flexibility and adaptability are important virtues in a pandemic, and these attributes have enabled Dr. Nick Spencer and his team to get through a difficult period for the UK Imaging and Oncology (UKIO) congress, which began earlier this week.  Discuss