Autopsy in Rome finds no evidence of brain metastases
September 28, 2023 -- The investigation into the work of two senior Italian radiologists looks set to continue after an autopsy on Andrea Purgatori, a well-known crime journalist and screenwriter, has shown there were no brain metastases at the time of death, according to reports in the national media. Read More
MRI reveals novel clues to symptoms of long COVID
September 26, 2023 -- A detailed new whole-body MRI study has revealed that patients who are hospitalized for COVID are three times more likely to have some abnormalities in multiple organs, particularly the lungs, brain, and kidneys. Researchers think there is a link with the severity of the illness. Read More
How will Germany's health reforms affect radiology?
September 8, 2023 -- Interventional radiology must receive far greater consideration in Germany's new hospital reforms, according to a Q&A interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessling, head of the German Roentgen Society's (DRG's) working group on the reforms. Read More
Imaging research gets boost from U.K. rejoining Horizon Europe
September 7, 2023 -- Medical imaging and AI research received a substantial boost on 7 September, when the European Commission and the U.K. reached an agreement on the U.K.'s participation in Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation program. Senior radiologists have already welcomed the news. Read More
Imaging sheds light on diverse range of tricky sporting injuries
September 6, 2023 -- The input and knowledge of radiologists is proving invaluable in diagnosing pelvic and upper thigh problems in football players. Imaging is also contributing extensively to the management of weightlifting and bodybuilding injuries. Read More
MRI identifies biomarkers that can predict MS progression
September 6, 2023 -- Researchers have used MRI to investigate biomarkers that may serve as prognostic markers for individuals with early multiple sclerosis (MS) -- and thus improve patient care and treatment planning. Read More
Attention focuses on breast MRI uptake in high-risk women
September 4, 2023 -- Only a third of women at high risk of breast cancer who have a provider recommendation for breast MRI actually undergo the examination, according a new investigation conducted in the U.S. Read More
Learning the lessons in the shocking case of Lucy Letby
August 31, 2023 -- In the wake of the murder conviction of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, radiologists must bring an end to interprofessional conflict, act in a dignified and professional way, and emphasize the contribution they make to patient care, says U.K. Royal College of Radiologists President Dr. Kath Halliday. Read More
MRI shines light on brain effects of long COVID-19
August 31, 2023 -- Individuals with long COVID-19 show decreased gray-matter volume on brain MR imaging compared to healthy controls, Hungarian scientists have reported in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Read More
Getting the basics right is rule one in clinical practice
August 29, 2023 -- It's essential to get the basics right because the rest can then follow, writes radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond. In a new viewpoint column, he recalls an event that made a deep personal impression on him. Read More