Why radiology needs face-to-face contact
October 8, 2020 -- Radiology is best provided as a social (and sociable) enterprise involving frequent interactions with colleagues to request second opinions, discuss cases, provide feedback, etc. Much of that can be done without face-to-face contact, but only really if strong relationships already exist, writes Dr. Giles Maskell. Read More
Space, the final frontier: France embarks on new mission
October 6, 2020 -- The French society of radiology and the country's national center for space exploration have signed a partnership, delegates learned at the French national radiology congress on 4 October. The aim is to develop imaging solutions to be sent on space flights and to collaborate on image collection and optimization, teleradiology, and training of astronauts. Read More
How to deal with a midlife crisis
September 29, 2020 -- Everybody suffers from a career dip during their working life, and the solution is not to go out and buy a motorbike, sports car, and skinny jeans and loafers, says regular columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie. He has some practical advice on how to keep going in the middle years. Read More
Imaging group extends telework ahead of 2nd COVID-19 wave
September 11, 2020 -- Extending telework to nonmedical areas of the radiology department during the COVID-19 crisis can significantly help protect staff and patients, while ensuring productivity and associated cost savings, according to Spanish researchers. Read More