Imaging group extends telework ahead of 2nd COVID-19 wave
September 11, 2020 -- Extending telework to nonmedical areas of the radiology department during the COVID-19 crisis can significantly help protect staff and patients, while ensuring productivity and associated cost savings, according to Spanish researchers. Read More
Pandemic leads to surge of interest in informatics
June 16, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sudden increase in data sharing, multicenter image data collection, online data annotation, deep learning, and the building of large repositories, according to informatics expert Peter van Ooijen, PhD, who calls for more consideration of these topics in radiology training. Read More
ESR issues statement on future of congresses
May 20, 2020 -- Online conferences must find new ways to allow discussions involving remote participants during all sessions to create the sense of community and collective learning felt at onsite events, according to a statement issued on 16 May by the European Society of Radiology (ESR). Read More
COVID-19 crisis shows limits of GDPR, Ranschaert warns
May 7, 2020 -- The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the limits of the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and shown that the EU is not ready to make full use of artificial intelligence, according to informatics expert Dr. Erik Ranschaert, PhD. Read More
AI's clinical integration slow but will occur, Chang predicts
May 4, 2020 -- The clinical implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) may take longer than expected, but it will happen as departments focus on getting IT infrastructure in place, Dr. Paul Chang explained at's 2020 Virtual Conference on 30 April. Read More
Home working by radiologists becomes the new norm
April 29, 2020 -- Many radiologists are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how can this be done more efficiently? Dr. Mattias Mjöman, a radiologist at Region Skåne, has described how he's changed his daily work routine. Read More
Hard truths from COVID-19 front line in Paris
April 16, 2020 -- What's it really like working in a dedicated COVID-19 imaging facility? Radiologist Dr. Robert Lavayssière describes conditions at a hospital near Paris that has faced a tsunami of cases over the past month. He gives details of four clinical cases and praises staff members for their response. Read More
Cloud computing isn't the answer to all our prayers
April 13, 2020 -- Cloud computing carries an inherent, incalculable risk, the Maverinck writes in a new column. Also, he fears future generations will suffer from a kind of digital amnesia because old data formats will no longer be readable. Read More
Video beers, virtual lunches become vital part of work routine
April 7, 2020 -- Companies have had to adjust fast to a whole new way of working since governments imposed lockdowns across Europe. In an exclusive interview, radiologist and industry boss Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer describes how his firm has adapted during the COVID-19 crisis and how he strives to maintain staff morale. Read More
U.K. COVID-19 imaging database aims to improve care
April 6, 2020 -- A new COVID-19 imaging repository and database aims to quickly bring breaking clinical and diagnostic advice to healthcare staff in the U.K., according to an article published online on 25 March in Clinical Radiology. Read More