Inquest hears about failure to review x-ray in asbestos-related death
April 20, 2021 -- A coroner has criticized clinical staff at a U.K. hospital for failing to review an x-ray examination that might have led to an earlier cancer diagnosis for a patient who died from mesothelioma, a regional newspaper has reported. Read More
Ironside Bruce and the sacrifices made by the early x-ray martyrs
April 12, 2021 -- Dr. Ironside Bruce died 100 years ago of radiation-induced aplastic anemia at the age of 44. Radiology historian Dr. Adrian Thomas reflects on the life and times of this remarkable man. Read More
Thoracic radiologists give top tips for CT evaluation of lung parenchyma
March 29, 2021 -- What do the specialists say when it comes to the notoriously tricky area of CT evaluation of lung parenchyma? ECR 2021 registrants received sound, practical advice from expert speakers at a special focus session. Read More
WHO reveals shake-up in use of imaging to fight tuberculosis
March 26, 2021 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended tuberculosis screening should include the use of computer-aided detection applications in chest radiography. The International Society of Radiology organized a webinar on the topic on 23 March. Read More
Keep in mind chest imaging patterns to prepare for future crises
March 12, 2021 -- German researchers have warned that understanding chest imaging patterns prompted by the pandemic -- especially what time of day most exams are ordered -- would be useful for dealing with further waves of COVID-19. Read More
Radiographers struggle with disruption and stress in pandemic
March 1, 2021 -- Even in a country like Australia that's fared relatively well in the COVID-19 pandemic, radiographers have found it difficult to cope, a new survey has found. "We are the forgotten front line," said one radiographer. Read More
X-ray reveals dark secrets of medieval life
February 2, 2021 -- U.K. researchers have used x-ray to present historic evidence of skeletal trauma. They analyzed the remains of 314 people dating from the 10th to the 14th century and excavated from three very different burial sites in the city of Cambridge. Their study highlights widespread social inequality. Read More
Gradual recovery looms for global x-ray market
January 29, 2021 -- What are the major trends in the worldwide market for interventional and surgical x-ray equipment? The sector has endured turbulent times during the pandemic, but a better performance is expected in 2021, predicts industry analyst Bhvita Jani. Read More
Global radiology training gets set for change
January 18, 2021 -- A new educational course spearheaded by the Australian-based charity Radiology Across Borders promises to improve patient access to imaging services worldwide. Aimed mostly at those in the developing world or remote areas, it will focus on safety and interpretation of common pathologies. Read More
Chest experts unveil COVID-19 findings at RSNA meeting
November 30, 2020 -- CT is showing value in assessing the prevalence and severity of COVID-19 and evaluating ongoing conditions, especially when combined with artificial intelligence, according to presentations delivered by three thoracic specialists on Sunday at the RSNA 2020 virtual meeting. Read More