Trauma imaging volume falls sharply in pandemic in Germany
May 17, 2021 -- COVID-19 restrictions have led to a significant decline in trauma injuries that require imaging, says Prof. Dr. Michael Lell from Nuremberg, Germany, in a Q&A interview. For night-duty CT scans of the midface, the fall has been around 35%. Read More
Polish team reveals fresh secrets about life and death in Ancient Egypt
May 5, 2021 -- Researchers from the National Museum in Warsaw have used x-ray and CT to show that an Egyptian mummy was not a male scribe and priest, as suspected, but in fact a 25-year-old pregnant woman. Read More
Vogl elaborates on how best to diagnose and treat venous disease
May 4, 2021 -- Venous disease is widespread and common, and it is particularly topical right now, given the potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines. In a Q&A interview, Prof. Thomas Vogl outlines which venous disorders his team deals with in their daily clinical routine and how they diagnose and treat patients. Read More
Dutch show how AI can lend a hand with wrist fractures
May 3, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was able to accurately detect scaphoid fractures on radiographs, potentially speeding up diagnosis of these common but troublesome injuries, Dutch researchers have reported. Read More
Ever heard of neck Vader, Davy Jones pelvis, or Shaun the Sheep diverticula?
April 27, 2021 -- Keeping in mind movie characters like Darth Vader, Davy Jones, and Shaun the Sheep can boost fun and productivity in radiology reporting and be a useful training tool, say Spanish radiologists. They've studied pareidolia -- a form of pattern recognition in which an image looks like an object or a creature -- and they've shared 11 examples for you to savor. Read More
Inquest hears about failure to review x-ray in asbestos-related death
April 20, 2021 -- A coroner has criticized clinical staff at a U.K. hospital for failing to review an x-ray examination that might have led to an earlier cancer diagnosis for a patient who died from mesothelioma, a regional newspaper has reported. Read More
Ironside Bruce and the sacrifices made by the early x-ray martyrs
April 12, 2021 -- Dr. Ironside Bruce died 100 years ago of radiation-induced aplastic anemia at the age of 44. Radiology historian Dr. Adrian Thomas reflects on the life and times of this remarkable man. Read More
Thoracic radiologists give top tips for CT evaluation of lung parenchyma
March 29, 2021 -- What do the specialists say when it comes to the notoriously tricky area of CT evaluation of lung parenchyma? ECR 2021 registrants received sound, practical advice from expert speakers at a special focus session. Read More
WHO reveals shake-up in use of imaging to fight tuberculosis
March 26, 2021 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended tuberculosis screening should include the use of computer-aided detection applications in chest radiography. The International Society of Radiology organized a webinar on the topic on 23 March. Read More
Keep in mind chest imaging patterns to prepare for future crises
March 12, 2021 -- German researchers have warned that understanding chest imaging patterns prompted by the pandemic -- especially what time of day most exams are ordered -- would be useful for dealing with further waves of COVID-19. Read More