Can radiographers adequately explain to patients about AI?
July 8, 2022 -- Radiographers are on shaky ground when it comes to explaining to patients about decisions aided by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, it seems. A new study suggests the issue may be holding back wider use of the technology. Read More
Chest x-ray technique can cut radiation dose in infants
July 1, 2022 -- Chest radiography is the most frequently used imaging modality in neonatal intensive care units. Researchers have found that radiation doses to neonates undergoing chest x-rays can be significantly reduced by using a novel method. Read More
AI chest x-ray software displays clinical promise in children
June 24, 2022 -- A new study has found that an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm initially cleared for analyzing chest x-rays of adult patients may also be effective for use in children. The algorithm was tested for identifying eight detectable lesions, and achieved an accuracy of 87.5%. Read More
Reflections on 125 years of the British Institute of Radiology
June 15, 2022 -- To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the British Institute of Radiology, radiology historian Dr. Adrian Thomas highlights some of the key turning points of what is now the oldest radiological society in the world. Read More
Ukrainian refugee doctors seek to 'give back' to host countries
June 13, 2022 -- Dr. Nataliia Nehria has described fleeing her home city of Kyiv as Russia invaded Ukraine and raised the question of allowing Ukrainian medical diplomas to be recognized in the European Union in a speech at the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology annual meeting. Read More
German radiologists take to sky to reach stroke patients
May 26, 2022 -- Radiologists are reaching stroke patients by helicopter in remote areas of southeast Bavaria, responding and performing critical procedures in less than an hour. They discussed the impact of deploying flying intervention teams on patient care in a study published in JAMA. Read More
Support grows for database of wrist fractures to enhance AI research
May 24, 2022 -- Efforts to develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help diagnose pediatric wrist fractures need to improve, say Austrian radiologists. They have developed a large annotated public dataset of x-ray images and encouraged its use in an article published on 20 May in Scientific Data. Read More
Radiation dose in swallow studies comes under close scrutiny
May 2, 2022 -- Radiologists from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, U.K., have found there is room for improvement in reducing radiation dose during barium swallow studies. They've recommended taking a fresh look at training in this area. Read More
Turkish team uses imaging to guide care of victims of conflict
April 29, 2022 -- CT and x-ray are playing a significant role in enabling doctors in Turkey to triage patients who've suffered injuries in Syria. A new article shows how imaging can help children injured by explosions. The authors think their findings may be useful for everyone working in war-torn regions. Read More
Munich team uses dark-field x-ray for COVID-19 pneumonia detection
April 19, 2022 -- Scientists at the Technical University of Munich in Germany have reported that a prototype dark-field chest x-ray device is of potential value for diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia. They found that dark-field imaging has a higher sensitivity than attenuation-based imaging, and that the combination of both is superior to a single modality. Read More