ECR: AI poised for greater clinical use in children
March 4, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) chest radiography algorithms developed for use in adults currently vastly outnumber those for children, but several products are emerging in the field that appear to be promising for improving care for pediatric patients, a Dutch expert reported at ECR Overture. Read More
ECR: Beets-Tan admits times are tough but insists future is bright
March 2, 2022 -- The world faces many challenges right now, but the global radiology community must stand close and be more united than ever, European Society of Radiology President Prof. Dr. Regina Beets-Tan told virtual attendees at the opening ceremony of ECR Overture on 2 March. Read More
What's the link between bone mineral density and breast cancer risk?
February 25, 2022 -- New research has shown that women diagnosed with breast cancer have higher bone mineral density on dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scans than women without breast cancer. Read More
ISHRAD celebrates 10th anniversary with SFR members in Paris
February 18, 2022 -- The International Society for the History of Radiology (ISHRAD) celebrated its 10th anniversary at an event held during the annual congress of the French Society of Radiology (Société Française de Radiologie, SFR) in Paris on 7-8 October 2021. Read More
What are the main challenges when imaging premature babies?
February 7, 2022 -- Premature babies start life with many potential difficulties, but specialist pediatric radiologists can help identify complications quickly, permitting appropriate treatment. In this Q&A interview, Dr. Stephanie Spieth from Dresden, Germany, discusses the practical aspects of imaging premature babies. Read More
McCoubrie: Why changing times demand a fresh approach
February 1, 2022 -- Dr. Paul McCoubrie thought he was up to date and doing the right things, but now he realizes he was often getting it wrong -- not just as a radiologist but also as a human being. Several factors have contributed to this slow awakening, he explains in a new column. Read More
Row erupts in France over sale of Bataclan survivor's x-ray
January 27, 2022 -- A senior orthopedic surgeon faces legal action and a possible disciplinary charge after attempting to sell an x-ray of a concertgoer who was shot during the 2015 terrorist attack on the Bataclan music venue in Paris, according to media reports. Read More
Which is best for COVID-19 diagnosis: POCUS or chest x-ray?
January 24, 2022 -- Italian scientists have reported that point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) for lung imaging is of comparable clinical effectiveness to chest x-ray when it comes to diagnosing cases of COVID-19. Read More
How does dark-field chest x-ray perform for emphysema diagnosis?
January 14, 2022 -- Researchers at the Technical University of Munich believe dark-field chest x-ray may become an option over CT for the detection and staging of emphysema in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read More
What's happening in the worldwide digital x-ray market?
January 7, 2022 -- The fixed digital radiography (DR) market looks set to rebound, as budgets and investment return to fixed radiography rooms, and spending on high-end DR devices is also poised to rise again. Analyst Graham Cooke assesses the latest market trends across the globe. Read More