Experts to investigate treasure from 1740 Dutch shipwreck
July 2, 2020 -- Archaeologists will use the latest x-ray equipment to evaluate thousands of objects recovered from the wreckage of the Rooswijk, a Dutch East India Company vessel that sank off the coast of Kent, U.K., in January 1740, according to an article posted on 30 June by Brinkwire.  Discuss
Paris hospital shows the way on 3D printing
June 25, 2020 -- An innovative approach to vascular procedures involving advanced imaging techniques and 3D printing is transforming training and practice at the Marie Lannelongue hospital in Paris. Performance and patient outcomes have improved dramatically, attendees learned at a webinar on 18 June.  Discuss
Siemens unveils high-end x-ray unit
June 22, 2020 -- Siemens Healthineers is pushing ahead with the global market launch of a premium digital radiography machine called Ysio X.pree. The system is designed to help automate x-ray image acquisition and interpretation.  Discuss
COVID-19: Early signs of recovery, but uncertainty ahead
June 11, 2020 -- The global pandemic has created an unprecedented shock to the medical imaging and healthcare sectors. What is the future likely to hold? What are the key economic trends, bright spots, and areas of greatest risk? Market columnist Steve Holloway investigates.  Discuss
Do we really stand on the shoulders of giants?
June 8, 2020 -- Those who come after the true pioneers are often the ones who are able to build on the solid foundations left behind, as the case of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen shows, writes history columnist Dr. Adrian Thomas.  Discuss
UKIO keeps the show on the road and goes virtual
June 5, 2020 -- Flexibility and adaptability are important virtues in a pandemic, and these attributes have enabled Dr. Nick Spencer and his team to get through a difficult period for the UK Imaging and Oncology (UKIO) congress, which began earlier this week.  Discuss
Ultrasound features prominently in MSK talks at ECR 2020
May 26, 2020 -- MRI has been the main modality for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging research in recent years, but the applications of ultrasound are covered in many of the abstracts for the ECR 2020 meeting in July. Artificial intelligence and 3D printing are also set to play a major future role in this field, noted MSK Section Chairperson Dr. Anagha Parkar.  Discuss
Chest x-ray scoring gains momentum in COVID-19 cases
May 8, 2020 -- Investigators from Brescia, Italy, have revealed details of their chest x-ray scoring system for evaluating and tracking COVID-19 findings. They unveiled their results on 1 May in La Radiologia Medica.  Discuss
Imaging volumes fall sharply across Europe, survey shows
May 1, 2020 -- More than 80% of imaging facilities in Europe have experienced a major decline in the volume for procedures not related to COVID-19, according to a new survey from market research firm IMV Medical Information Division.  Discuss
Ultrasound receives boost for pediatric COVID-19 cases
April 29, 2020 -- Researchers from Turin, Italy, have found that lung ultrasound scans may be more effective than chest radiography for children with COVID-19. The finding comes in a small, observational study published on 21 April in Pediatrics.  Discuss