Irish develop novel method to teach how to interpret chest x-rays
April 13, 2022 -- Researchers from Galway have reported success with "Say-All-Fast-Minute-Each-Day-Shuffled," or SAFMEDS, which prompts radiology trainees and medical students to identify abnormalities in as many flashcards as possible during one-minute trials. Read More
Milan group adds support to use of AI to characterize breast density
March 25, 2022 -- Italian researchers have reported new evidence that an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately characterize breast density on mammography. This might help to avoid referring some women with dense breasts for extra screening with ultrasound or MRI. Read More
German team highlights how deep learning can improve knee scans
March 24, 2022 -- Researchers from Essen University Hospital have proved that an artificial intelligence algorithm can lead to more accurate placement of anatomical side markers on knee x-rays. This might help to reduce malpractice claims, they say. Read More
Danish study shows AI's diagnostic potential in knee osteoarthritis
March 21, 2022 -- Musculoskeletal radiologists from Denmark have found that a commercially available artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm performed as well as radiologists in diagnosing the severity of knee osteoarthritis on x-rays, and it could be useful in real-world clinical settings. Read More
Simple changes can make radiology practice green and sustainable
March 16, 2022 -- Greater collaboration between the medical imaging community and industry is needed in the fight to achieve sustainability. This was the central message of expert speakers at a roundtable session on the "Green Radiology Department" held at ECR Overture on 6 March. Read More
Dark-field chest radiography launched in clinical trials
March 15, 2022 -- Dark-field chest radiography may be superior to conventional chest x-rays for diagnosing early emphysema, according to preliminary findings from an early clinical trial that were presented at ECR 2022 Overture. Read More
Study: Dynamic chest radiography reveals diaphragm dysfunction
March 11, 2022 -- Researchers from Liverpool in the U.K. have found that dynamic chest radiography is a promising tool for diagnosing patients with breathing symptoms related to diaphragm dysfunction. Read More
Soft skills can be vital for effective care of top athletes
March 10, 2022 -- The clinical skills radiologists bring to multidisciplinary care teams for elite athletes are crucial, but so are so-called soft skills such as humility and adaptability, leading Dutch experts have reported. Read More
Beware the ambiguous signs in long-term COVID follow-up
March 8, 2022 -- Awareness, imaging delay, and choice of protocol are key to differentiating between pulmonary fibrosis and the "fibrotic-like" changes of COVID-19 that mimic it, according to a session at the recent ECR Overture. Read More
ECR: CT offers safe alternative to angiography for CAD diagnosis
March 7, 2022 -- CT is a safe alternative to invasive coronary angiography (ICA) for diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD). The study was simultaneously published on 4 March in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at ECR 2022 Overture. Read More