Will new growth stem from the 1B euro Affidea deal?
April 26, 2022 -- The acquisition of imaging operator Affidea by Belgian investment firm Groupe Bruxelles Lambert reveals much about the future shape of radiology and the major market trends, but can the growth continue and where are the key opportunities? Industry analyst Steve Holloway has the answers. Read More
GBL to acquire European imaging operator Affidea for 1B euros
April 19, 2022 -- Belgian investment firm Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) announced on 19 April that it is making its first sizable investment in healthcare by acquiring imaging operator Affidea for approximately 1 billion euros. Read More
5 things I don't miss about the bad old days of radiology
April 18, 2022 -- It can be tempting to glorify the early days of radiology, but an honest reflection on the practices of the past confirms that progress has generally been for the better, writes Dr. Giles Maskell. He takes a humorous look back at what he was glad to see disappear. Read More
How can imaging detect ear diseases more accurately?
April 18, 2022 -- Disorders of the ears are widespread, and tinnitus alone affects around 340,000 German citizens every year. In this Q&A interview, Prof. Dr. Mathias Cohnen discusses how imaging contributes to the detection and treatment of these diseases and boosts the quality of care. Read More
Dutch radiology pays tribute to Kees Vellenga, 1947-2022
April 14, 2022 -- Tributes have been posted to the widely respected radiologist, equestrian rider, and historian Dr. Kees Vellenga, PhD. In addition to a long career in radiology, he represented the Netherlands at the 1972 Olympic Games and was national dressage champion. Read More
PET/CT radiomics can help solve COVID-19 vaccine conundrum
April 13, 2022 -- A machine-learning model based on PET/CT radiomics can differentiate between metastatic breast cancer and swollen lymph nodes due to COVID-19 vaccination, according to a study published on 6 April by European Radiology. Read More
Mathias Prokop shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence
April 12, 2022 -- How close are we to implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for lung cancer screening? How can AI assist radiology workflow? Which applications are most exciting? Prof. Mathias Prokop, PhD, from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, addresses these and other questions in an interview. Read More
How has radiology in Rome fared during the pandemic?
April 7, 2022 -- Extensive data and analysis about the full impact of COVID-19 on scanning volumes and workflow at a public hospital in Rome were released on 5 April in a European Radiology article. Resilience and meticulous planning got his team through the crisis, says Prof. Andrea Laghi. Read More
BMJ: CT lung cancer screening saved more than 10K lives
April 6, 2022 -- The start of organized CT lung cancer screening in the U.S. in 2013 has helped avert more than 10,000 deaths from the disease between 2014 and 2018 due to earlier cancer detection, offering lessons for Europe and the rest of the world, according to a study published on 30 March in the BMJ. Read More
Austrians use CT to investigate long-term lung damage after COVID-19
April 4, 2022 -- Over half of people who contract COVID-19 pneumonia show evidence on chest CT of damage to their lungs even a year after symptom onset, and imaging follow-up is essential in these patients, a new study from Innsbruck has shown. Read More