Strasbourg group develops ultrasound protocol for trauma cases
December 12, 2022 -- An extended ultrasound exam performed at the bedside in trauma settings can help guide appropriate treatment prior to the use of whole-body CT, according to French research published on 7 December in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Short MRI plus CT identifies colorectal cancer liver metastases
December 2, 2022 -- CHICAGO - An abbreviated MRI protocol combined with contrast-enhanced CT performs comparably to a standard MRI exam for identifying liver metastases in colorectal cancer patients, according to research presented on 30 November at the RSNA meeting. Read More
Swiss team finds hot weather causes a spike in emergency CT scans
December 1, 2022 -- CHICAGO - Researchers from the University of Basel have reported that trauma CT scan volume can be forecasted on the basis of weather data. They presented their findings on 30 November at RSNA 2022. Read More
Photon-counting CT proves value in reducing abdominal radiation dose
November 29, 2022 -- Photon-counting CT can help minimize radiation dose in abdominal imaging without sacrificing image clarity compared with dual-energy, dual-source CT (DSCT), according to German research presented on 27 November at the RSNA meeting. Read More
What's the most cost-effective way to diagnose liver metastases?
November 28, 2022 -- CHICAGO - MRI appears to be the most cost-effective modality for diagnosing colorectal cancer liver metastases, according to a German study presented in a 27 November session at RSNA 2022. Read More
Postmortem imaging can shine light on suspicious deaths
November 23, 2022 -- How do radiologists perform and report postmortem CT? What problems do they face when scanning a deceased person? What is the psychological toll of postmortem reporting? Forensic experts Dr. Peter Kralt and Dr. Lenetta Boyce provide some answers. Read More
On the front line: Radiologists confront new challenges in Ukraine
November 22, 2022 -- Radiologist Dr. Andrii Makarenkov receives up to 10 frontline casualties every day. We interviewed him and other Ukrainians about the type of injuries they encounter and how their working lives have changed since the Russian invasion. Read More
Can a more rigorous approach to justification reduce patient deaths?
November 22, 2022 -- Important questions remain unanswered after the death of a 43-year-old Australian woman who underwent a wellness scan: Should she have had the CT exam? Should the anaphylactic reaction have been better managed? What does the case tell us about the justification issue? Read More
Not all suspected cases of acute aortic syndrome get vital CT exams
November 21, 2022 -- Do all patients with suspected acute aortic syndrome receive CT aortography for diagnosis of the condition? Perhaps not, according to a team of New Zealand investigators. Read More
Novel study investigates impact of marijuana on lungs
November 18, 2022 -- Airway inflammation and emphysema are more common in marijuana smokers than in non-smokers and tobacco-only smokers, a study of CT scans conducted over 15 years has found. The results were published on 15 November in Radiology. Read More