French group advocates CT for COVID-19 diagnosis
September 8, 2020 -- Investigators from Poitiers University Hospital have proposed that chest CT is a valuable investigation for initial diagnosis of COVID-19. Their findings appear to challenge current guidelines that have opposed the initial use of CT for COVID-19.  Discuss
Illicit drug use: Dublin team turns to imaging
September 1, 2020 -- MRI is the modality of choice for suspected bone or joint complications arising from injected drug use, while CT and ultrasound play a key role in assessing soft tissue and vascular issues, Irish researchers have reported. Illicit drug use is a major healthcare problem associated with numerous multisystem complications, they say.  Discuss
RCR pinpoints regional workforce disparities in U.K.
August 27, 2020 -- The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has published a series of reports highlighting significant national and regional staffing variations that persist across the U.K. Individual documents for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales also show the scale of radiologist shortages in each country.  Discuss
French make optimum use of CT for COVID-19 triage
August 25, 2020 -- Researchers in Lyon, France, have shown that chest CT is a rapid and fairly reliable tool for referring patients in need of hospitalization to the correct units. They published their findings online on 19 August in European Radiology. Also, Italian authors have issued a statement on structured reporting of chest CT in COVID-19 pneumonia.  Discuss
Dutch use micro-CT to visualize fetal development
August 24, 2020 -- Micro-CT provides an unprecedented look into early human development, say researchers from the University of Amsterdam. They have published images that depict a 6-week-old ectopic pregnancy.  Discuss
Micro-CT unveils secrets of animal mummies
August 20, 2020 -- U.K. researchers have used 3D micro-CT to uncover the internal features and material composition of three mummified animals from ancient Egypt. The cobra, kitten, and Eurasian kestrel that were scanned come from the collection of the Egypt Center at Swansea University.  Discuss
3D printing transforms congenital heart disease diagnosis
August 19, 2020 -- The emergence of 3D printing, along with volume rendering and 3D modeling software, is making it easier to define complex cardiovascular anatomy and extracardiac vascular structures, and these technologies now play a pivotal role in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease, award-winning Spanish researchers have reported.  Discuss
Why AI implementation looks set to remain a distant goal
August 18, 2020 -- The lack of high-quality annotated datasets required for training, the difficulty of proving technical validation, and the absence of standards for data sharing between digital systems are the three major issues preventing the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in daily clinical workflow, two leading European informatics experts have warned.  Discuss
Long waiting times for imaging persist in England
August 14, 2020 -- Many patients in England are still waiting six weeks or more for imaging and other diagnostic tests, but the figures for June represent a slight improvement on May, according to a report published on 13 August by National Health Service England.  Discuss
German team makes progress in localizing anatomical ROIs
August 14, 2020 -- German researchers have developed a method designed to accurately and robustly localize anatomical regions of interest (ROIs) for 3D medical data. They have presented their findings at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine virtual conference.  Discuss