Is low-dose CT adequate to diagnose appendicitis?
November 24, 2021 -- Investigators from Finland have found appendicitis can be diagnosed with a low-dose CT protocol just as well as with CT at a standard radiation dose. Low-dose CT can also differentiate between cases that may require surgery, they said. Read More
Coroner gives verdict on patient death after 'wellness scan'
November 23, 2021 -- A coroner plans to refer two doctors -- including a radiologist -- to the Australian authorities after the death of a woman who had a "wellness scan," according to a local media report posted on 22 November. The coroner says profits were put before patients, and he is calling for an audit of all private radiology clinics. Read More
Danish team shines light on AI's impact on productivity
November 22, 2021 -- Danish researchers have reported that artificial intelligence (AI) software can offer much value in radiology, but those benefits don't have to come at the cost of added burden for radiologists. Read More
German experts call for better reimbursement of cardiac imaging
November 22, 2021 -- How well are patients with heart disease provided with imaging services in Germany? Recent analysis suggests that while there is an established network of specialist radiological facilities and experts, there is scope for improvement, particularly when it comes to reimbursement. Read More
U.K. radiology mourns MSK specialist Charles Wakeley
November 19, 2021 -- Dr. Charles John Wakeley (1959-2021) worked as a musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologist in Bristol, U.K., for 27 years. He was past president of the British Society of Skeletal Radiologists, senior examiner for the Royal College of Radiologists, and associate editor of Clinical Radiology. Dr. Adrian Thomas pays tribute to him. Read More
Photon-counting CT scanner features among Siemens' product offerings
November 16, 2021 -- A photon-counting CT scanner called Naeotom Alpha and an MRI system aimed at underserved geographies were the highlight of a Siemens Healthineers media event on 16 November promoting products the company will be discussing at the RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
Radiologist-turned-politician sets out agenda for change
November 12, 2021 -- Dr. Paula Louise Piechotta, a radiologist from Leipzig in Germany, has been elected to the German Federal Parliament. In this interview, she speaks about her career, priorities, and philosophy. Read More
Under scrutiny: 100 years of articles about contrast agents
November 11, 2021 -- Founded in 1921 under its legendary editor, Gösta Forssell, Acta Radiologica has just published a thought-provoking article about 100 years of contrast agents. Radiology historian Dr. Adrian Thomas tells the story. Read More
GE Healthcare gets set to become separate entity
November 10, 2021 -- GE revealed on 9 November that it plans to split into three companies. The development will result in GE Healthcare operating as an independent company that is separate from the aviation and energy businesses. Read More
Goh provides glimpse into future world of hybrid imaging
November 9, 2021 -- How can the clinical potential of PET/MRI be unlocked? What challenges lie ahead? Cancer imaging expert Prof. Vicky Goh took out her crystal ball and provided some insight into the future role of PET/MRI and how both modalities can be integrated effectively. She also touched on PET/CT. Read More