Learning the lessons in the shocking case of Lucy Letby
August 31, 2023 -- In the wake of the murder conviction of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, radiologists must bring an end to interprofessional conflict, act in a dignified and professional way, and emphasize the contribution they make to patient care, says U.K. Royal College of Radiologists President Dr. Kath Halliday. Read More
Getting the basics right is rule one in clinical practice
August 29, 2023 -- It's essential to get the basics right because the rest can then follow, writes radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond. In a new viewpoint column, he recalls an event that made a deep personal impression on him. Read More
Do cancer screening exams really extend patients' lives?
August 28, 2023 -- In what is sure to be a controversial study among cancer screening advocates, researchers from Norway have concluded that screening mammography and CT for lung cancer screening don't necessarily extend patients' lives, according to results published on 28 August in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read More
Case report: Button battery lodged in esophagus for a year
August 28, 2023 -- The case of a two-year-old girl with a button battery lodged in her esophagus for 12 months highlights the urgent need for imaging examinations in patients with a history of difficulty in swallowing, doctors from Tanzania have reported. Read More
Novel analysis unearths top workforce trends in radiology
August 15, 2023 -- Demand is greatest for general, abdominal, and interventional radiologists, the authors of a new survey of the job market have found. Also, nearly a third of employers now prefer applicants with nonclinical skills, particularly in research, management, and AI, they discovered. Read More
Dutch team finds work overload is major cause of diagnostic errors
August 14, 2023 -- Work overload is tied to radiologists committing diagnostic errors on CT exams. That's a key finding of research from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands published on 10 August in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Dual-energy CT aids bone mineral density assessment
August 10, 2023 -- Dual-energy CT-based bone mineral density evaluation helps surgeons better plan treatment of distal radius fractures, German scientists have stated in an article published on 8 August in Radiology. Read More
U.K. plan to establish new diagnostic clinics gets mixed response
August 8, 2023 -- The U.K. government has unveiled a plan to open 13 new diagnostic facilities in England. The scheme is seen as an integral part of its strategy for tackling the growing hospital waiting lists and staff shortages, but some people remain deeply skeptical about its prospects for success. Read More
Using AI with prior LDCT exams improves lung nodule assessment
August 4, 2023 -- A deep-learning algorithm that incorporates information from prior low-dose CT (LDCT) exams is more effective for estimating three-year malignancy risk of pulmonary nodules than models that use a single CT exam alone, Dutch researchers have found. Read More
Radiation dose levels in cervical, lumbar spine CT raise concerns
August 2, 2023 -- Failure to specify the medical indications in the dose archiving and communication system can increase scan lengths, particularly in cervical and lumbar spine CT exams, a survey of 48 hospitals and clinics in France has revealed. Read More