Inquest focuses on radiologist who missed subdural hematoma
November 14, 2022 -- A U.K. coroner's investigation into the case of a man who died nine days after a fall has heard that the teleradiologist failed to identify a subdural hematoma, according to a media report from the inquest held on 11 November. Read More
Parachutes, belief, and intellectual curiosity
November 8, 2022 -- More resources need to be invested into rigorous and independent research to generate the evidence to support what we do in radiology, writes Dr. Chris Hammond in a new column. Read More
Investigation reveals how stressed radiologist missed cancer
November 7, 2022 -- Full details have emerged in a report issued on 7 November about how an overworked radiologist missed a cancerous lesion and how the healthcare provider in New Zealand failed to respond adequately to concerns about workload pressures. Read More
Team Edinburgh unveils novel cardiac CT findings
November 3, 2022 -- Scottish cardiothoracic imaging researchers have reported that quantifying a person's heart plaque using CT coronary angiography may help to determine the type of heart attack the patient is experiencing. Read More
Can machine learning plus CBCT predict blood leaks in stroke?
November 1, 2022 -- Can machine learning used with conebeam CT (CBCT) help clinicians to predict whether patients who have experienced stroke will have peripheral bleeding after they've undergone thrombectomy? Perhaps, Italian investigators say. Read More
CT shines light on 17th century mummified Austrian baby
October 27, 2022 -- German researchers using CT have examined a 17th century mummy of a 1-year-old boy found in the crypt of an Austrian aristocratic family, according to a report published on 26 October in Frontiers in Medicine. Read More
Swedish radiology's double act takes to the airwaves
October 25, 2022 -- What do Swedes do for fun? Skiing or hiking might come to mind, but two young radiologists, Dr. Per Hintze and Dr. Jörgen Strömberg, have dedicated their free time to a professional podcast with equipment that they have bought themselves. Read More
CT illustrates efficacy of recanalization in stroke patients
October 20, 2022 -- A CT-based assessment tool shows that recanalization is an effective way to preserve functional outcomes long term in stroke patients -- even at later time windows after the event, German researchers have reported. Read More
Prokop calls for emphasis on workflow to help pay for AI
October 18, 2022 -- VALENCIA -- The next generation of radiology AI systems needs to focus much more on workflow and efficiency gains to make them affordable and attractive to use in clinical practice, according to Dutch expert Prof. Dr. Mathias Prokop, PhD. Read More
France moves ahead with lung cancer screening strategy
October 17, 2022 -- A novel lung cancer screening examination has been developed in France. This examination and issues associated with rolling out population-based lung cancer screening have prompted intense discussion as the first pilot studies are initiated. Read More