Photon-counting CT proves value in driving down imaging dose
June 30, 2022 -- Photon-counting detector CT is showing promise as a way of reducing radiation dose by more than a third, researchers from Tübingen in Germany have reported. It enables oncologic abdominal CT with a much reduced dose while retaining image quality similar to dual-energy CT, they say. Read More
Will you have to wear a face mask in Vienna next month?
June 28, 2022 -- Wearing a face mask won’t be mandatory at ECR 2022, but it will be required on public transport during a week when the Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses are playing at huge gigs in Vienna. Congress organizers say they will not check on ECR delegates’ COVID-19 vaccination status. Read More
CT shines new light on SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant
June 27, 2022 -- The SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant shows fewer and less severe changes on chest CT than its delta variant predecessor, but it does have at least one distinct manifestation, U.K. researchers have reported. Read More
Commoditization poses growing threat to radiology, Brady warns
June 20, 2022 -- The commoditization of radiology endangers the capacity of the specialty to maintain its hard-won central role in patient care. This is the view of Dr. Adrian Brady, consultant radiologist at Mercy University Hospital in Cork, Ireland, and first vice president of European Society of Radiology. Read More
Imaging shows AstraZeneca COVID vaccine can trigger blood clots
June 16, 2022 -- MRI, CT, and ultrasound identify blood clots not found on clinical assessment in a majority of individuals who have COVID-19 vaccine-induced low blood platelets after their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to a case study published on 14 June in Radiology. Read More
Reflections on 125 years of the British Institute of Radiology
June 15, 2022 -- To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the British Institute of Radiology, radiology historian Dr. Adrian Thomas highlights some of the key turning points of what is now the oldest radiological society in the world. Read More
AI tool shows promise in stenosis detection in vulnerable patients
June 14, 2022 -- A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool can accurately detect coronary CT angiography images of the arteries with significant stenoses, flagging them for priority reading by a human expert in a few seconds, a French expert has reported. Read More
Ukrainian refugee doctors seek to 'give back' to host countries
June 13, 2022 -- Dr. Nataliia Nehria has described fleeing her home city of Kyiv as Russia invaded Ukraine and raised the question of allowing Ukrainian medical diplomas to be recognized in the European Union in a speech at the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology annual meeting. Read More
Radiology census reveals true scale of staff shortages in U.K.
June 9, 2022 -- The U.K. is currently short of 1,669 clinical radiologists, and over 200 vacancies have been unfilled for a year or more, according to the annual census released on 9 June by the Royal College of Radiologists. Unless urgent action is taken, the shortfall could hit 39% by 2026, equal to 3,166 clinical radiologists, the report says. Read More
Tips from Down Under on getting by in contrast media shortages
June 7, 2022 -- Leading Australian experts have provided practical advice on how to cope with the likely ongoing shortages of iodinated contrast agents for CT. They say it's essential to quantify contrast requirements, develop coherent strategies to rationalize its use, and review imaging protocols and practices. Read More