Novel analysis highlights shortcomings of breast AI
September 8, 2021 -- U.K. researchers have found that evidence is insufficient on the accuracy or clinical effect of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to examine mammograms on the screening pathway. They published their findings on 1 September in the BMJ. Read More
Can AI help to improve radiologist accuracy in prostate MRI?
September 1, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer-aided detection software application can improve the performance of radiologists in reading biparametric prostate MRI exams, according to Swiss-led research. Read More
Dutch team reports success with CAD software for lung nodules
August 25, 2021 -- Researchers from a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands have found artificial intelligence-based computer-aided detection (CAD) software can be highly sensitive for detecting pulmonary nodules on CT exams in clinical practice. They posted their results on 14 August in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Doubt cast on AI's readiness to assess pulmonary embolism
August 13, 2021 -- Investigators from Freiburg, Germany, have found artificial intelligence (AI) can't yet be relied upon to detect pulmonary embolism on CT pulmonary angiography in clinical practice. Read More
Deep learning gives boost to hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis
August 11, 2021 -- Researchers have trained a deep-learning model to detect hepatocellular carcinoma on contrast-enhanced liver CT using over 7,500 patients. The algorithm -- called HCCNet -- yielded statistically comparable accuracy to three experienced radiologists. Read More
László Tabár shares his latest thoughts on breast AI
August 10, 2021 -- The sensitivity and specificity of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms must be compared with that of experienced readers who follow strict mammography viewing protocols, according to breast imaging pioneer Dr. László Tabár, who urges caution when comparing the performance of AI with that of radiologists. Read More
AI algorithm automates labeling of brain MRI images
August 4, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can label more than 100,000 brain MRI exams in less than 30 minutes, enabling the creation of large datasets needed for training deep-learning models, according to research from a top U.K. facility. Read More
Global artificial intelligence market looks set for bright future
July 30, 2021 -- The worldwide market for medical imaging artificial intelligence applications is expected to be worth almost $1.2 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 26%, a report from Signify Research has stated. Read More
Is the rise of machines inevitable in interventional radiology?
July 13, 2021 -- Machines and devices have always been important to radiology, with industry and healthcare professionals collaborating on technological advances. Now another exciting evolution is set to push forward endovascular medicine, virtual attendees heard in a special session at the ECR 2021 Summer Edition on 1 July. Read More
Holloway: Cloud adoption can prove vital in combating cyberattacks
July 12, 2021 -- The consolidating effect within the process of cloud adoption will definitely help to reduce the risks posed by cyberattacks and minimize the criminals' devastating impact on healthcare services. That's the view of top industry expert Steve Holloway. Read More