Opposition to Ukraine war grows among Russian radiologists
April 4, 2022 -- Clear and strong evidence of sentiment among radiologists in Russia against the war in Ukraine is emerging, following the departure of Dr. Sergey Morozov, PhD, as chief radiology officer for Moscow. Read More
Deep learning can give boost to detection of pulmonary embolism
March 31, 2022 -- A French study has shown an artificial intelligence algorithm can help emergency radiologists to improve their performance for detecting pulmonary embolism on CT pulmonary angiography. The results were posted online on 22 March by European Radiology. Read More
AI and radiologists work in harmony for double reading in Norway
March 30, 2022 -- Authors from the Cancer Registry of Norway have reported that artificial intelligence (AI) shows promise for detecting breast cancers on screening mammography when compared with double reading in a dataset of nearly 123,000 women. Read More
Milan group adds support to use of AI to characterize breast density
March 25, 2022 -- Italian researchers have reported new evidence that an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately characterize breast density on mammography. This might help to avoid referring some women with dense breasts for extra screening with ultrasound or MRI. Read More
German team highlights how deep learning can improve knee scans
March 24, 2022 -- Researchers from Essen University Hospital have proved that an artificial intelligence algorithm can lead to more accurate placement of anatomical side markers on knee x-rays. This might help to reduce malpractice claims, they say. Read More
Danish study shows AI's diagnostic potential in knee osteoarthritis
March 21, 2022 -- Musculoskeletal radiologists from Denmark have found that a commercially available artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm performed as well as radiologists in diagnosing the severity of knee osteoarthritis on x-rays, and it could be useful in real-world clinical settings. Read More
How can artificial intelligence enhance abdominal imaging?
March 14, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence technology can offer many potential advantages in abdominal imaging, including better diagnostic accuracy, optimization of worklists, and pre-analysis of high-volume exams, according to European experts. Read More
Optimum use of AI in chest imaging comes under close scrutiny
March 9, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have an impact on the diagnosis of a number of chest imaging conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, and lung cancer, say expert speakers from across Europe. Read More
AI Trends in 2022: Neuroradiology
March 4, 2022 -- What are the developing trends in artificial intelligence (AI) for neuroradiology? Three key opinion leaders from Europe and the U.S. discuss this topic in the second of our three webinars on the intersection of AI and radiology. Read More
ECR: AI poised for greater clinical use in children
March 4, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) chest radiography algorithms developed for use in adults currently vastly outnumber those for children, but several products are emerging in the field that appear to be promising for improving care for pediatric patients, a Dutch expert reported at ECR Overture. Read More