Revealed: How SuperAgers' minds remain so agile and alert
July 18, 2023 -- MRI shows that so-called SuperAgers -- people in their 80s who have the memory function of much younger individuals -- have more gray matter in brain regions linked to memory function than their peers, Spanish scientists have highlighted. Read More
AI specialists strive to minimize cybersecurity risks
July 13, 2023 -- Radiology AI projects are complex and not risk-free, especially in terms of cybersecurity threats, Irish and U.S. experts have emphasized. To simplify the process, they have outlined how to improve security through better detection and preventative techniques. Read More
Can ChatGPT support diagnostic imaging decisions?
July 10, 2023 -- A proof-of-concept study suggests that ChatGPT-4 can generate relevant differential diagnoses for specific imaging patterns, a research group from the University of Cologne in Germany has reported. Read More
CT radiomics can help in predicting outcomes in stroke patients
July 10, 2023 -- An AI prediction model that incorporates CT radiomics features and clinical information can significantly improve outcome predictions in patients with acute ischemic stroke, according to a study published on 3 July in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
European breast study reports positive findings on AI model
June 23, 2023 -- Scientists from Maastricht University Medical Center and Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris have found that a deep-learning model can accurately identify and describe suspicious lesions on contrast-enhanced mammography images. Read More
Italian-led team underlines promise of breast AI model
June 19, 2023 -- An AI model that helps predicts breast cancer risk after a negative screening has performed well, according to new research led by the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa and based on U.K. data. Read More
Baessler: Interest grows in MR radiomics, but it needs direction
June 5, 2023 -- TORONTO - Radiomics has come a long way, but standardization and better-quality studies are vital before it becomes a true staple, Prof. Bettina Baessler from Würzburg in Germany said in a keynote talk on 3 June at ISMRM 2023. Read More
AI model can provide boost for breast ultrasound interpretation
June 2, 2023 -- A new study has found that an artificial intelligence algorithm can extract the morphological features from early breast lesions, conduct effective and objective image analysis, and help improve patient outcome. Read More
Germany's dream team turns on the style in Wiesbaden
May 18, 2023 -- Radiologists in Germany are in upbeat mood after an overwhelmingly positive first day at the 104th German Congress of Radiology, RöKo 2023. The meeting is being held in Wiesbaden from 17 to 19 May under the presidency of breast imaging pioneer Prof. Christiane Kuhl. Read More
Debatin puts renewed emphasis on quality in radiology AI
May 16, 2023 -- One of Europe's best-known and most influential radiologists, Prof. Jörg Debatin, is convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can only work if certain quality criteria are met in the datasets to be diagnosed. The issue of quality and description of data will play a key role in the future, he says. Read More