Can machine learning deliver 1-minute brain MRI scans?
May 10, 2022 -- With a few enhancements, including machine learning, a quantitative technique called MR fingerprinting could make a one-minute clinical brain MRI scan a reality, according to a May 9 talk at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine meeting in London. Read More
Video from ISMRM 2022: Tim Leiner on his move to Mayo Clinic
May 10, 2022 -- LONDON - Dutch radiologist Dr. Tim Leiner, PhD, surprised many people in September 2021 when he took up a new post at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S. We caught up with the immediate past president of International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and asked him what lay behind his decision. Read More
Brain PET AI algorithm shows promise in Parkinson's disease
May 2, 2022 -- Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) deep-learning algorithm that may help clinicians to diagnose Parkinsonian disorders, according to a study published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Morozov joins corporate world with switch from Moscow to Belgium
April 28, 2022 -- One of Russia's best-known radiologists, Dr. Sergey Morozov, PhD, is to join the Belgian software developer Osimis as chief innovation officer, it was announced on 28 April. Morozov has been a vocal opponent of the war in Ukraine since the Russian invasion on 24 February. Read More
Harvey gives top tips on how to approach AI procurement
April 26, 2022 -- The first essential step before evaluating and purchasing artificial intelligence (AI) is to think seriously about what you need the technology to do, according to AI expert and radiologist Dr. Hugh Harvey. At a recent London workshop, he gave practical advice on how to buy AI. Read More
Copenhagen study confirms AI's value in breast screening
April 25, 2022 -- Danish investigators have shown an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm detected and categorized normal, moderate-risk, and suspicious mammograms while also performing consistently across breast densities. The technology can improve screening outcomes, they say. Read More
AI: Is there a risk of looking into the future with blinkers on?
April 15, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) cannot explain how it draws a conclusion, particularly if its "learning" is augmented with surrogate and biased data collected from the internet, The Maverinck warns. He has some concerns about how the technology operates in practice. Read More
Mathias Prokop shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence
April 12, 2022 -- How close are we to implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for lung cancer screening? How can AI assist radiology workflow? Which applications are most exciting? Prof. Mathias Prokop, PhD, from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, addresses these and other questions in an interview. Read More
Opposition to Ukraine war grows among Russian radiologists
April 4, 2022 -- Clear and strong evidence of sentiment among radiologists in Russia against the war in Ukraine is emerging, following the departure of Dr. Sergey Morozov, PhD, as chief radiology officer for Moscow. Read More
Deep learning can give boost to detection of pulmonary embolism
March 31, 2022 -- A French study has shown an artificial intelligence algorithm can help emergency radiologists to improve their performance for detecting pulmonary embolism on CT pulmonary angiography. The results were posted online on 22 March by European Radiology. Read More