Combined AI mammo texture model improves cancer risk assessment
August 30, 2023 -- A combined diagnostic AI system and mammographic texture model can improve risk assessment for interval breast cancer and long-term breast cancer, a Danish study published on 29 August in Radiology has found. Read More
AI system aims for earlier diagnosis of endometriosis
August 25, 2023 -- IMAGENDO uses machine learning to digitally combine the diagnostic capabilities of pelvic scans and MRI to identify endometriosis lesions. The Australian and U.K. developers are now seeking to optimize and validate the algorithm. Read More
Dutch MRI model segments abdominal fat tissues in children
August 21, 2023 -- An AI model trained on Dixon MRI may help with large studies researching abdominal fat distribution in children, according to a study conducted at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. Read More
AI outperforms clinical scores in high-risk lymphoma patients
August 18, 2023 -- Researchers from Amsterdam University Medical Center have developed an AI algorithm for reading FDG-PET/CT scans that performs better than standard clinical scores used to identify high-risk lymphoma patients. Read More
German study shows how AI can evaluate brain tumors on PET
August 16, 2023 -- Investigators from Aachen University Hospital have developed an AI model for PET imaging that could help clinicians determine whether patients are responding to brain tumor treatments. Their results went live on 10 August in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Swedish team advocates AI risk assessment for breast screening
August 3, 2023 -- Using AI software to determine if a screening mammography exam can be read by one breast radiologist instead of two can perform comparably to double reading of all mammograms, according to a new study published on 1 August in The Lancet Oncology. Read More
Which radiology AI tools are the Dutch using clinically?
August 1, 2023 -- More than a third of radiology departments are using AI in clinical practice, particularly for lung-nodule detection on CT, stroke diagnosis, and bone age prediction, a survey conducted in the Netherlands has found. Read More
Freiburg group unveils positive findings on Chatbot performance
July 26, 2023 -- A chatbot can outperform radiologists and ChatGPT in providing imaging recommendations that adhere to appropriateness guidelines, according to German research published on 25 July in Radiology. Read More
AI proves useful in the emergency department for detecting fractures
July 24, 2023 -- French researchers have found that three commercially available AI algorithms designed to detect fractures on x-rays are effective for use in the emergency department. They published their findings on 18 July in Academic Radiology. Read More
Global imaging AI market is 'highly saturated but maturing'
July 24, 2023 -- The worldwide medical imaging AI landscape is highly saturated, but the market is maturing, industry analyst Ellie Baker says. The sector will grow by 25% and be worth 1.6 billion euros by 2027, she predicts. Read More