UAE team spells out how to fill AI knowledge gap
November 11, 2020 -- The artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge gap can only be filled by more collaboration between educational institutes and professional bodies to develop structured training programs for radiologists and radiographers, according to researchers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Discuss
How can AI improve prognosis and therapy for glioblastoma?
November 3, 2020 -- Investigators from a top London facility have shown how artificial intelligence (AI) can pinpoint sarcopenia on routine brain MRI scans of patients with glioblastoma. The work helps make it easier to predict how long patients may survive this aggressive cancer.  Discuss
Oxford team warns of industry influence on AI regulation
October 27, 2020 -- A research group from the University of Oxford in the U.K. has highlighted the involvement of industry in comments on a proposed draft regulation of AI algorithms in the U.S. In an article posted online by BMJ Open, the authors have voiced concern about possible bias.  Discuss
Handheld ultrasound proves value in pandemic
October 22, 2020 -- Demand for handheld ultrasound has increased massively in 2020, and the technology has become a front-line diagnostic tool for patients with suspected COVID-19. Our special feature article looks at what's driving the growth of the sector and investigates whether handheld systems will bring imaging into the home.  Discuss
Lessons from COVID-19 front line: What can we learn?
October 20, 2020 -- Gaining a more complete knowledge of COVID-19 and the value of imaging in these cases -- along with the need to reorganize services, protect staff, and cope with the impact on non-COVID-19 pathologies -- are among the main lessons radiology must learn during the pandemic, according to a senior French radiologist.  Discuss
Women express caution about trusting breast AI
October 19, 2020 -- A research group from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands surveyed more than 900 Dutch women in April 2020 to gauge their attitudes on using artificial intelligence (AI) for interpretation of screening mammograms. Over 75% of women didn't approve of standalone use of AI without a radiologist.  Discuss
AI and radiology: The younger generation's perspective
October 15, 2020 -- Radiologists must embrace artificial intelligence (AI), collaborate, be visible, and make digital innovation central to their work, writes resident Dr. Merel Huisman, PhD. As long as they do this, they will never be "mostly unnecessary" -- as Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra predicted recently.  Discuss
Dutch debate intensifies over future shape of AI
October 13, 2020 -- A lively discussion is underway in the Netherlands after a senior politician, Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra, made controversial comments about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to replace radiologists. The Dutch Society of Radiology, the NVvR, made public its response on the matter on 12 October and has requested a meeting with Hoekstra.  Discuss
AI helps to forecast oxygen need in COVID-19 cases
October 8, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that predicts the necessity for supplemental oxygen in COVID-19 patients is gaining acceptance globally. It uses information from chest x-rays and patient data from the electronic health record.  Discuss
Space, the final frontier: France embarks on new mission
October 6, 2020 -- The French society of radiology and the country's national center for space exploration have signed a partnership, delegates learned at the French national radiology congress on 4 October. The aim is to develop imaging solutions to be sent on space flights and to collaborate on image collection and optimization, teleradiology, and training of astronauts.  Discuss