Deep learning can help identify carotid calcium on CT scans
July 5, 2021 -- A research team from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has found that a deep-learning algorithm performs comparably to human readers when it comes to identifying intracranial carotid artery calcification on noncontrast CT scans. Read More
Dutch duo fears AI implementation will add to radiology's workload
July 1, 2021 -- Longer postprocessing and interpretation times could mean that artificial intelligence (AI) will end up increasing the workload of radiologists overall, researchers from the Netherlands have reported in a new study. Read More
Novel deep-learning model shows high agreement with human readers
June 28, 2021 -- A cardiac research group from London has tested an artificial intelligence approach capable of accurate, automated segmentation of high-resolution intravascular ultrasound images in real-time. The team published its findings online on 18 June in the International Journal of Cardiology. Read More
AI can enhance identification of kidney stones on CT scans
June 23, 2021 -- Investigators from the University of Turgut Ozal in Malatya, Turkey, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect and localize kidney stones on noncontrast CT exams. The algorithm yielded 96.8% accuracy in testing and was deemed to be ready for clinical use. Read More
Study: AI helps pinpoint severity of Parkinson's disease
June 16, 2021 -- Researchers from the University of Córdoba in Spain have found that artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis of 3D SPECT exams can help physicians to determine a patient's stage of Parkinson's disease. Read More
What does the future hold now for low-field MRI systems?
June 8, 2021 -- Low-field MRI is a highly promising area, and by changing your mindset and nurturing an interest in going lower in terms of field strength, you can embrace different challenges and achieve success, says Swiss expert Mathieu Sarracanie, PhD, in an exclusive interview. Read More
Italian AI team determines COVID-19 risk on lung ultrasound
June 3, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from Italy have used deep-learning algorithms to automatically provide risk scores on lung ultrasound exams in COVID-19 patients. They published their results online on 27 May. Read More
How does AI promise to shape the future of medical physics?
May 28, 2021 -- Much has been said about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on radiology, but AI also looks set to transform medical physics. This interview with Irina Grigorescu of King's College London focuses on how AI can eventually become part of standard clinical practice. Read More
Solís: Commit to AI and radiology can secure future gains
May 24, 2021 -- Radiology must not be passive when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), and it's vital to fight to implement advances in an ethical and professional way. That's the view of Dr. Pablo Valdés Solís, who gave the second part of his AI masterclass at the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology congress on 20 May. Read More
Be creative and innovative when it comes to AI, Solís urges
May 21, 2021 -- Radiology needs creativity and innovation to survive in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), but the first step is to ensure all procedures are clearly defined and the flow of information is well delineated in a department, said Dr. Pablo Valdés Solís at the opening session of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology congress on 19 May. Read More