At the sharp end: Knife injuries are everyone's problem
October 7, 2019 -- Knife crime is now so prevalent that every healthcare professional has a responsibility to become more familiar with the resulting injuries and how to treat them, according to expert speakers at a special meeting held in Birmingham, U.K., last month.  Discuss
VR, 3D printing aid acetabular fracture classification
October 3, 2019 -- Virtual reality (VR) and 3D-printed models have demonstrated a potential to improve physicians' ability to classify acetabular fractures for surgery. Dutch researchers explored which of the two techniques was more effective to that end in a new study, published online in the European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology.  Discuss
Sectra adds orthopedic templates to offerings
October 2, 2019 -- PACS provider Sectra is teaming with DePuy Synthes for its 3D preoperative orthopedic templates for use with trauma patients undergoing 3D CT scans.
3D printing can bolster cardiac management
October 1, 2019 -- Patient-specific 3D-printed heart models based on cardiac MRI and CT scans are dimensionally accurate and also offer clinical value in the management of congenital heart disease, according to a new analysis published online by the Journal of Clinical Medicine.  Discuss
3D-printed models can help optimize steroid injections
October 1, 2019 -- 3D-printed models based on head CT scans may help identify optimal head positioning for intratympanic steroid injections, according to an article published online on 24 September in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.
3D-printed glove could have medical applications
September 27, 2019 -- A 3D-printed glove designed to protect car production staff from workplace injuries may also have medical applications. It could eventually be used to assist people with muscle weakness or patients who suffer from physical or neurological disorders, according to a report published online on 24 September in The Engineer.

Software choice can dictate lung screening recall rates
September 26, 2019 -- The choice of volumetry software used to measure nodules on CT lung cancer screening examinations may have a substantial impact on the recall rate for follow-up examinations, according to a new study from the U.K. The authors have emphasized the need to validate the software to deliver effective screening.  Discuss
Israeli 3D bioprinting company raises 5M euros
September 26, 2019 -- Israeli 3D bioprinting company CollPlant Biotechnologies has raised 5 million euros to fund its efforts using 3D printing to create synthetic tissues and organs based on medical images.
5 facts to know about the JFR president
September 25, 2019 -- Dr. Catherine Adamsbaum is the president of France's national radiology congress (JFR), which begins on 11 October. How did she get to be where she is today, and where does she see radiology heading? In this profile, we paint a fuller picture of the person behind this year's presidency.  Discuss
Saudi Arabia announces 3D printing initiative
September 17, 2019 -- The Saudi Arabian government is relying on 3D printing technology to create new jobs, hospitals, and homes throughout the country, according to a recent article from Saudi Arabian newspaper Arab News.
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