Software choice can dictate lung screening recall rates
September 26, 2019 -- The choice of volumetry software used to measure nodules on CT lung cancer screening examinations may have a substantial impact on the recall rate for follow-up examinations, according to a new study from the U.K. The authors have emphasized the need to validate the software to deliver effective screening.  Discuss
Israeli 3D bioprinting company raises 5M euros
September 26, 2019 -- Israeli 3D bioprinting company CollPlant Biotechnologies has raised 5 million euros to fund its efforts using 3D printing to create synthetic tissues and organs based on medical images.
5 facts to know about the JFR president
September 25, 2019 -- Dr. Catherine Adamsbaum is the president of France's national radiology congress (JFR), which begins on 11 October. How did she get to be where she is today, and where does she see radiology heading? In this profile, we paint a fuller picture of the person behind this year's presidency.  Discuss
Saudi Arabia announces 3D printing initiative
September 17, 2019 -- The Saudi Arabian government is relying on 3D printing technology to create new jobs, hospitals, and homes throughout the country, according to a recent article from Saudi Arabian newspaper Arab News.
Polish groups prepare to unveil full-color 3D printer
September 11, 2019 -- Researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology have teamed up with Polish 3D printing startup OVE and printing technology company Memjet to develop a full-color extrusion 3D printer.
Novel contrast-free MRI technique measures heart strain
August 30, 2019 -- A team of investigators from the U.K. has used 3D MRI to work out a patient's cardiac muscle strain. They have described how their method can boost the accuracy of quantifying cardiac health without the need for gadolinium contrast in an article published online on 28 August by Scientific Reports.  Discuss
Augmented reality can help guide aneurysm repair
August 29, 2019 -- Visualizing patient anatomy in 3D through augmented reality (AR) technology can overcome key limitations of image-guided surgery, according to researchers from Poland. They shared their initial experiences of using AR to facilitate aortic aneurysm repair in a recent article in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.  Discuss
3D models show osteoarthritis risk after knee surgery
August 27, 2019 -- A Scandinavian-led research group has developed a virtual 3D modeling technique that may provide a pathway to patient-specific clinical evaluation of osteoarthritis risks in those with anterior cruciate ligament tears and indicate optimal rehabilitation protocols.  Discuss
European startups leverage 3D printing for healthcare
August 27, 2019 -- Medical applications appear to dominate the 3D printing industry in Europe, particularly among startup companies, according to a 22 August article from
Haifa 3D provides kids with 3D-printed 'superhero' hands
August 27, 2019 -- Israeli 3D printing company Haifa 3D is providing patient-specific 3D-printed bionic limbs to individuals missing a hand or arm, according to a 25 August report from ISRAEL21c.
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