Restoration of Röntgen's birthplace gathers pace
June 30, 2015 -- The birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen is a really special place, and everybody should care deeply about the German Radiological Society's plans for the building, Dr. Adrian Thomas writes in his latest history column.
X-ray microbeams can reduce skin injury
June 22, 2015 -- Radiation burn is a common, often painful side effect of radiotherapy. The severity of acute skin reactions at the irradiated site is associated with the total delivered dose, the dose per fraction, and the size of the treatment area. German research shows x-ray microbeam radiation delivery can help.
The RCR president's diary: 10 things I did in May
June 10, 2015 -- "What does the president actually do?" That's a question Dr. Giles Maskell, president of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), gets asked. He reveals what he got up to last month, including plenty of creative writing, media interviews, and speaking engagements.
Ever scanned Superman, a Harley biker, or a Ferrari?
June 9, 2015 -- When radiologists talk about "beautiful images," they mean clear and accurate visualizations showing unmistakable signs of disease and injury, but the main goal of photographic artist Nick Veasey is to use x-ray to reveal the invisible. His new exhibition in Geneva runs until mid-October.
Technique comes under scrutiny in breast cancer therapy
June 5, 2015 -- Dose delivery in radiotherapy must be verified for quality assurance to high accuracy, preferably by independent systems. This also applies to other applications of small x-ray sources, such as intraoperative radiotherapy, according to Swedish and Dutch researchers.
Concerns emerge about EU radiation safety directive
June 3, 2015 -- Under the new European Directive 2013/59/Euratom, the imaging community and industry will have to adapt regulations, practices, and equipment for a high standard of radiation safety. The European Society of Radiology has now summarized the directive, but some problems remain.
Berlin trauma team says don't skip x-ray in wrist injuries
May 19, 2015 -- Plain radiographs are a rapid, reproducible, and probably cost-effective technique to diagnose common ligament injuries after wrist trauma, but high-quality images require precise patient positioning, a German study has found.
The amazing life of Dr. Edwin Hurry Fenwick
May 14, 2015 -- British urologist Dr. Edwin Hurry Fenwick was a very early adopter of cystoscopic and x-ray technologies. Our history columnist Dr. Adrian Thomas traces his involvement in radiology and considers his numerous achievements and contributions.
Low-cost x-ray market faces major shake-up
May 13, 2015 -- A Swiss-led project that aims to bring low-cost, quality digital x-ray units to developing countries has unveiled its prototype. EssentialTech, the group behind the GlobaldiagnostiX device, will now concentrate on improving the system until it is ready for technical transfer.
Errors by locum radiologists ignite fierce debate in Ireland
May 1, 2015 -- Thousands of x-rays and other scans have been reviewed and hundreds of patients recalled after errors were discovered in the work of three locum radiologists, according to the Irish Times. But a senior radiologist in Dublin is questioning some aspects of the report.