Getting patient consent requires sensitivity, tact
March 30, 2016 -- Obtaining informed consent is an important part of radiologists' work, but rarely do they give it sufficient thought and attention, note two leading German experts. In this interview, they give practical hints and suggestions for obtaining patient consent.
Belgians unveil optimal protocol for full-spine radiography
March 15, 2016 -- Researchers from Belgium have identified an optimal protocol for whole-spine radiographs using antiscatter grids and filtration. The protocol cut radiation dose by around 70% for the posteroanterior view and 30% for lateral view.
Interventional radiology needs accurate dose tracking
March 6, 2016 -- VIENNA - Radiation dose from interventional radiology procedures continues to increase, and it's critical to have mechanisms to estimate and track dose accurately for both patients and equipment operators, according to a presentation on Sunday at ECR 2016.
Industry repositions digital x-ray to meet new clinical challenges
March 6, 2016 -- Imaging professionals need their equipment to be practical and adaptable, so the new digital x-ray technologies on display in the exhibition halls at ECR 2016 have been designed to produce high-quality diagnostic images across a range of clinical applications, while allowing the patient to maintain a comfortable (and dignified) posture.
Success in sports injuries relies on defining technical and clinical approach
March 5, 2016 -- Sports injuries pose unique challenges that set them apart in the world of radiology, particularly when highly driven patients are keen to return to their discipline. Against this demanding backdrop, sports radiologists have to draw on their knowledge, experience, and colleagues from other specialties to correctly define the nature of the injury and expedite swift and effective therapy.
Bone suppression detects more lung nodules on chest x-rays
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Bone suppression can improve radiologists' detection of lung nodules on chest radiographs, according to a presentation this week at ECR 2016. The mean sensitivity improved significantly with the addition of the technique, the researchers found.
New angio x-ray unit paces Toshiba's ECR 2016 product launches
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Toshiba Medical Systems is taking advantage of this week's ECR 2016 to launch Infinix-i Rite Edition, a new interventional x-ray system that features a dual C-arm design for faster and more efficient operation and high-speed 3D studies.
CT drives new Siemens product launch at ECR 2016
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - A new high-end offering in its dual-source CT product line -- called Somatom Drive -- is the focus of Siemens Healthcare at this week's ECR 2016 meeting.
What's on the mind of the RCR president?
February 19, 2016 -- At the helm of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) is Dr. Giles Maskell. In this interview, he shares his views on topical issues in medical imaging and sheds some light on his work as president of the RCR.
X-ray reveals secrets of Haitian voodoo dolls
February 4, 2016 -- X-ray can help unpack the secrets of the Haitian practice of voodoo, according to a pictorial review published in the Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging.