Technique comes under scrutiny in breast cancer therapy
June 5, 2015 -- Dose delivery in radiotherapy must be verified for quality assurance to high accuracy, preferably by independent systems. This also applies to other applications of small x-ray sources, such as intraoperative radiotherapy, according to Swedish and Dutch researchers.
Concerns emerge about EU radiation safety directive
June 3, 2015 -- Under the new European Directive 2013/59/Euratom, the imaging community and industry will have to adapt regulations, practices, and equipment for a high standard of radiation safety. The European Society of Radiology has now summarized the directive, but some problems remain.
Berlin trauma team says don't skip x-ray in wrist injuries
May 19, 2015 -- Plain radiographs are a rapid, reproducible, and probably cost-effective technique to diagnose common ligament injuries after wrist trauma, but high-quality images require precise patient positioning, a German study has found.
The amazing life of Dr. Edwin Hurry Fenwick
May 14, 2015 -- British urologist Dr. Edwin Hurry Fenwick was a very early adopter of cystoscopic and x-ray technologies. Our history columnist Dr. Adrian Thomas traces his involvement in radiology and considers his numerous achievements and contributions.
Low-cost x-ray market faces major shake-up
May 13, 2015 -- A Swiss-led project that aims to bring low-cost, quality digital x-ray units to developing countries has unveiled its prototype. EssentialTech, the group behind the GlobaldiagnostiX device, will now concentrate on improving the system until it is ready for technical transfer.
Errors by locum radiologists ignite fierce debate in Ireland
May 1, 2015 -- Thousands of x-rays and other scans have been reviewed and hundreds of patients recalled after errors were discovered in the work of three locum radiologists, according to the Irish Times. But a senior radiologist in Dublin is questioning some aspects of the report.
Treatment images highlight dose changes
May 1, 2015 -- Researchers from Munich have worked out how to reveal the dosimetric impact of changes on intensity-modulated x-ray and proton therapy, and are promoting awareness of dosimetric consequences in staff involved in treatment plan creation or irradiation.
Safety-net hospital lifts the lid on child abuse
April 29, 2015 -- Fresh data about suspected cases of abuse show that about a quarter of children evaluated at an inner city hospital by means of a skeletal survey with radiography were found to be the victims of abuse. Furthermore, of the abused children, around 39% had skeletal trauma and 61% did not.
Radiation dose issues climb agenda in Middle East
April 22, 2015 -- New research from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, reveals how the region is targeting ever-optimized dosage in imaging and how dose awareness is becoming of greater importance within the radiological community.
ECR 2015: 5 free radiology apps for your smartphone
April 1, 2015 -- A researcher from France has developed five mobile applications that are available for free on Google Play and are designed for use in daily practice to provide efficiency gains for radiologists and improve the accuracy of reports. Details were presented at ECR 2015 and the apps have already been downloaded over 8,000 times.