Second-opinion gynecologic MRIs may prevent surgery
November 24, 2015 -- Expert second-opinion review of gynecologic oncologic MR images is important as it can affect treatment. Approximately 20% of MRIs had discrepancies between initial and second-opinion interpretations in a new study, which would have affected management, including preventing surgery.
New breast MRI scoring system rivals BI-RADS
November 11, 2015 -- A new, simple scoring system for breast MRI not only compensates for reader experience, it also gives BI-RADS a run for its money, researchers from Austria found. Known as Tree, the scoring system shows high diagnostic accuracy in mass and nonmass lesions and also improves diagnostic accuracy in nonexpert readers.
WhatsApp enables teleultrasound in Nigeria
November 6, 2015 -- Patients in rural areas of Nigeria may not have ready access to experts for potentially lifesaving consultations on complicated ultrasound exams. Fortunately, there's an app for that.
Breast ultrasound helps mammography find more cancer
November 5, 2015 -- Adding ultrasound to mammography screening detects more early invasive breast cancer and probably reduces mortality, according to a 4 November study in the journal Lancet. The Japanese trial is thought to be the first of its kind in a large, randomized, multicenter population with a focus on younger, average-risk women.
Use vascular indexes to exclude malignant breast masses
November 4, 2015 -- Using vascular indexes obtained via 3D power Doppler ultrasound can accurately characterize suspicious breast masses, and adding it to 2D ultrasound may reduce unnecessary biopsies, noted Turkish researchers in an article published online in the European Journal of Radiology.
MRI accurately pinpoints tubal pregnancy
October 29, 2015 -- MRI plays an important role in the early diagnosis and management of tubal pregnancy, and certain features on MRI such as "three rings" make it ideal for early diagnosis of this condition, according to an article published in European Radiology.
JFR: How to optimize breast MRI interpretation
October 21, 2015 -- MRI is vital for detecting breast pathologies, but success depends on awareness of indications, patient preparation, interpretation, and result management, says Dr. Isabelle Doutriaux, who took part in Monday's breast MRI session at the French national radiology congress, JFR 2015.
Portuguese aim to pinpoint gynecologic cancers
October 16, 2015 -- Hereditary syndromes are responsible for about 10% of gynecologic cancers, but are there any distinctive imaging features that accompany them? Unfortunately not, Portuguese researchers have found, but they have identified other key points.
Fused images help classify breast lesions
October 15, 2015 -- Diffuse optical tomography can characterize breast lesions noninvasively with nonionizing near-infrared light, and by combining a tomography scan with mammography images, this technology may be able to differentiate malignant from benign breast tumors.
BMJ: Dutch data show breast cancer screening works
October 6, 2015 -- The Dutch example of breast cancer screening works, and mammography screening is a clear way of detecting cancer early, along with increased breast cancer awareness. But reducing false positives must remain an urgent priority, according to the authors of a new study published in BMJ.