New study supports age-extended breast cancer screening
March 3, 2015 -- Groundbreaking Finnish research has shown that the long-term benefits of breast cancer screening in older age groups include lower incidence-based mortality and only a minor risk of overdiagnosis.
Info on 'overdiagnosis' saps interest in breast screening
March 2, 2015 -- Giving women more information about the negative aspects of mammography, such as overdiagnosis, makes them less inclined to want breast screening, according to a new Australian study published online February 17 in the Lancet.
U.K. issues new advice on intravascular contrast
February 20, 2015 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists has published recommendations for the safe use of intravascular contrast agents. The 22-page document can be downloaded for free and includes practical information about use of contrast in at-risk patients and the treatment of reactions.
Adrian Dixon: Team spirit's the key to success
February 17, 2015 -- LONDON - Building and maintaining team spirit must be an urgent priority for the global imaging community, said Dr. Adrian Dixon in a special lecture to mark the 40th anniversary of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists.
How interventional radiologists can make childbirth safer
February 12, 2015 -- Traumatic vaginal deliveries, cesarean sections, and invasive placenta conditions can result in excessive bleeding and hysterectomy, and may be life-threatening for women, but innovative interventional radiology treatments are making childbirth safer.
Interview with ECR 2015 President Dr. Bernd Hamm
February 10, 2015 -- As the boss of one of Europe's largest radiology departments, Dr. Bernd Hamm is used to coping with immense pressure and a heavy workload. He looks ahead to ECR 2015, which begins on 4 March, and speaks about his own department and clinical interests.
BI-RADS to come under the microscope in Frankfurt
February 9, 2015 -- The BI-RADS lexicon offers many potential benefits, but a German-language translation is still urgently needed, according to Dr. Markus Müller-Schimpfle, chair of the Breast Imaging Working Group of the German Radiological Society.
Study: DBT plus 2D mammography boosts specificity
February 3, 2015 -- Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) combined with 2D mammography, or synthetic mammography, has better specificity than 2D mammography alone, a large study of more than 7,000 patients has found. However, there was only a marginal improvement in sensitivity.
Portuguese shed new light on neuroendocrine tumors
January 28, 2015 -- Gynecological neuroendocrine tumors are rare and aggressive, but they share certain characteristics radiologists need to know about, according to new research published in Insights into Imaging. It's also vital to differentiate these tumors from metastatic disease and other carcinomas.
Keep aware of pitfalls in abdominal radiography
January 19, 2015 -- What must you do when you find a calcified lesion on an abdominal x-ray? To answer a tricky question like this, it's vital to learn how and when to diagnose calcified lesions on plain film and to know when another examination is required, say Spanish radiologists.