Screening breast MRI: Not just for high-risk women
February 21, 2017 -- Screening breast MRI boosts early diagnosis of cancer in all women, not just those at high risk, according to a new study from Germany published online this week in Radiology. So why isn't the modality being used more frequently?
Italians put finishing touches to image quality method
February 7, 2017 -- Italian researchers have proved a combination of phantoms, an automatic software tool, and a statistical process are effective and applicable on a large scale to vet the image quality and reproducibility for any type of digital mammography system.
Breast screening organizers get creative to boost uptake
February 6, 2017 -- A new study from Lebanon of 2,400 women older than 40 has found that fewer than half the women sent a breast screening invitation underwent mammography. To overcome the hit-and-miss nature of screening adherence in the region, new campaigns and promotions are being used.
Mechanical imaging can cut breast screening recalls
January 31, 2017 -- Adding a technique called mechanical imaging to mammography breast cancer screening could lower the number of false positives and recalls by a third, according to a new Swedish study. The researchers call the results "surprising."
Breast screening debate spreads to Middle East
January 30, 2017 -- DUBAI - As the doors spring open for the first day of the Arab Health 2017 show, breast cancer screening is set to come under close scrutiny at the Total Radiology conference that forms a major part of the event. Dr. Shaikha Abu Shaikha speaks about Qatar's Breast and Bowel Screening Program.
Imaging offers hope to women with fertility problems
January 26, 2017 -- Millions of women each year have difficulty conceiving children, a condition known as subfertility. But radiology is playing a growing role in both detecting the condition and helping to solve problems with noninvasive therapies, according to research from a leading facility in London.
PET/MRI adds to recurrent breast cancer diagnoses
January 26, 2017 -- PET/MRI's efficacy in women's imaging applications continues to broaden. Dr. Johannes Grueneisen and his colleagues from Essen, Germany, have found the hybrid modality achieves "superior restaging" with breast cancer patients compared with MRI alone.
Stereotactic breast biopsies: Room for improvement?
January 24, 2017 -- When it comes to the business side of radiology, there is considerable scope for improvement, according to Dr. Rüdiger Schulz-Wendtland. Using breast biopsies as an example, he explains how delays and inefficiencies can have a substantial effect on a hospital's bottom line.
Irish advocate caution on breast screening for under 40s
January 18, 2017 -- Screening for breast cancer is not recommended for women younger than 40 who have normal, benign, or undocumented examination findings, but women with a moderate or high familial risk of breast cancer, personal breast cancer history, or those referred for screening are another story, Irish researchers have found.
Virtual reality enables parents to meet baby before birth
January 18, 2017 -- A Finnish company has developed a virtual reality product to enable parents to meet their unborn child using 3D and 4D ultrasound. The developer thinks it could represent the future of fetal ultrasound and is speaking with a hospital and an ultrasound vendor to see what applications can be found.