Structured reporting finds little traction in Italy
September 13, 2016 -- Although many radiologists in Italy are open to adopting structured reporting, technical and professional concerns have largely limited the technology's use in daily practice so far, Italian researchers reported recently in an article published online in European Radiology.
Paris gears up to expand image-sharing project
August 30, 2016 -- The regional health authority for the Île-de-France region has agreed to a new cloud-based data sharing project that goes beyond the remit of the existing Region Without Film project, a massive effort that digitized the public hospital network in the Paris region that ended last year.
Total scans at Rio Olympics exceeded 1,500
August 24, 2016 -- On the final day of the Olympics in Rio, the number of imaging procedures burst through the 1,500 barrier, said Chief Medical Officer Dr. João Grangeiro. By 5 p.m. Brazil time on Sunday, 862 MRI, 460 x-ray, and 178 ultrasound exams had been performed.
Deconstructed PACS: It's not all bad news
August 24, 2016 -- Next time an enterprise IT vendor asks you at a tradeshow if you want to deconstruct your PACS, interface your workflow, free your data, and enable enterprise interoperability, it might be worth sticking around, writes industry expert Stephen Holloway in his latest column.
Ratib: Open-source software boosts image management
August 22, 2016 -- Open-source software can be an effective way to facilitate image interpretation, archiving, and distribution, particularly in developing countries that lack the IT infrastructure and cash to adopt digital image management, according to Dr. Osman Ratib of the University Hospital of Geneva.
7 top tips for reporting cervical spine CT
August 9, 2016 -- To help eliminate mistakes by radiology trainees reporting out-of-hours cervical spine trauma CT scans, it's crucial to bear in mind seven key learning points, U.K. researchers reported at the 2016 congress of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology.
How to make full image sharing a reality
August 8, 2016 -- The barriers to true, seamless image sharing are many and varied, but the solutions are within our grasp, notes Dr. Stephen Fenn in a guest column. It's vital to push to get full sharing functionality in place, covering each of the scheduling, scanning, reporting, and subsequent clinical care steps.
U.K. issues standards on image reading by nonradiologists
August 4, 2016 -- While radiologists are of course best-suited to report on imaging studies, they may not always be immediately available due to staff shortages. The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists has released new guidelines on how nonradiologists can interpret these examinations.
Rio 2016 polyclinic opens its doors
August 3, 2016 -- The Rio Olympics begin on Friday. Two MRI systems, plus three digital x-ray and four ultrasound units, will be housed in the 3,500-sq-m polyclinic, which stays open until 18 September. We take a peep inside the building.
Mobile App Spotlight: CMR Pocket Guide
July 12, 2016 -- Cardiac MRI can be an intimidating modality to learn, but the CMR Pocket Guide aims to simplify tasks and can be useful both for education and in daily practice. We interviewed one of the app's co-developers, Dr. Bernhard Herzog from Lucerne, Switzerland.