Transfer learning speeds image segmentation
May 22, 2015 -- The development of automated image segmentation schemes can be enhanced significantly with the application of a process called transfer learning, according to a new Dutch study published in the May edition of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.
DRK: How elastic is the heart?
May 18, 2015 -- Measurement of cardiac muscle elasticity using elastography is showing considerable clinical promise, researchers from Berlin told delegates at last week's German Radiology Congress (DRK) in Hamburg.
DRK: Obese patients gain from fast abdominal fat studies
May 15, 2015 -- MRI analysis of abdominal fat can give an indication of cardiovascular risk in overweight and obese people, and new protocols developed at the Leipzig obesity clinic and presented at the German Congress of Radiology (DRK) can speed up this task.
MRI plays central role in vast German study
May 8, 2015 -- The National Cohort is the largest health study undertaken in Germany and has a budget of 210 million euros. It will investigate 200,000 people between the ages of 20 and 69, about 30,000 of whom will undergo MRI scans. We have a progress report.
Safety-net hospital lifts the lid on child abuse
April 29, 2015 -- Fresh data about suspected cases of abuse show that about a quarter of children evaluated at an inner city hospital by means of a skeletal survey with radiography were found to be the victims of abuse. Furthermore, of the abused children, around 39% had skeletal trauma and 61% did not.
Why we need a 20T human MR scanner
April 29, 2015 -- More than 10,000 7-tesla MR research examinations are performed globally, and support continues to grow for moving ultrahigh-field MR into the clinic. The pace of discovery is heartening, writes Dr. Thoralf Niendorf from Berlin.
MRI reveals muscular dystrophy variant's toll on hearts
April 27, 2015 -- Duchenne muscular dystrophy carriers, even when asymptomatic, show severe cardiac abnormalities on MRI, according to new research from Germany. Cardiac MRI showed all asymptomatic carriers had significant cardiac pathologies, the researchers found.
Tübingen team wins award for cardiac MR study
April 23, 2015 -- Prize-winning German research has provided compelling new evidence that in many patients with coronary artery disease, late gadolinium enhancement cardiac MRI can depict previously unknown myocardial infarction.
Whistle while you work
April 22, 2015 -- "This must be the best radiology department in the U.K.," a clinical colleague told Dr. Paul McCoubrie the other day. Find out why such comments are inspiring our columnist to whistle at work and are making him so full of the joys of spring.
Irish study: How low can breast MR recalls go?
April 21, 2015 -- Research conducted in Dublin finds the breast MRI recall rate is 10.8%, which compares well with other published data but is above U.K. national breast screening guidelines' minimum standard of less than 10% and an expected standard of less than 7%. Is that achievable? Maybe.