Radiology in Peru: From infectious diseases to mummies
April 21, 2017 -- Imaging of tuberculosis and ancient mummies are two key areas of expertise among Peruvian radiologists, a special focus session revealed at ECR 2017. In a question-and-answer interview, Dr. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gil from Lima, Peru, outlines the main issues facing radiologists in his country.
Miniature x-ray detector shows clinical promise
April 20, 2017 -- Scientists in France have developed a tiny x-ray detector at the tip of an optical fiber. By combining a nano-optical antenna with indirect detection methods, they have created a device that is only a few tens of microns in diameter, and it may have clinical applications.
Reduced FDG dose levels for PET/MRI show mixed results
April 13, 2017 -- Even though a lower dose of FDG did not significantly affect lesion detection for most adult cancer patients undergoing a whole-body PET/MRI scan, German researchers recommend that clinicians stay with recommended levels to avoid artifacts, according to a study published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
4 steps to develop hybrid imaging
April 12, 2017 -- Hybrid imaging involves combining two imaging modalities, typically PET and CT, SPECT and CT, or PET and MRI. There are four steps to follow to ensure that hybrid imaging is used to its full potential, Dr. Arturo Chiti writes.
Ultrasound-induced drug uptake requires caution
April 7, 2017 -- Ultrasound-activated microbubbles can be used to increase the cellular uptake of drugs in vivo, and this can be tracked by fluorescent dyes, but Dutch researchers found the results can be affected by the rate of the dye's intercellular diffusion and nuclear accumulation, plus other factors.
IBA Molecular forms Curium as new radiopharmacy player
April 6, 2017 -- Radiopharmacy vendor IBA Molecular has combined with recent acquisition Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine to form Curium, a new company with a mission to be a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of SPECT, PET, and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
Hybrid imaging: Collaboration's top priority for ESHI
March 29, 2017 -- As this month's first anniversary celebrations draw to a close for the European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging (ESHI), its president has stressed that more collaboration and better education and training are vital for the future success of hybrid imaging.
FDG-PET/CT scoring system aids in cervical cancer prognosis
March 23, 2017 -- With the help of an established five-point scoring system to assess metabolic response to chemoradiotherapy on FDG-PET/CT scans, U.K. researchers can more appropriately treat and better predict outcomes for patients with locally advanced cervical carcinoma.
Simulations unveil potential of EXPLORER PET
March 23, 2017 -- A total-body PET scanner under development is showing promise. It can provide superior image quality at low radiation dose and offers 30 to 40 times better sensitivity than current scanners, according to the multi-institutional EXPLORER consortium.
FDG-PET/CT can direct biopsies for pediatric cancer
March 9, 2017 -- FDG-PET/CT can play a valuable role in directing image-guided biopsies of pediatric cancer patients, given its ability to detect and discern between malignant and benign regions, according to a study by a group from Saudi Arabia and Canada published in the March issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.