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Specialist certification gets easier in Germany
August 22, 2014 -- Changes to the training system are having major implications for radiologists in Germany. In this interview, Dr. Reinhard Loose, PhD, head of the Radiological Protection Commission Working Group of the German Radiological Society, discusses the certification requirements introduced in summer 2012.
Pilot study shows PET/MRI's benefits for large-vessel vasculitis
August 13, 2014 -- Evidence supporting the clinical value of PET/MRI continues to mount, as a small study from Germany has found that the hybrid modality is effective for evaluating patients with large-vessel vasculitis.
Marsden group uses 3D printer to create molecular phantom
July 25, 2014 -- Researchers from one of Europe's top cancer research facilities think they have achieved a technological milestone by successfully developing a patient-specific molecular imaging phantom using a 3D printer, according to a study published in the August issue of Medical Physics.
Dutch use shimming to enhance value of MRI-linac unit
July 17, 2014 -- Only a handful of groups are developing hybrid MRI-linac systems for cancer treatment, but interest in this area looks set to grow after researchers from the Netherlands showed that shimming allows a system to acquire images with good geometric fidelity for all static gantry positions.
4-scan PET/MRI exams improve breast imaging
July 7, 2014 -- Austrian researchers added PET/CT to a package of three MRI sequences to create fused PET/MR images, which they found aided in the differentiation of suspicious breast lesions, according to a new study published online in Clinical Cancer Research.
U.K. team reveals progress on intraoperative imaging
June 27, 2014 -- U.K. researchers have reported early success in the development and testing of a high-resolution, compact, hybrid gamma/optical camera designed for intraoperative imaging. They presented their findings at the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine Molecular Imaging in St. Louis, U.S.
PET-assessed tumor heterogeneity shows continued promise
June 20, 2014 -- A multi-institutional study from Germany has joined a growing number of evaluations of tumor heterogeneity as a tool to assess cancer treatment responses. This study investigated textural parameters of tumor heterogeneity in F-18 FDG PET/CT images of patients with locally advanced rectal cancer.
Bidirectional scans can boost resolution of 3D images
June 13, 2014 -- The value of optoacoustic or photoacoustic imaging in preclinical research has been established, and German researchers are now working toward clinical translation of the technique. A new study shows a bidirectional scanning approach improves the elevational resolution of 3D images.
SNMMI: New PET tracer detects recurrent prostate cancer
June 12, 2014 -- German researchers have developed a new PET radiotracer that detects recurrent prostate cancer in patients with very low prostate-specific antigen levels, according to two preliminary studies presented this week at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting in St. Louis.
FDG-PET/MRI fusion differentiates breast masses
June 2, 2014 -- While breast MRI is highly sensitive for breast cancer, its specificity can be a little lackluster. Fusing FDG-PET and breast MRI can help, however, Brazilian researchers reported in an article published online on 27 May in the European Journal of Radiology.
Molecular imaging offers promise on tumor heterogeneity
May 29, 2014 -- New tracers and imaging techniques for the assessment of heterogeneity are emerging fast, especially in the context of examining metastasis and predicting metastatic potential, but there is a significant need for large patient trials and applications, according to researchers at a top U.K. facility.
European debate arises over best PET/CT parameters for NSCLC
May 29, 2014 -- An interesting dialogue has developed on the worth of maximum standardized uptake values from FDG-PET/CT scans to accurately diagnose mediastinal disease in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. In an editorial in European Journal of Radiology, Italian researchers question conclusions from a recently published Irish study.
U.K. updates guidance on pediatric PET/CT
May 16, 2014 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has published updated recommendations for the use of pediatric PET/CT. The 16-page document can be downloaded free of charge from the RCR's website.
Safety in radiotherapy: Help or hindrance?
May 15, 2014 -- Is the strong focus on radiation protection and safety hampering the introduction of new radiotherapy technologies and treatment strategies? That was the question under discussion during a lively debate at the recent European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology meeting in Vienna, Austria.
AIPES: Translational research must bridge Valley of Death
May 14, 2014 -- BRUSSELS - A senior German molecular imaging specialist is encouraging clinical and basic scientists to communicate better, claiming there is excellent basic research but a lack of translation, and translational research must "cross the Valley of Death."
AIPES: Molecular imaging urgently needs evangelists
May 13, 2014 -- BRUSSELS - Molecular imaging and nuclear medicine are still widely seen as obscure and unproven specialties, and need established figures to champion them, a leading European nuclear medicine expert told delegates at an Association of Imaging Producers & Equipment Suppliers (AIPES) event.

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