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New study turns light on imaging in the shadows
April 16, 2014 -- Many patients believe that the referring clinician is the doctor and the radiologist is just a picture taker. There needs to be more awareness that the radiologist is the patient's doctor just like any other, according to Dr. Jan Bosmans. To understand how wide the misconception of radiologists is, Bosmans is conducting a survey on the conceptions and perceptions of diagnostic radiology.
Jane Adam: Audits aren't boring and they must be done
March 27, 2014 -- Audit is perceived by many as the boring counterpart to the more exciting "proper" research. But audit is important and will be even more so in the future, according to Dr. E. Jane Adam, chairperson of the European Society of Radiology's Professional Organisation Committee. She explains why everybody must undertake audits and advises on how they can be planned and published.
Video from ECR 2014: Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger on jobs in the Middle East
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger, from the Medical University of Graz in Austria, discusses the growing employment opportunities for Western radiologists in the Middle East at ECR 2014. He also shares his own experience of working and living with his family in the United Arab Emirates, and offers some advice for those considering working in the region.
Video from ECR 2014: Interview with ECR President Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - ECR 2014 President Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn, PhD, from Moscow, discusses the new changes at this year's congress, how the political situation in Ukraine is affecting the congress, and how the ECR helps to strengthen friendship and understanding between radiologists from many nations.
New radiographers outperform older counterparts at breast positioning
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - Older does not connote wiser, at least in the case of breast radiographers. In a surprising study from the Netherlands presented on Thursday at ECR 2014, researchers found that new radiographers performed better than experienced ones in terms of breast positioning.
Radiographers explore dose reduction strategies
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - Exposure indexes, image quality, and patient dose were at the heart of the scientific session for radiographers on Thursday at ECR 2014. Standardization and equalization of dose is important and must be achieved by understanding the decision-making of the radiographer, according to one presenter.
Video from ECR 2014: Dr. Georg Bongartz on the growing issue of turf battles
March 6, 2014 -- VIENNA - Dr. Georg Bongartz, head of general radiology at University Hospital Basel in Switzerland, discusses how radiologists should respond to the growing issue of turf battles with other medical specialties at ECR 2014.
'Get clinical' to tackle growing threat posed by turf battles
March 6, 2014 -- VIENNA - Besides nonradiologists taking a greater share of imaging, complacency among radiologists themselves poses a significant threat to the profession, according to Dr. Georg Bongartz, from the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland. At ECR 2014, he is a speaker at today's Professional Challenges session about opportunities and threats.
Heterodoxy and hegemony: Part 1
February 19, 2014 -- Micromanagement by individuals in gray suits is reaching new heights -- or lows, depending on how you look at it, writes Dr. Paul McCoubrie. He's concerned about the hegemonic assumptions that more structure in training and education is better, and counting numbers of cases is a valid way of assuming competency.
Arab Health: UAE technologists find roles transformed
January 29, 2014 -- DUBAI - Not long ago, being a radiographer/radiologic technologist meant being an x-ray technician with limited responsibilities. But technology, demographics, and the rapidly evolving needs of the imaging department have changed the picture globally -- and especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Residents' burnout shows up on fMRI scans
December 31, 2013 -- In the first study to examine physician burnout using functional MRI (fMRI), researchers found that residents' clinical reasoning is more profoundly affected by the syndrome than that of faculty physicians. Results were published in Frontiers in Psychiatry.
Radiologists must engage with Choosing Wisely initiative
December 27, 2013 -- The Choosing Wisely campaign from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation is now widespread, and because it clearly targets radiology as a specialty whose services are often overused or unnecessary, radiologists must respond, according to a presentation given at the recent RSNA 2013 meeting.
Patients must know your name, RSNA president urges
December 1, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Patients should be actively encouraged to know the names of their radiologists, and patient-driven care must become a vital part of radiologists' culture, however strange it may seem to them, RSNA 2013 delegates heard during the presidential address at Sunday's opening session.
Don't forget radiographers when adopting PACS
October 8, 2013 -- Radiologists and referring physicians are obviously crucial constituents for PACS. But radiographers have their own needs and perceptions that should be accommodated to ensure success when implementing PACS, according to a team of Taiwanese researchers.
MRI not overused in Finland, but concerns remain
August 28, 2013 -- Inappropriate use of MRI may not be very common in Finland, but researchers there are concerned that financial issues and the increasing number of patients referred for MRI could escalate the number of unnecessary exams, according to a study published online in Insights into Imaging.
Education reduces unnecessary prostate imaging in Sweden
July 24, 2013 -- The rate of inappropriate imaging scans for low-risk prostate cancer patients in Sweden fell dramatically in the decade following an education effort to curb such tests, according to a study published online on 23 July in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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