UKRC: Is outsourcing a silent killer or a savior?
July 1, 2015 -- LIVERPOOL - Emotions ran high and opinions were polarized during the second day of the U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), when a lively and heated discussion about the pros and cons of outsourcing took place.
U.K. needs more CT replacement plans, dose education
June 29, 2015 -- Urgent action is required because a significant number of the 183 radiology departments in the U.K. National Health Service do not have a future CT replacement plan in place, and there is a distinct lack of training about dose optimization, according to a major survey.
Group creates 3D printed heart with CT, echo data
June 29, 2015 -- Researchers from the U.S. have created a 3D model of a human heart using data from two cardiac imaging techniques: CT and echocardiography. The study was presented at last week's Catheter Interventions in Congenital, Structural, and Valvular Heart Disease meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.
Cardiac markers lead to new approach for chest pain
June 17, 2015 -- The increasing use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin markers in European hospitals is changing the practice of chest pain management in significant ways -- eliminating the need for coronary CT angiography in some cases, and increasing it in others, according to new research.
Seeing CT scans of own arteries provides wake-up call for patients
June 16, 2015 -- Visualizing CT images of their own coronary artery calcifications prompts patients to make the important lifestyle changes they need to stay healthy, according to a new Danish study presented this week at the EuroHeartCare meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
MDCT: Don't forget the heart in CT lung cancer screening
June 15, 2015 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Radiologists who screen smokers for lung cancer with CT should remember to look at the heart as an important predictor of mortality in its own right, according to a Dutch presentation made on Tuesday, 9 June, at the International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT in San Francisco (MDCT).
The RCR president's diary: 10 things I did in May
June 10, 2015 -- "What does the president actually do?" That's a question Dr. Giles Maskell, president of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), gets asked. He reveals what he got up to last month, including plenty of creative writing, media interviews, and speaking engagements.
Adding contrast to CT doubles DNA damage from radiation
June 8, 2015 -- Patients who received contrast with their CT scans had more than twice as many double-strand breaks in their DNA from radiation exposure compared to those who had CT studies without contrast, concludes a joint German-Swiss study in the June edition of Radiology. But whether this DNA damage translates into cancer risk is unclear.
Malta's CT protocol cuts dose, maintains value
June 4, 2015 -- A new CT protocol to scan the head -- as well as the abdomen and thorax -- that reduces patient radiation dose by 24% to 36% and maintains diagnostic efficacy is being used in Malta, following the publication of a study this month.
Concerns emerge about EU radiation safety directive
June 3, 2015 -- Under the new European Directive 2013/59/Euratom, the imaging community and industry will have to adapt regulations, practices, and equipment for a high standard of radiation safety. The European Society of Radiology has now summarized the directive, but some problems remain.