Is postmortem imaging acceptable to Muslims?
June 27, 2017 -- Muslims living in both Europe and the Middle East prefer postmortem imaging over conventional autopsy, believing it preserves the dignity of the corpse, but they prefer autopsy in cases of homicide or suicide, new research has found.
Harry Potter's not the only injured quidditch player
June 21, 2017 -- Injuries from the Harry Potter-inspired sport of quidditch are far from make-believe, researchers from Oxford, U.K., have found. Fractures are surprisingly common, and players should consider wearing protective helmets and gloves, they recommended at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress.
Initial stress echo safe, cheap for high-risk patients
June 21, 2017 -- Stress echocardiography is as effective and cheaper than direct referral to invasive coronary angiography in chest pain patients with a high pretest probability of coronary artery disease -- and appears competitive with rival coronary CT angiography as an initial exam.
UKRC: U.K. team adds impetus to radiographer reporting
June 13, 2017 -- MANCHESTER - In a new study presented by experienced investigators from Canterbury at the U.K. Radiological Congress, well-trained reporting radiographers achieved high levels of accuracy and boosted cost-effectiveness in the interpretation of CT head scans. The findings look set to increase interest in role extension.
Prokop: Ultrahigh-resolution CT raises the bar
June 7, 2017 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Exquisitely detailed ultrahigh-resolution CT is on its way thanks to several technologies, although most haven't reached the market yet, according to a presentation given by Dr. Mathias Prokop on Monday at the International Society for Computed Tomography meeting.
Advanced CT can boost outcomes in pancreatic cancer
June 6, 2017 -- Radiologists at the Technical University of Munich are using dual-energy spectral CT to improve treatment planning for pancreatic cancer patients and gain a better idea of their prognosis. They're convinced the procedure makes it much easier to see tumor boundaries.
Which is best: CT- or MR-guided radiotherapy?
June 1, 2017 -- Image guidance using cone-beam CT can increase the accuracy of proton therapy and improve outcome, but the emergence of online MR-guided radiotherapy promises unparalleled soft-tissue image contrast and the ability to "see what you treat." So which technique is better?
RoeKo: Phase-contrast imaging looks set for clinical use
May 29, 2017 -- After years in development, phase-contrast imaging is ready for clinical use, and one of its first functions could be to view the lungs of patients with a variety of pulmonary diseases, according to an expert from the German Radiology Congress (Deutscher Röntgenkongress, RöKo 2017).
RoeKo: How to predict success of thrombectomy for stroke
May 25, 2017 -- Advanced software can now be used to evaluate CT scans of stroke patients, assessing the severity of the stroke and helping to identify patients who will not benefit from thrombectomy, attendees learned at the 98th German Radiology Congress (Deutscher Röntgenkongress, RöKo 2017).
New audit pinpoints causes of 'wasteful' unnecessary scans
May 17, 2017 -- Radiologists' failure to check the validity of requests for CT and MRI scans, along with ignorance among referring doctors of appropriateness criteria for imaging examinations, are the most important reasons for costly inappropriate requests of radiological exams, a new study from Saudi Arabia found.