Paris attacks: Radiology on the front line
November 25, 2015 -- After the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November, ambulance and hospital workers became front-line personnel fighting to save lives, and the city's imaging departments were closely involved. Three senior radiologists, two of whom are former ECR presidents, talk about their experiences.
ESR unveils plan for new hybrid imaging society
November 23, 2015 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is set to welcome the European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging under its umbrella, in line with efforts to increase training in nuclear medicine. Dr. Katrine Riklund will preside over the new society, and the official launch will take place at ECR 2016.
ESSR: Keep in mind metal around the shoulder
November 19, 2015 -- Developing a greater appreciation of the many complications that can occur after shoulder surgery improves interactions between radiologists and orthopedic specialists, according to award-winning work presented at the 2015 congress of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR).
Norwegians put spotlight on double reading
November 18, 2015 -- Interest in the pros and cons of double reading looks set to rise still further, following a new Norwegian study that found using expert second readers and targeting urgent cases resulted in enough clinically important changes to case interpretation to support more widespread use of the technique.
Automated tube current selection cuts CT radiation dose
November 18, 2015 -- Automated tube current selection reduced dose significantly in CT scans acquired at dozens of centers worldwide, according to the results of a large international study published in Radiology.
10 golden rules on CT use in severe trauma
November 12, 2015 -- The U.K. has updated its standards for the provision of trauma radiology to severely injured patients, covering patient management, quality indicators, and protocols for imaging and reporting. The report contains 10 standards for optimum use of CT.
Sink or swim? U.K. radiology struggles to stay afloat
November 4, 2015 -- The development of an enterprise-wide imaging strategy is now a major priority in the U.K. As the battle to reduce diagnostic waiting times and accelerate patient access to treatment intensifies, radiology finds itself burdened with escalating pressures, writes industry expert Warren Edwards.
Lung MRI rivals CT in complex pneumonia
November 3, 2015 -- MRI is accurate for detecting problems in children with lower airway tract infection and can pinpoint the dynamics of morphologic changes during treatment, and soon it may replace CT in cases of complicated pneumonia, according to award-winning German research.
How to cut dose if you lack iterative reconstruction
October 30, 2015 -- Iterative reconstruction is fast becoming the magic bullet for CT dose reduction, but if you have an older CT scanner without this function, what can you do? Adjusting the scanning range of CT pulmonary angiography cuts dose by 24% and is safe, with a low recall rate, U.K. researchers have reported.
Make better use of over 50s, RCR urges
October 28, 2015 -- More careful consideration of workload, work type, and working hours is essential to maximize the expertise of older radiologists and bring huge benefits for the individual practitioner, radiology departments, and patients, according to the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). It is encouraging employers to take urgent action to retain senior staff.