Guerbet bids to buy Mallinckrodt's contrast business
July 27, 2015 -- French contrast agent developer Guerbet plans to acquire the contrast media and injector business of U.S. firm Mallinckrodt. The 243.5 million euro deal will double Guerbet's annual revenues, expand its product line, and instantly make the company a major player in the U.S. contrast market.
CT provides fresh revelations about ancient Egypt
July 22, 2015 -- CT has reached a level of such sophistication that we can now pinpoint incredible detail inside mummies, turning CT into 3D volumes and then segmenting the data, a leading expert told attendees at last week's "The Curious World of Radiology" seminar.
CT, MRI account for most speech recognition errors
July 15, 2015 -- In an audit of mistakes resulting from the use of speech recognition software, CT reports had the highest overall error rate, and this can be attributed to the high volume of reports dictated and the complexity of cases. MRI reports also accounted for a large proportion of errors.
CT analysis algorithm defines malignant lung nodules
July 14, 2015 -- A multitasking algorithm designed to analyze CT lung cancer screening images and pick out likely malignancies, nodule volumes, as well as other characteristics at CT, delivers significant, if modest, performance improvements over that based on size alone.
UKRC: MRI proves value after brain CT in acute stroke
July 8, 2015 -- Irish neurologists and radiologists have shown that brain MRI is far more sensitive than brain CT at picking up acute ischemic stroke. In their study presented at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), 26% of MRI scans were positive for stroke in the face of a negative brain CT.
UKRC: 4 golden rules of communicating radiation risk
July 7, 2015 -- Because of the dose-dependent risk of inducing future cancer, it's essential to use the correct language in patient information leaflets for CT and x-ray, according to new research from a leading U.K. facility.
UKRC: Is outsourcing a silent killer or a savior?
July 1, 2015 -- LIVERPOOL - Emotions ran high and opinions were polarized during the second day of the U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), when a lively and heated discussion about the pros and cons of outsourcing took place.
U.K. needs more CT replacement plans, dose education
June 29, 2015 -- Urgent action is required because a significant number of the 183 radiology departments in the U.K. National Health Service do not have a future CT replacement plan in place, and there is a distinct lack of training about dose optimization, according to a major survey.
Group creates 3D printed heart with CT, echo data
June 29, 2015 -- Researchers from the U.S. have created a 3D model of a human heart using data from two cardiac imaging techniques: CT and echocardiography. The study was presented at last week's Catheter Interventions in Congenital, Structural, and Valvular Heart Disease meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.
Cardiac markers lead to new approach for chest pain
June 17, 2015 -- The increasing use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin markers in European hospitals is changing the practice of chest pain management in significant ways -- eliminating the need for coronary CT angiography in some cases, and increasing it in others, according to new research.