Arab Health: Why CT really can rule supreme in coronaries
January 26, 2015 -- DUBAI - CT is now the gold standard for ruling out coronary artery stenoses and coronary anomalies. It can also be useful for coronary artery bypass graft and electrophysiology studies, as well as investigations of pulmonary veins, delegates learned on the opening day of Arab Health.
CT yields lower calcium scores in obese patients
January 23, 2015 -- Coronary artery calcium scores are underestimated significantly in larger patients compared with smaller ones -- enough to potentially alter their risk stratification, according to researchers from the Netherlands.
Spectral imaging with DSCT edges out multienergy CT
January 21, 2015 -- In a world of multiple emerging spectral CT technologies, it's impossible to know which competing method will ultimately deliver the best image for the dose. But right now dual-source CT (DSCT) edges out the others, say German researchers.
Wavelet algorithm transforms cerebral CT angiography
January 20, 2015 -- Visualization of cerebral vessels at CT angiography can be vastly improved with the use of a novel technique called wavelet transform, which boosts signal-to-noise ratios as much as ninefold in 3D datasets and improves image quality overall, according to German researchers.
Keep aware of pitfalls in abdominal radiography
January 19, 2015 -- What must you do when you find a calcified lesion on an abdominal x-ray? To answer a tricky question like this, it's vital to learn how and when to diagnose calcified lesions on plain film and to know when another examination is required, say Spanish radiologists.
BJR: New approach on patient reference dose is vital
January 14, 2015 -- Using diagnostic reference levels has outlived its usefulness, according to an article by radiation protection expert Dr. Madan Rehani, PhD, in the British Journal of Radiology (BJR). Instead, hospitals should adapt acceptable quality dose for their own needs.
CT's expansion puts emphasis on dose in Middle East
January 14, 2015 -- At least 11 new CT scanners are due to be installed between now and March across Dubai and the north of the United Arab Emirates, and such rapid growth means the authorities are putting renewed emphasis on radiation protection and patient safety.
Interventional pain therapy comes under scrutiny
January 13, 2015 -- Pain therapy is the focus of this week's minimally invasive and computer-guided therapy meeting in Berlin. The meeting president, Dr. Markus Düx, speaks about new developments and trends in interventional radiology and explains why it is so popular with hospital managers.
No stab in the dark: CT provides answers in knife wounds
January 6, 2015 -- Dual-phase (arterial and portal venous) CT should be performed in all patients with penetrating stab wounds to the torso, and specific focus must be placed on assessing for diaphragmatic and bowel injuries, according to a new study from a top London hospital.
Vesalius, radiology, and art
January 5, 2015 -- Brussels-born Andreas Vesalius was an anatomist whose dissections of the human body helped to correct misconceptions dating from ancient times. It's more than 500 years since his birth, but his work remains relevant today, writes Dr. Arpan K. Banerjee.