Fraunhofer MEVIS eyes deep learning for medical imaging
February 3, 2016 -- The Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing (MEVIS) in Germany is teaming with Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, on a project that will deploy deep-learning computer algorithms to improve the accuracy of computer-generated diagnoses.
Carestream presents mammo enhancements at ECR 2016
February 2, 2016 -- Carestream Health will be introducing new reading workflow optimization features for its digital mammography offerings at next month's ECR 2016 in Vienna.
Report: Healthcare 3D printing market ready to explode
February 2, 2016 -- Primed by the surging use of external wearable devices for amputees and patients with auditory loss and dental problems, the worldwide market for healthcare 3D printing will grow at a 26.2% compound annual growth rate to reach $2.3 billion by 2020, according to a new report from Allied Market Research.
Image analysis firm inks 2 agreements
January 28, 2016 -- Postprocessing image analysis provider Precision Image Analysis has signed core lab agreements with toSense and Erasmus University for their ongoing research projects.
Munich team shows promise of 3D in vivo skin mapping
January 21, 2016 -- Diagnosis of skin cancer currently requires a biopsy, which is costly, often causes permanent scarring, and may expose the patient to the risk of infection. New German research suggests optical imaging technologies may provide a viable, noninvasive alternative.
EOS partners with surgeons on biomechanical software
January 21, 2016 -- Orthopedic digital imaging developer EOS Imaging announced a new partnership with Montreal-based Spinologics to develop biomechanical simulation software dedicated to spine surgery planning.
Swiss team prints tiny 3D tools from copper
January 21, 2016 -- Researchers in Zurich have developed a new 3D microprinting method that creates pixels as small as 800 nanometers in diameter, and can combine them to form larger 3D objects made of copper. The new printing technique could have potential in medical applications if applied, for example to create tools for interventional procedures.
Automated technique compares lung screening priors
January 7, 2016 -- A new technique uses digital subtraction imaging to detect temporal changes in lung cancer screening scans between baseline and follow-up. The method could make screening follow-up easier by quickly identifying new or growing nodules.
Quality assurance confirms benefits of MRI-guided radiotherapy
December 30, 2015 -- Radiation oncologists are hailing the benefits of MRI-guided radiotherapy, having published a quality assurance program for their system. They claim the system is allowing them to hone their treatment margins and adapt to real-time changes in a patient's body.
Density mapping predicts interval breast cancers
December 24, 2015 -- Dutch researchers are using a breast density mapping software package to predict which density patterns are associated with higher rates of tumors found between mammography screenings. The results may help make supplemental breast cancer screening exams more effective for select patients.
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