Swedish project helps uncover secrets of ancient Egypt
April 16, 2014 -- Visualization experts and radiologists from Sweden are contributing to a pioneering project designed to shed new light on ancient Egyptian mummies and improve education of museum visitors. The team behind the project shares their experiences and give tips on how to get the best results.
CAD can't outpoint second human reader in chest radiography
April 14, 2014 -- While computer-aided detection (CAD) software can improve lung nodule detection on chest radiographs, the use of CAD as a second reader can't yet outperform double reading by two human readers, Dutch researchers have reported.
Fuel3D wins contract for 3D wound scanner
April 9, 2014 -- Oxford, U.K.-based Fuel3D has won a contract worth $1.1 million U.S. (685,831 pounds) for the development of a 3D wound measurement scanner, the company said.
3D planning proves value in facial reconstructions
April 4, 2014 -- Facial reconstructive surgery appears to have turned a corner, judging by a recent case in the U.K. that would have challenged even the most experienced and skilled surgeon. A patient's face was rebuilt after a horrific motorbike accident, and 3D visualization techniques made the difference.
Swedish radiologist wins award for 3D dual-energy CT image
March 31, 2014 -- A Swedish researcher has received the top prize in a prestigious image competition for his 3D dual-energy CT scan of a patient who received a mechanical heart pump while waiting for a heart transplant.
Focused ultrasound therapy continues to progress
March 26, 2014 -- Tumor removal without a scalpel or x-rays is now possible due to a special type of focused ultrasound therapy developed by a new European Union project.
CAD offers helping hand in prostate MRI
March 17, 2014 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) software can make it easier for radiologists to interpret complicated prostate MRI studies using multiple pulse sequences, Italian researchers reported at ECR 2014 in Vienna.
EOS gets CE Mark for hip arthroplasty planning software
March 11, 2014 -- EOS Imaging has received the CE Mark for hipEOS, a hip arthroplasty planning software based on its biplanar 3D imaging.
Use of mobile devices in radiology requires extra care
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly being employed in radiology applications, but users must take heed of crucial technical factors that can affect their performance for viewing images, according to a Saturday presentation at ECR 2014.
Tread cautiously with MR-guided prostate biopsies
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - MR-guided biopsies of the prostate should only be performed in select patients, and it's vital to keep aware of false-negative results. Also, an urgent need exists for robust multicenter trials of targeted biopsies of the prostate, ECR 2014 delegates learned during a Special Focus session on Saturday.
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