Brainlab ships planning software package
May 4, 2017 -- Image-guided therapy firm Brainlab has begun installing its latest stereotactic radiosurgery planning software, Brainlab Elements, across its client base around the world.
Brainlab appoints new COO
May 3, 2017 -- Image-guided therapy firm Brainlab has named Jan Merker as its chief operating officer (COO).
Philips highlights 3D echo analysis study
May 1, 2017 -- Royal Philips is highlighting results from a global study indicating that automated 3D analysis of echocardiography images of the left heart chambers is an accurate alternative to conventional manual analysis.
Royal Society of Medicine to host vessel planning course
April 20, 2017 -- The Royal Society of Medicine will host a vessel analysis planning course on 12 June in London.
Swedish deep-learning consortium wins grant
April 12, 2017 -- A Swedish deep-learning consortium of academic institutions and vendors has won a support grant worth 500,000 Swedish kroner (52,000 euros) from a Swedish government-funded innovation agency.
Italians show CAD improves prostate biopsy targeting
April 11, 2017 -- An artificial intelligence-based computer-aided detection (CAD) system that analyzes prostate MR images for tumors improves the targeting of core biopsies for cancer diagnosis, according to Italian research presented at ECR 2017. With fine-tuning, the system could improve patient care.  Discuss
IR with CAD permits ultralow lung CT dose
April 10, 2017 -- Iterative reconstruction (IR) can improve lung nodule detection with 3D computer-aided detection (CAD) to the point where nodule detection using ultralow-dose CT is comparable with standard and low-dose exposures, according to researchers from Japan presenting at ECR 2017 in Vienna.  Discuss
Spanish present 15-point plan to reduce error rates
April 5, 2017 -- A group of experienced radiologists from Madrid has developed a comprehensive, practical approach to cut error rates by adopting methods such as standardized imaging protocols. They collected a certificate of merit at ECR 2017 in Vienna for their efforts.  Discuss
The great enabler: Artificial intelligence in radiology
March 24, 2017 -- Much has already been debated over the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) for radiology, and now the first products have started to enter the market. AI will not replace radiologists, but enable them, according to market analyst Stephen Holloway.  Discuss
Deep learning offers promise for prostate MRI reads
March 22, 2017 -- Deep-learning software can outperform a nondeep-learning method that's been used previously in computer-aided detection software and may be able to help radiologists differentiate between prostate cancer and benign conditions on MRI, according to research presented this month at ECR 2017.  Discuss
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