3D/4D ultrasound matures as it shows clinical value
October 20, 2016 -- Initially a technology used only by early adopters, 3D/4D ultrasound has indeed come of age, buoyed by mounting evidence of its diagnostic utility in a variety of clinical applications. Today, 3D/4D ultrasound is increasingly being used by healthcare institutions around the world.
Carestream features systems at JFR 2016
October 11, 2016 -- Carestream Health is promoting its latest technology at the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR), which takes place in Paris from 14 to 17 October.
Head CT algorithm a step toward faster stroke care
October 7, 2016 -- Using automated software to interpret head CT scans could someday slash the time emergency doctors need to start clot-busting treatments in cases of suspected ischemic stroke, according to Dutch researchers.
Mirada signs Institut Curie for radiotherapy software
October 7, 2016 -- Imaging software developer Mirada Medical has installed its radiotherapy software at Institut Curie in Paris.
New survey asks about cloud-based computing
October 7, 2016 -- How useful would radiology professionals find a cloud-based computing service for image-based tumor characterization? A new survey by an editorial board member of AuntMinnieEurope.com aims to find out.
Imaging biomarkers have central role in precision medicine
September 28, 2016 -- Imaging biomarkers can have an impact in clinical practice only if the information they provide answers the clinical problem. Biomarker results must be displayed in an intuitive way, and postprocessing platforms should be implemented, write Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí, PhD, and Dr. Angel Alberich.
3D luminescence imaging shows subtle bone damage
September 13, 2016 -- Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin have devised an experimental 3D bone scanning technique that may improve the diagnosis of bone injuries without the use of ionizing radiation, according to a new study published in Chemical Communications.
3D reconstructions of shipwreck skulls posted online
September 7, 2016 -- Researchers from Swansea University in the U.K have posted an online exhibition of 3D reconstructions of skulls and other artifacts from the 1545 wreck of Henry VIII's warship, the Mary Rose.
Texture classification eases lung CT analysis
September 5, 2016 -- Dutch researchers have developed a semiautomatic method for classifying abnormal lung textures that reduces the time taken to analyze thoracic CT scans. They found the interactive labeling protocol is more efficient to use than a fully automated alternative.
A clinical take on whole-body dynamic PET
August 26, 2016 -- A U.S.-Swiss research team has developed a promising method for whole-body dynamic PET. Their dynamic PET parametric imaging framework may be of value for commercial PET systems of limited axial field-of-view that are now established in the clinic.
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