A clinical take on whole-body dynamic PET
August 26, 2016 -- A U.S.-Swiss research team has developed a promising method for whole-body dynamic PET. Their dynamic PET parametric imaging framework may be of value for commercial PET systems of limited axial field-of-view that are now established in the clinic.
4D flow MRI shows smallest hint of LV dysfunction
August 23, 2016 -- Four-dimensional flow MRI can depict even subtle changes in left ventricular (LV) function, bringing new insight to the diagnosis of patients with mild left ventricular dysfunction and remodeling, concludes a study published on 17 August in PLOS One.
Navigation tool permits biopsies in closed MRI scanners
August 22, 2016 -- A new investigational technique is enabling German researchers to perform MR-guided liver biopsies of lesions that can't be seen using other modalities and are inaccessible in most MRI scanners, according to a new study in the August edition of European Radiology.
How low can CT radiation dose go for lung screening?
August 18, 2016 -- We're making progress in the race to reduce radiation dose for CT lung cancer screening to ever-lower levels. But as dose drops, image noise grows. Fortunately, researchers are refining image processing techniques that can improve image quality while driving CT dose down to the level of a chest x-ray.
SyntheticMR debuts new SyMRI version
August 17, 2016 -- Swedish medical imaging software developer SyntheticMR has released version 8 of its SyMRI postprocessing software.
New neural network outperforms CAD for mammography
August 16, 2016 -- A convolutional neural network trained on a large dataset of mammographic lesions outperformed a conventional mammography computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme, according to a new Dutch study published this month. These networks can be fine-tuned based on radiologists' knowledge.
Siemens, InSightec to partner
August 16, 2016 -- MR-guided focused ultrasound developer InSightec has signed an agreement with Siemens Healthineers to develop compatibility between Exablate Neuro and Siemens' 1.5- and 3-tesla MRI systems, Magnetom Aera and Skyra.
3D imaging helps diagnose 1.7-million-year-old cancer
August 11, 2016 -- Cancer is often thought to be a product of modern times and lifestyles, but researchers have discovered what they believe is the earliest case of malignancy -- in a fossil from an early human ancestor who lived about 1.7 million years ago. The key to diagnosing this ancient cancer was advanced 3D imaging technology.
Philips, Mirada sign distribution deal
August 1, 2016 -- Philips Healthcare and imaging software developer Mirada Medical have signed an agreement for Philips to distribute Mirada's RTx and Workflow Box software in the U.S. and the U.K.
Perspectum joins forces with Polish telemedicine firm
July 27, 2016 -- Liver MRI software developer Perspectum Diagnostics and Polish telemedicine software firm Silvermedia have received a grant worth 1.1 million euros from EUREKA/Eurostars to develop and validate Perspectum's LiverMultiScan software in patients younger than 16.
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