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74-year-old man with prostate cancer

A 74-year-old man with a known history of prostate cancer treated with surgery and radiotherapy presented for assessment.

Tags: Genitourinary, CT, Nuclear Medicine, PET
Author(s): Dr. Anna Svirydenka, MD; Dr. Elena Tabacchi, MD; Dr. Stefano Fanti, MD
63-year-old woman with hepatic lesions
A 63-year-old woman with a history of surgically removed breast cancer and gastric cancer. Patient was referred for abdominal CT because of new focal liver lesions detected with ultrasound.
Tags: Abdominal, CT, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn, MD
45-year-old man with pruritus, elevated bilirubin
A 45-year-old man presents with pruritus and elevated levels of bilirubin.
Tags: Abdominal, CT
Author(s): Dr. Maria Tsitskari, MD; Dr. Nicolaos Economopoulos, MD; Dr. Elias Brountzos, MD
6-year-old girl with foot pain
A 6-year-old girl complains of left foot pain and inability to bear weight, with redness and soft-tissue swelling. Patient and mother do not remember any specific trauma or event prior to onset of pain.
Tags: Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, X-Ray
Author(s): Dr. Erin Werhun, DO; Dr. Leslee McNabb, MD; Dr. Cynthia Hanemann, MD
46-year-old woman with painless supraclavicular mass
A 46-year-old woman presented to her general practitioner with a painless left supraclavicular mass.
Tags: Breast, Womens, CT, MRI, Ultrasound
Author(s): Dr. John Hilton, MD; Dr. Karin Steinke, MD
54-year-old man with thoracic pain, fever, vomiting
A 54-year-old man with history of sarcoidosis, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus who presents with pain in thoracic region, fever, and vomiting.
Tags: Thoracic, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Bonny Lee, MD; Ms. Nora Haney, BS; Dr. Lynn Bergren, DO; Dr. José Morey, MD
13-year-old girl with bone tumor
A 13-year-old girl with a recent diagnosis of a bone tumor.
Tags: Pediatric, Thoracic, CT, MRI, X-Ray
Author(s): Dr. Nicholas Clarke, MD; Dr. Robin Thompson, MD; Dr. Robert Johnston, MD; Dr. Annie Paterson, MD
73-year-old woman in shock with fever, abdominal pain
A 73-year-old woman known for essential hypertension and type 2 diabetes was brought to the emergency department for fever, severe abdominal pain, and shock.
Tags: Abdominal, CT
Author(s): Dr. Maxime Noël-Lamy, MD
52-year-old man with hematuria, pain after abdominal trauma
A 52-year-old man presents with hematuria, pain at the left hypochondrium, and dizzines after blunt abdominal trauma two hours previously.
Tags: Abdominal, Genitourinary, CT
Author(s): Dr. Carmelo Puglisi, MD; Dr. Simona Quartararo, MD
22-year-old man with dysphagia, palatal swelling
A 22-year-old man with dysphagia, right-sided palatal swelling, and a little bleeding in the oral cavity for the past few days.
Tags: Head and Neck, CT, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Fatih Seker, MD