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45-year-old woman with incidental finding
A 45-year-old woman with an incidental finding on MRI.
Tags: Abdominal, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Maria Tsitskari, MD; Dr. Nicolaos Economopoulos, MD; Dr. Elias Brountzos, MD
71-year-old woman with abdominal pain, weight loss, anorexia, weakness
A 71-year-old woman with complaints of diffuse abdominal pain, weight loss of 8 kg over three months, anorexia, and weakness.
Tags: Cardiac, CT
Author(s): Dr. Olga Shlyapkina, MD; Dr. Elena Mershina, MD; Dr. AV Kochatkov, MD; Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn, MD
16-year-old girl with pelvic pressure, pain
A 16-year-old girl presents with pelvic pressure and pain.
Tags: Ob/Gyn, Womens, MRI, Ultrasound
Author(s): Dr. Derrick Wagoner, DO;  Saad Farooq; Dr. Joseph Ronsivalle, DO
64-year-old woman with gastric tumor
A 64-year-old woman with a gastric tumor found incidentally on CT imaging.
Tags: Gastrointestinal, Interventional Radiology, CT
Author(s): Dr. Joachim Kettenbach, MD; Dr. Martin Mittendorfer, MD; Dr. Irina Wimmer, MD; Dr. Marcus Mader, MD; Dr. Eva Taubenschuss, MD; Dr. Eva Unfried, MD; Dr. Gertrud Heinz, MD
19-year-old man with hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing
A 19-year-old man with progressively worsening hoarse voice and difficulty swallowing.
Tags: Head and Neck, Angiography, CT, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Maxine Darke, MD; Dr. Barton Branstetter, MD
8-month-old child with cough, wheezing, fever

An 8-month-old child with a three-week history of cough, wheezing, and new-onset fevers.

Tags: Pediatric, Thoracic, CT, X-Ray
Author(s): Dr. Nishanth Sivarasan; Dr. Jomel George; Dr. Bijan Hedayati, MD
58-year-old woman with facial paresthesia, headache
A 58-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with sudden-onset, persistent left-sided facial paresthesia and headache.
Tags: Breast, Womens, CT, PET
Author(s): Dr. Conal Corbally, MB BCh BAO; Dr. Andrew Breckenridge, MB ChB; Dr. Ravi Jampana, MBBS
Young female footballer with history of ACL graft now with knee injury
A female footballer in her late teens suffered an injury while playing. The patient had previously undergone anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.
Tags: Musculoskeletal, Sports, MRI
Author(s): Dr. Anagha Parkar, MD
66-year-old woman with pruritus, enlarged reconstructed breast
A 66-year-old woman with history of treated breast cancer and a reconstructed right breast presents with pruritus and an enlarged breast.
Tags: Breast, Womens, CT, PET
Author(s): Dr. Sapna Ladani, MBChB, FRCPath; Dr. Kalliope Valassiadou, MD; Dr. Yvette Griffin, MBChB, FRCR; Dr. Fiona Miall, BMBS, FRCPath
40-year-old man with long history of headaches, memory problems
A 40-year-old man presents with a long history of headaches and memory problems.
Tags: CT, MRI, Neuroradiology
Author(s): Dr. Mikhail Liubchak, MD; Dr. Valentyn Sinitsyn