WhatsApp works well for pediatric ortho trauma
July 27, 2017 -- Researchers in Israel are finding new clinical uses for WhatsApp, the popular global text messaging platform. Reading images sent to smartphones via WhatsApp showed good agreement with the same images being read on a PACS workstation for pediatric orthopedic surgeons, according to a new study in Pediatric Emergency Care.
3 things European radiology IT needs to get right
July 26, 2017 -- A pan-European healthcare IT network remains a distant dream, but change is coming. In his latest column, Stephen Holloway looks at how the radiology IT landscape is undergoing a transformation.
Low CT productivity from 8 to 9 a.m. needs attention
July 25, 2017 -- There's plenty of slack in imaging departments at the start of the working day and also on Fridays. That's the main finding of a detailed analysis of CT productivity at a large university hospital, but simple changes in staffing and workflow practices can lead to major improvements.
French outline medical response to terrorist attacks
July 25, 2017 -- In the wake of two terrorist attacks in less than two years, French doctors have prepared and adapted the country's emergency medical response plans to terrorism, and they outlined them in an article published online on 25 July in the Lancet.
Vorwerk: Don't be afraid of the future
July 24, 2017 -- Will computers replace radiologists? Absolutely not, says Dr. Dierk Vorwerk, German Radiological Society deputy president. In a wide-ranging interview, he elaborates on the country's new expert network and speaks about machine learning's future impact.
EMA confirms clampdown on linear gadolinium agents
July 21, 2017 -- It's official: After months of intense lobbying and wrangling, the use of some linear gadolinium contrast agents in MRI will be restricted, and others are to be pulled from the market, following confirmation on Friday that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved recommendations made on 7 July by the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee.
Do older women benefit from screening mammography?
July 21, 2017 -- Do women benefit from continuing breast screening beyond the age of 70? Australian researchers are questioning whether they do, based on their statistical model that compared screening through age 69 with screening through age 74, according to a study published online on July 10 in the International Journal of Cancer.
MRI provider calls for urgent action on patient safety
July 20, 2017 -- More sharing of safety events, as well as better data on contrast reactions and wider incidents, is essential if the MRI community is to learn from one another and establish good practices to help mitigate flaws in processes and human fallibility, a large study has found.
Clinical success of 7T MRI requires only 'imagination'
July 19, 2017 -- Most 7-tesla MRI scans have been devoted to the brain and neuroscience, but researchers in Berlin are focusing on the clinical potential of ultrahigh-field MR for cardiac applications. They're convinced the time is now for the game-changing technology.
PET is center of attention at U.K. Alzheimer's conference
July 19, 2017 -- While PET can accurately detect or exclude Alzheimer's disease by imaging beta-amyloid plaques in the brain, the modality is underutilized in clinical care, according to research presented this week at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in London.
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