PACS with AI can replace PACS without AI
January 8, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve the huge reporting backlog, but this requires industry's cooperation, writes Dr. Neelam Dugar. PACS with AI will replace PACS without AI in the next five to 10 years, so don't get left behind, she urges.  Discuss
Madrid team gives master class on football injuries
January 5, 2018 -- Try to match the imaging modality with the specific injury of a young football player -- that's one of the practical tips given by doctors from a sports medicine clinic in Madrid with nine years of experience dealing with injured children and adolescents.  Discuss
MRI links function of brain networks to IQ
January 5, 2018 -- A person's intelligence could soon be confirmed with an MRI scan to assess how well connected and functional his or her neurological networks are, according to a study published in the January issue of Neuron.  Discuss
PET aids in new Alzheimer's discovery
January 5, 2018 -- With the help of PET imaging, researchers at the University of Cambridge believe they have confirmed the process by which tau proteins spread in the brain to advance Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published on 5 January in the journal Brain.  Discuss
CT dose tracking highlights differences among kids in ER
January 4, 2018 -- Radiation dose tracking software revealed that children who had CT scans in the emergency room (ER) of separate hospitals in Finland received considerably different radiation doses for head and cervical spine CT exams, according to a study published in Emergency Radiology.  Discuss
What's next for deep learning? Dutch show the way
January 3, 2018 -- A multidisciplinary team from the Netherlands collected a top award at RSNA 2017 for identifying four key areas of future development for deep learning: multitask learning, image-to-image synthesis, unsupervised learning, and uncertainty estimation and novelty detection.  Discuss
How often are lung nodules missed on CAC scoring scans?
January 2, 2018 -- If an incidental lung nodule is present on a CT coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring scan, how often is that nodule actually detected and worked up? Not as often as one might expect, according to researchers who analyzed the reasons why nodules might be missed in a presentation at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Improving cancer risk estimates in nuclear medicine
December 29, 2017 -- Researchers from Sweden and the U.S. have found that calculating the lifetime attributable risk provides more accurate cancer risk estimates for patients undergoing nuclear medicine procedures, leading to important practical benefits.  Discuss
X-ray fluorescence detects retained gadolinium in bone
December 28, 2017 -- As the safety of gadolinium MRI contrast is hotly debated, one of the challenges has been detecting gadolinium deposition in living patients. Canadian researchers may have found a solution to the dilemma with an x-ray fluorescence system that can noninvasively detect trace elements of gadolinium in exposed individuals.  Discuss
Top 10 AuntMinnieEurope stories for 2017
December 27, 2017 -- Today we offer you the top 10 stories of 2017 on As was the case last year, the single most important issue facing the European imaging community was gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI, which accounted for four of the 10 articles.  Discuss
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