Radiologists aid mass disaster recovery with mobile CT
December 7, 2017 -- Not knowing the identity or whereabouts of people who were part of a mass disaster is frustrating for physicians and devastating for loved ones. Mobile CT scanners can help ameliorate this issue, according to a study presented at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Esaote to be acquired by Chinese consortium
December 7, 2017 -- Italian ultrasound vendor Esaote has entered into an agreement to be acquired by a group of Chinese investors. The deal is expected to advance Esaote's expansion plans and bolsters its presence in the Chinese medical equipment market.  Discuss
Critics of breast screening focus attention on the Netherlands
December 6, 2017 -- Breast cancer screening opponents released a new study in BMJ on 5 December calling into question the benefits of mammography in the Netherlands. They concluded that screening had little impact on advanced breast cancers, suggesting a marginal effect on breast cancer mortality. Breast screening advocates beg to differ.  Discuss
3D-printed kidney helps optimize SPECT/CT quantification
December 6, 2017 -- Low-cost, 3D-printed kidney phantoms provide shape-specific details that improve the quantification of SPECT/CT scans, according to a study from Würzburg, Germany, published online in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Report: French x-ray units must brush up on dose
December 5, 2017 -- New analysis of national diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) has revealed staff in French x-ray departments tend to drag their heels when it comes to radiation protection, whereas CT professionals are increasingly on board in the DRL process.  Discuss
First-in-human data validate MRI-guided radiotherapy
December 5, 2017 -- A research team at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands has published details of the first four patient treatments using a new MRI-guided radiotherapy system demonstrates the feasibility and clinical utility of the MRI-linac system.  Discuss
3D printing assists implantation of hearing device
December 4, 2017 -- The surgical insertion of bone conduction implants is a complex procedure demanding extensive preoperative planning to get the positioning right. Simulation using 3D-printed skull bones may help optimize the process, according to a new study in Acta Otorhinolaryngolica Italian.  Discuss
Backlog of 23K unread chest x-rays draws review of Portsmouth
December 1, 2017 -- A backlog of 23,000 unread chest x-ray images at a U.K. National Health Service (NHS) hospital in Portsmouth has drawn the attention of the Care Quality Commission, which has ordered the facility to take immediate action to ensure the images are read promptly. The episode has also prompted the commission to review radiology reporting across the NHS network in England.  Discuss
Why EMA's relocation is good news for radiology
December 1, 2017 -- The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is relocating from London to Amsterdam, but does this really matter? Yes it does, Dr. Hildo Lamb wrote in a guest column. He's convinced the move will lead to a host of new opportunities for the medical imaging community.  Discuss
MRI technique may help diagnose migraine headaches
November 30, 2017 -- While painful and often debilitating for patients, migraines can also be difficult to diagnose and differentiate from other types of headaches. An MRI technique may help alleviate that diagnostic challenge, according to research presented on November 28 at the RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
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