Don't forget color when calibrating imaging displays
March 3, 2017 -- VIENNA - While there still isn't a formal standard for ensuring consistent visualization of the type of color used in many imaging modalities, there are steps that can be taken now to calibrate and perform quality assurance for these displays, according to a presentation at ECR 2017.
CAD beats readers for subsolid lung nodules
March 3, 2017 -- VIENNA - A computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme outperformed experienced human readers in detecting subsolid nodules as well as cancers in data from more than 2,000 lung cancer screening subjects, researchers reported on Thursday at ECR 2017.
To be or not to be alarmed over gadolinium contrast? That is the question
March 3, 2017 -- The medical imaging community should be neither alarmed nor develop a gadolinium phobia while waiting for guidance from regulators over controversial gadolinium contrast agents. This is the opinion of Dr. Howard Rowley from the University of Wisconsin in the U.S. and president of the American Society of Neuroradiology.
U.K. pushes ahead with sonographer-led services
March 3, 2017 -- Judged on the composition of today's eagerly awaited professional challenges session, more healthcare professionals are looking to the U.K. for an alternative model for ultrasound services, yet that model is evolving largely due to a shortage of appropriately trained staff.
Is DBT ready to replace digital mammography for screening?
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Enthusiasm for digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) continues to grow, with adherents lauding its increased cancer detection and reduced false-positive rates. Thus far, the technology has been used as an adjunct to digital mammography -- but could it replace it? Two presentations given on Wednesday at ECR 2017 addressed the question.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Johannes Heverhagen on gadolinium contrast
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Gadolinium phobia remains a very real danger in Europe, but practical measures can help to reduce the risk, according to Dr. Johannes Heverhagen, PhD, from the University Hospital of Bern in Switzerland. In this video from ECR 2017, he also provides an update on the European Medicines Agency's investigation.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Lluís Donoso Bach on radiology's future
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Will emerging technology replace the radiologist? Does artificial intelligence pose a serious threat to radiology's survival? Dr. Lluís Donoso Bach, PhD, immediate past president of the European Society of Radiology, answers these and other questions.
Low-osmolar contrast tied to hypotension
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Patients receiving low-osmolar (but not iso-osmolar) contrast agents under anesthesia are prone to systemic, self-limited periods of hypotension, researchers reported on Wednesday at ECR 2017.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Martin Mack on soccer injuries
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - The giants of German football, FC Bayern Munich, are top of the Bundesliga and looking very strong in the Champions League this season. Dr. Martin Mack, a specialist in diagnostic radiology at Radiology Group Practice Munich, reveals how the imaging of the star-studded team's finest players is organized.
Software quantifies emphysema on MDCT images
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - An automated software algorithm can be used to quantify emphysema on MDCT studies, offering radiologists a useful tool for diagnosis and follow-up of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to research presented on Thursday at ECR 2017.
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