Get savvy on neonatal chest x-rays
October 20, 2015 -- It's time to brush up your knowledge of neonatal chest x-rays, and doing so will have a positive impact on patient management. That's the view of radiologists who presented their experiences at the 2015 annual meeting of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging, held in Barcelona, Spain.
JFR: Teleneuroradiology in the era of thrombectomy
October 20, 2015 -- Telemedicine is developing fast due to skill shortages. In this article from the French national radiology congress, JFR, Dr. Nadya Pyatigorskaya addresses topical issues in neuroradiology, notably telestroke and thrombectomy.
JFR: CT finds new applications in urinary tract
October 19, 2015 -- On the opening day of the French national radiology congress, JFR, a session about new advances in urinary tract CT created a real buzz. Dr. Catherine Roy from Strasbourg elaborates on the session in her special report.
FDG-PET predicts survival in Parkinsonian syndrome
October 19, 2015 -- FDG-PET strongly predicts overall survival in patients suspected of having early-stage atypical Parkinsonian syndrome, according to a study in the October Journal of Nuclear Medicine. The modality's findings closely matched clinical diagnosis at one-year follow-up.
Portuguese aim to pinpoint gynecologic cancers
October 16, 2015 -- Hereditary syndromes are responsible for about 10% of gynecologic cancers, but are there any distinctive imaging features that accompany them? Unfortunately not, Portuguese researchers have found, but they have identified other key points.
Fused images help classify breast lesions
October 15, 2015 -- Diffuse optical tomography can characterize breast lesions noninvasively with nonionizing near-infrared light, and by combining a tomography scan with mammography images, this technology may be able to differentiate malignant from benign breast tumors.
How CT unraveled curiosities of King Tut
October 14, 2015 -- Ancient Egypt was a great civilization, but what made it great? Investigations on the mummies, including the famous case of Tutankhamun, have provided some answers. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Ashraf Selim speaks about his fascinating work and how CT shed new light on King Tut.
Liquid gold: Lessons learned on the job
October 13, 2015 -- Everybody's read the textbooks, but what are the real golden rules of radiology learned on the job? Following his popular 2013 article, columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie has a fresh batch of uber-truths that are the very essence of the specialty.
MRI proves value in coronary artery disease
October 12, 2015 -- For patients with suspected coronary artery disease, initial perfusion cardiac MR plus invasive angiography if needed is cheaper than initial invasive angiography or angiography plus fractional flow reserve, according to research at last month's European Society of Cardiology meeting.
Pro golfers' injuries get close attention
October 9, 2015 -- Male professional golfers have an average age of only 24, and along with their different swing mechanics and increased repetitive strain, this factor results in injury patterns that vary considerably from those of the amateur, according to new research from Leeds, U.K.
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