Women in medical physics: The current status
July 30, 2015 -- How well represented are women in the worldwide workforce of medical physicists? The IUPESM World Congress, held last month in Toronto incorporated five main congress themes, one of which was "Women in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics."
How to be a famous radiologist
July 29, 2015 -- You may think, "A famous radiologist? Who is he kidding? There is no such thing," and to a certain degree, you'd be right. Radiologists are rarely frontline macho types. But in his latest column, Dr. Paul McCoubrie believes every radiologist would like to contribute something of worth to humanity.
U.K. artist turns x-ray errors into art
July 29, 2015 -- The artist-in-residence at the British Institute of Radiology (BIR), Hugh Turvey, sees beauty in error. Speaking at a recent BIR networking event, "Curious World of Radiology," Turvey explained how radiography informs his work as an artist.
Think twice on abdominal x-rays in emergencies
July 28, 2015 -- The excessive use of abdominal radiography in the emergency department adds financial strain, increases patient discomfort, and may even be a source of future litigation, U.K. researchers have found.
Guerbet bids to buy Mallinckrodt's contrast business
July 27, 2015 -- French contrast agent developer Guerbet plans to acquire the contrast media and injector business of U.S. firm Mallinckrodt. The 243.5 million euro deal will double Guerbet's annual revenues, expand its product line, and instantly make the company a major player in the U.S. contrast market.
Mammography screening at 40 works, Lancet study finds
July 27, 2015 -- There is indeed a reduction in breast cancer mortality as a result of mammography screening in women who start getting exams at age 40 -- at least in the first 10 years of follow-up, according to a new study in Lancet Oncology that followed women for 17 years.
Functional MRI sheds light on placebo effect
July 24, 2015 -- A new study using functional MRI has shown what happens in the brain when a placebo is given, and it also highlights aspects that can help the doctor-patient relationship, according to Dr. Nina Theysohn, a radiologist from Essen, Germany.
Lung x-rays predict mortality in MERS patients
July 23, 2015 -- A new study of Saudi Arabian patients with Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) found that a simple method of scoring pathology on lung radiographs can be used to predict which patients are at risk of dying, according to an article in the American Journal of Roentgenology.
CT provides fresh revelations about ancient Egypt
July 22, 2015 -- CT has reached a level of such sophistication that we can now pinpoint incredible detail inside mummies, turning CT into 3D volumes and then segmenting the data, a leading expert told attendees at last week's "The Curious World of Radiology" seminar.
Win over radiographers to succeed in outsourcing
July 22, 2015 -- Until local networks can cope with out-of-hours work, teleradiology outsourcing is here to stay, writes Dr. George McInnes. He has five tips to ensure radiographers remain on board, including establishing better referral guidelines.
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