Restoration of Roentgen's birthplace gathers pace
June 30, 2015 -- The birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen is a really special place, and everybody should care deeply about the German Radiological Society's plans for the building, Dr. Adrian Thomas writes in his latest history column.
U.K. needs more CT replacement plans, dose education
June 29, 2015 -- Urgent action is required because a significant number of the 183 radiology departments in the U.K. National Health Service do not have a future CT replacement plan in place, and there is a distinct lack of training about dose optimization, according to a major survey.
Group creates 3D printed heart with CT, echo data
June 29, 2015 -- Researchers from the U.S. have created a 3D model of a human heart using data from two cardiac imaging techniques: CT and echocardiography. The study was presented at last week's Catheter Interventions in Congenital, Structural, and Valvular Heart Disease meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.
Second strike vote means more unrest in Vienna
June 26, 2015 -- VIENNA - For the second time in a month, public-sector radiologists and other physicians in Vienna have voted overwhelmingly to strike, adding extra fuel to a protracted conflict with hospital managers and the city government over pay and working hours.
Florbetaben-PET finds more beta-amyloid plaques
June 25, 2015 -- New research indicates that PET imaging with the radiotracer florbetaben can detect a form of beta-amyloid plaque that develops early in the brain. The findings could possibly lead to the earlier detection of Alzheimer's disease, as well as new clinical indications for florbetaben.
Norway unveils new data on breast cancer screening
June 24, 2015 -- Norway's breast cancer screening initiative has reduced mortality by 20% to 30% for women ages 50 to 69, followed to age 79, when compared with no screening, indicated figures released by the Research Council of Norway.
Singaporeans collect 1st prize at ESGAR in Paris
June 24, 2015 -- MRI provides accurate assessment of perianal fistula and can identify associated abscesses with important surgical implications, according to top award-winning research presented at this month's European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) annual meeting in Paris.
Digitization poses threat to radiographers, says Engelhorn
June 23, 2015 -- MAINZ - Digitization is having a big effect on midlevel professionals, and some radiographers' jobs will disappear due to the rising level of automation in image acquisition and the availability of more nursing staff for handling patient positioning according to preset profiles.
7T 3D sodium MRI delivers high-resolution heart images
June 22, 2015 -- German and Irish researchers have completed what they are calling the first sodium MR images of the heart at 7 tesla to deliver high-resolution images at acceptable scan times, according to just-published research in NMR in Biomedicine.
X-ray microbeams can reduce skin injury
June 22, 2015 -- Radiation burn is a common, often painful side effect of radiotherapy. The severity of acute skin reactions at the irradiated site is associated with the total delivered dose, the dose per fraction, and the size of the treatment area. German research shows x-ray microbeam radiation delivery can help.
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