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Arab Health: 5 tips for handling diabetes foot problems
February 2, 2015 -- DUBAI - The creation of a dedicated service for diabetes patients with foot problems, in which interventional radiologists play a central role in limb salvage, is contributing to a dramatic reduction in the number of amputations in the United Arab Emirates.
Breaking the resolution limits of SPECT
January 30, 2015 -- Molecular imaging is essential for research of human disease because it enables noninvasive visualization of minute structures at the sub-organ and/or sub-tumor level. Its use has been constrained, however, by the challenge of producing images with high enough spatial resolution, until now.
Commercializing MRI-guided radiotherapy
January 29, 2015 -- Elekta has announced its plans for the commercial release of Atlantic -- a high-field MRI-guided radiation therapy system. Developed by a research consortium, the new treatment system will be launched in 2017, with the first units delivered a year later.
Arab Health: Speaker serves smorgasbord of radiology food signs
January 28, 2015 -- DUBAI - A veritable gastronomic feast was served up at this week's Total Radiology Conference at the multidisciplinary Arab Health show, when a presentation worthy of a Michelin star was delivered about food-inspired signs in radiology.
Portuguese shed new light on neuroendocrine tumors
January 28, 2015 -- Gynecological neuroendocrine tumors are rare and aggressive, but they share certain characteristics radiologists need to know about, according to new research published in Insights into Imaging. It's also vital to differentiate these tumors from metastatic disease and other carcinomas.
Arab Health: 7T clinical MR units could soon become reality
January 27, 2015 -- DUBAI - At least one large company is very interested in developing a 7-tesla MRI system for use in large university hospitals in the near future, a leading European expert said during a keynote lecture at Arab Health.
Lumen area at CCTA predicts significance of stenosis
January 27, 2015 -- Measuring the minimal lumen area of coronary arteries scanned at coronary CT angiography (CCTA) can help distinguish lesions that are hemodynamically significant from those that are not, reducing the number of false positives, according to a new study by researchers from Austria.
Arab Health: Why CT really can rule supreme in coronaries
January 26, 2015 -- DUBAI - CT is now the gold standard for ruling out coronary artery stenoses and coronary anomalies. It can also be useful for coronary artery bypass graft and electrophysiology studies, as well as investigations of pulmonary veins, delegates learned on the opening day of Arab Health.
PET/CT outperforms endoscopic ultrasound for esophageal cancer
January 26, 2015 -- Researchers from Nottingham, U.K., have found that PET/CT may be better than endoscopic ultrasound for accurately estimating tumor length in cases of esophageal cancer. PET/CT's enhanced performance in turn might lead to better planning of radiotherapy and resection.
CT yields lower calcium scores in obese patients
January 23, 2015 -- Coronary artery calcium scores are underestimated significantly in larger patients compared with smaller ones -- enough to potentially alter their risk stratification, according to researchers from the Netherlands.
What do patients really know about radiation and radiologists?
January 22, 2015 -- While it's all well and good for radiologists to spend more time interacting with patients, it's important to understand what patients actually know about radiation and radiologists to do this effectively. Two studies presented at the recent RSNA meeting explored these questions and came to some surprising conclusions.
Irish learn lessons from national PACS project
January 21, 2015 -- Achieving a fully integrated national RIS/PACS network using a single archive is a hugely challenging task, but it can be achieved with adequate resources and close cooperation between medical disciplines, according to researchers from the Republic of Ireland.
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