CT doses, widely variable in Europe, are reduced by staff efforts
March 6, 2010 -- VIENNA - Although dose variations remain wide on the continent, there are opportunities for substantial improvement with dose-reduction training and programs, according to two European studies of clinical CT doses presented back-to-back Saturday at the European Congress of Radiology.
New European regs spotlight need for clinical radiology audits
March 6, 2010 -- VIENNA - The term "audit" may strike fear into the hearts of even the finest organized radiology departments. But if performed well, clinical audits can be an effective way to support -- and even promote -- your radiology services, delegates heard Saturday at the European Congress of Radiology.
EU tackles legal issues of e-health, teleradiology
March 6, 2010 -- VIENNA - The European Commission is working to provide clarity on the murky legal issues relating to telemedicine in Europe, focusing initially on teleradiology and home health monitoring, according to a presentation Saturday at the European Congress of Radiology.
Coronary CTA predicts long-term outcomes
March 6, 2010 -- VIENNA - A decade's worth of coronary CT angiography (CTA) studies is starting to reveal the modality's long-term predictive powers, if a study from one of Poland's largest heart centers is any indication.
Automated breast US improves breast cancer detection
March 5, 2010 -- VIENNA - Automated breast ultrasound promises improved cancer detection when combined with standard digital mammography, but training is required for radiologists to realize its full clinical potential, according to results from a pair of new studies presented Friday at the European Congress of Radiology.
Inexperienced readers benefit most from breast US CAD
March 5, 2010 -- VIENNA - Breast ultrasound computer-aided detection (CAD) technology can significantly improve the sensitivity of less experienced radiologists in evaluating breast lesions, according to a presentation at this week's European Congress of Radiology.
Siemens launches CAD service at ECR meeting
March 5, 2010 -- VIENNA - German multimodality vendor Siemens Healthcare is using this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR) to launch a new software subscription service for computer-aided detection (CAD). The company believes the service could represent the next evolution in the way that CAD is used clinically.
PET/MRI suite paces Philips ECR news
March 5, 2010 -- VIENNA - Philips Healthcare is highlighting a combined PET/MRI suite designed to produce fully registered images in its booth at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The company is also launching a new PET/CT scanner and a high-intensity focused ultrasound system.
Radiation exposure increases risk of breast cancer
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - A Dutch study presented at the European Congress of Radiology this week has raised questions over the relationship between the risk of breast cancer in high-risk women and their exposure to radiation from a young age.
High pitch equals low dose in coronary CT angiography
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - High-pitch dual-source CT exams can evaluate the coronary arteries using about a third of the dose of even prospectively triggered exams, according to a study presented in Thursday's cardiac sessions of the European Congress of Radiology.
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