MRI can identify osteoarthritis risk factors 10 years early
June 30, 2010 -- MRI can identify risk factors in patients with subacute knee symptoms that can lead to localized knee osteoarthritis 10 years later, according to a study published online in Radiology.
CT-based Crohn's diagnosis takes aim at endoscopy
June 29, 2010 -- GENEVA - Japanese researchers hope to supplant the invasive and time-consuming process of diagnosing Crohn's disease with a CT technique that is unaffected by intestinal stenosis and other impediments to conventional endoscopic evaluation.
TARGIT-A data show intraoperative RT equals whole-breast radiation
June 29, 2010 -- Imagine the effects on quality of life and cost savings if some early-stage breast cancer patients didn't need follow-up radiation therapy (RT) treatments after breast conservation surgery. Results being reported from a major clinical trial indicate that this might be close to reality.
CAD eases MRI-based herniated disk diagnosis
June 28, 2010 -- GENEVA - Herniated lumbar disks aren't the most common back injury, but when they occur they often require surgery. And diagnosis requires tedious manual measurements -- or at least it did until researchers from London found a way to automate the process.
CT method measures airway calcium to diagnose lung cancer
June 28, 2010 -- A classic duo, CT plus pulmonary function testing using spirometry, may emerge once again as a potentially effective way to diagnose lung cancer, according to an article in the July issue of Academic Radiology.
Dutch study quantifies factors that make PACS work
June 25, 2010 -- GENEVA - If you really want to find out how well PACS is working at your facility, you can follow your heart, the advice of experts, or the data, as researchers from the Netherlands have done. They discussed their work on quantifying the factors that make PACS useful at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery meeting.
TEPR founder sees big role for small systems in healthcare
June 24, 2010 -- GENEVA - Radiology's once-clandestine toys -- mobile phone apps, iPads, iPhones, and the like -- are rising up to assume a central role in healthcare delivery, according to healthcare IT expert C. Peter Waegemann at the opening session of the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery meeting on Wednesday.
New elastography technique helps characterize breast lesions
June 16, 2010 -- An elastography technique called supersonic shear imaging aids breast lesion characterization when used with B-mode ultrasound, according to a new study from France published in the July issue of Radiology.
CT speeds antiangiogenesis therapy assessment
June 14, 2010 -- CT perfusion imaging can spot significant changes in blood flow and volume soon after administration of antiangiogenic therapy, researchers from Munich, Germany, report in a new animal study. Faster assessment can lead to nimbler, more flexible cancer care compared to traditional tumor size measurements.
F-18 NaF PET/CT can help with atherosclerotic plaque detection
June 11, 2010 -- German researchers have found that F-18 sodium fluoride (F-18 NaF) PET/CT may provide "relevant information about the morphologic and functional properties of calcified plaque," according to a study published in the June issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
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