New breast MRI scoring system rivals BI-RADS
November 11, 2015 -- A new, simple scoring system for breast MRI not only compensates for reader experience, it also gives BI-RADS a run for its money, researchers from Austria found. Known as Tree, the scoring system shows high diagnostic accuracy in mass and nonmass lesions and also improves diagnostic accuracy in nonexpert readers.
Lego MRI: Reducing kids' anxiety, brick by brick
November 11, 2015 -- A creative group of U.S. and Dutch radiologists is using Lego models to put children at ease in the MRI suite, and the idea is catching on fast. The goal is for patients to complete the study without the need for sedation.
Home reporting is not a bed of roses, warns RCR
November 10, 2015 -- Flexible home working can lead to a shift of resources away from radiology departments, and it encourages less contact with colleagues and the de-skilling of radiologists doing predominantly remote reporting, according to the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).
Limits of teleradiology: A radiologist for each hospital
November 9, 2015 -- Teleradiology is having a huge impact on the global practice of medical imaging. In this interview, Dr. Norbert Hosten, immediate past president of the German Radiological Society, gives a personal view of the current and future status of teleradiology.
WhatsApp enables teleultrasound in Nigeria
November 6, 2015 -- Patients in rural areas of Nigeria may not have ready access to experts for potentially lifesaving consultations on complicated ultrasound exams. Fortunately, there's an app for that.
Breast ultrasound helps mammography find more cancer
November 5, 2015 -- Adding ultrasound to mammography screening detects more early invasive breast cancer and probably reduces mortality, according to a 4 November study in the journal Lancet. The Japanese trial is thought to be the first of its kind in a large, randomized, multicenter population with a focus on younger, average-risk women.
Three-pronged glioma therapy shows promise
November 5, 2015 -- A combination of x-rays, chemotherapy, and a radiosensitizing drug more than doubled tumor cell death in vitro compared with a radiation-only control, according to Australian research. The combination selectively targets tumor cells and can reduce side effects in patients.
Use vascular indexes to exclude malignant breast masses
November 4, 2015 -- Using vascular indexes obtained via 3D power Doppler ultrasound can accurately characterize suspicious breast masses, and adding it to 2D ultrasound may reduce unnecessary biopsies, noted Turkish researchers in an article published online in the European Journal of Radiology.
Sink or swim? U.K. radiology struggles to stay afloat
November 4, 2015 -- The development of an enterprise-wide imaging strategy is now a major priority in the U.K. As the battle to reduce diagnostic waiting times and accelerate patient access to treatment intensifies, radiology finds itself burdened with escalating pressures, writes industry expert Warren Edwards.
Lung MRI rivals CT in complex pneumonia
November 3, 2015 -- MRI is accurate for detecting problems in children with lower airway tract infection and can pinpoint the dynamics of morphologic changes during treatment, and soon it may replace CT in cases of complicated pneumonia, according to award-winning German research.
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