Design changes transform potential of PET detectors
July 9, 2015 -- Two novel PET detector designs offer a significantly improved coincidence time resolution and may help better localize tumors within patients, report researchers from the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, Italy, and the Swiss-based European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN.
Fresh doubts cast on screening mammography
July 8, 2015 -- A controversial French-led study published this week has found screening mammography's benefits have been overestimated due to unconventional statistical methods, but screening advocates have been quick to stress the authors have ignored numerous publications proving the efficacy of screening.
UKRC: MRI proves value after brain CT in acute stroke
July 8, 2015 -- Irish neurologists and radiologists have shown that brain MRI is far more sensitive than brain CT at picking up acute ischemic stroke. In their study presented at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), 26% of MRI scans were positive for stroke in the face of a negative brain CT.
UKRC: 4 golden rules of communicating radiation risk
July 7, 2015 -- Because of the dose-dependent risk of inducing future cancer, it's essential to use the correct language in patient information leaflets for CT and x-ray, according to new research from a leading U.K. facility.
UKRC: 30% of knee MRI referrals are inappropriate
July 6, 2015 -- Around 30% of knee MRI referrals by general practitioners are inappropriate, and there is an overreliance on MRI of the knee in preference to x-rays in patients older than 65, a study presented at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC) has found.
Breast imaging at highest risk for medicolegal claims
July 6, 2015 -- It may come as no surprise, but a new study indicates that breast imaging has the highest risk of medicolegal claims compared with other medical imaging exams, at least in Australia, according to a study published online this month in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Proton therapy: Randomized trials or model-based selection?
July 3, 2015 -- Are randomized controlled trials really needed for the rollout of proton therapy? This is a subject of much contention, and it was debated by two leading experts at the 3rd European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology Forum in Barcelona, Spain.
Ultrasound helps fine-tune management of arthritis
July 2, 2015 -- Ultrasound can be used to identify subclinical disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients in remission, enabling them to benefit from more-intensive treatment, according to research presented recently at the European League Against Rheumatism annual congress in Rome.
UKRC: Is outsourcing a silent killer or a savior?
July 1, 2015 -- LIVERPOOL - Emotions ran high and opinions were polarized during the second day of the U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), when a lively and heated discussion about the pros and cons of outsourcing took place.
Use of social media tops 75%, finds new survey
July 1, 2015 -- More than 75% of radiologists now use social media sites for both professional and personal purposes, but the need to avoid pitfalls and to decide whether to adopt multiple online identities remain important issues, according to research presented at this week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC) in Liverpool.
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