Paralympians pose special set of imaging challenges
June 7, 2016 -- Paralympic athletes represent a particular challenge for imaging professionals, because they often have underlying physiological or structural abnormalities that take patient management and care to a new level, according to Dr. Rob Campbell, Paralympic imaging lead at the London 2012 Games.
Justin Lee: Why MRI rules supreme in football injuries
June 6, 2016 -- LONDON - To coincide with the start of Euro 16 on Friday, top U.K. sports radiologist Dr. Justin Lee shares his experiences of professional football injuries. He outlines the challenges of dealing with players and explains why MRI has become the dominant modality.
Debate focuses on how medical physicists improve therapy
June 3, 2016 -- When introducing new treatment technologies, medical physicists are faced with a tricky balance between quality and safety. But how can they help improve treatment quality? This question was addressed by Håkan Nyström, PhD, chief physicist at the Skandion Clinic in Uppsala, Sweden.
U.K. team shows survival benefits of CT lung screening
June 2, 2016 -- Screening patients at high risk of lung cancer with CT can consistently identify early-stage disease in time for a cure, offering a 73% chance of living five years or more when cancer is detected, concluded an important U.K. pilot study.
How the Olympics transformed Sid's life
June 1, 2016 -- LONDON - When Dr. Sarath Bethapudi ("Sid" to his friends) turned up at the polyclinic for the London Olympics, he soon realized the world's greatest sporting event was not all glitz and glamour. In this video interview, he reflects on his experiences and his number-crunching role at the 2012 games.
Sports experts close in on muscle injuries
June 1, 2016 -- LONDON - Prolonged time away from competition can threaten an elite athlete's career, so everybody will welcome news that precisely grading muscle injury to facilitate a prognosis is a step closer after using a new classification system, discussed at a sports imaging workshop on Friday.
Phil O'Connor: Rio can match London's Olympic success
May 31, 2016 -- LONDON - Know your sports, have eyes in the back of your head, and expect the unexpected. That's what it takes to deliver a radiology service at the Olympics, says Dr. Phil O'Connor, imaging lead at London 2012. In this exclusive video interview, he has some tips for the organizers in Rio.
Varian to spin off Imaging Components x-ray unit
May 31, 2016 -- Radiation therapy firm Varian Medical Systems has announced that it is spinning off its Imaging Components business into an independent publicly traded company that will focus on components for x-ray systems.
Quality street: Simple technology can bring sweet success
May 30, 2016 -- The constant drive for quality improvement is a major issue today, particularly in the U.K. Increased pressure on imaging services means radiologists need support to manage their workload and minimize errors. Industry expert David Howard gives his opinion.
MRI reveals how schizophrenia may improve
May 30, 2016 -- The brains of patients with schizophrenia have the capacity to reorganize themselves and fight the disease, concludes a new MRI study of brain tissue changes published online last week in Psychological Medicine.
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