Machine learning improves FFR-CT for coronary ischemia
January 3, 2017 -- In results that could potentially shake up the heart imaging status quo, a machine learning algorithm slightly outperformed a more traditional algorithm in analyzing fractional flow reserve CT (FFR-CT) studies for detecting signs of ischemic coronary lesions, according to a presentation at the recent RSNA 2016 meeting in Chicago.
Deep learning helps spot CT exams with critical findings
January 2, 2017 -- Deep-learning technology can be a useful tool for identifying cases that contain critical imaging findings, potentially expediting the interpretation of these exams and the communication of results, according to a presentation at the recent RSNA 2016 meeting in Chicago.
Xenon flash lamp enables photoacoustic CT
December 30, 2016 -- Photoacoustic CT can provide noninvasive real-time imaging of significant anatomical and physiological information. The strong acoustic waves generated by the pulsed laser used for illumination deliver high image resolution and sensitive detection.
Radiology & back pain: What's the connection?
December 29, 2016 -- When it comes to back pain, which patients definitely need diagnostic imaging? Dr. Rainer Braunschweig, director of the Diagnostic and Intraoperative Imaging Clinic in Halle, Germany, provides some answers.
Top 10 AuntMinnieEurope stories for 2016
December 28, 2016 -- We're pleased to offer the top 10 stories of 2016 on Based on our list, the single most important issue facing European radiologists was the ongoing debate over the safety of gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI.
Proton imaging resolution boosted in one step
December 27, 2016 -- An international team of researchers has developed a statistical tool that improves the resolution of proton imaging in a single step, without any prior radiographic information. The tool has the potential to boost the accuracy of proton therapy so that less radiation is delivered to healthy tissue.
Vancouver lung cancer predictor works in NLST
December 26, 2016 -- A Canadian model for predicting lung cancer risk based on nodule and patient characteristics distinguished benign from malignant lung nodules in patients in the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), according to a study presented at RSNA 2016. A second study in the same session, however, found that radiologists slightly outperformed the model.
Canon completes acquisition of Toshiba Medical
December 23, 2016 -- Canon has completed its acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems after the deal cleared regulatory approvals in all the countries where the companies operate.
Dutch cancer facility makes progress with MR-linac
December 22, 2016 -- The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam is the third site in the world to install the integrated MR-linac. Researchers have developed and validated an MRI-based midventilation approach for radiotherapy of the liver and are making clinical progress.
Iranians collect RSNA prize for eye research
December 21, 2016 -- A team from Tehran, Iran, scooped a prestigious cum laude award from poster-hall judges at RSNA 2016 for its practical and timely work on what interventional radiologists need to know about retinoblastoma.
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