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Twins can inherit coronary plaque characteristics
March 26, 2014 -- Twins can share more than blue eyes, left-handedness, and a sunny disposition, it seems. They also share body mass index traits and atherosclerotic plaque characteristics, according to a new Hungarian study of twins that sought to eliminate environmental variations and hone in on genetics and heritability.
Pearls from Paul Parizel on how to present successfully
March 26, 2014 -- Transforming a lecture from purely the provision of scientific information to a memorable and entertaining learning experience is a challenge for every speaker, but the trick is to find the angle and use that angle to build a bridge to the audience, said ECR 2014 honorary lecturer Dr. Paul Parizel, PhD.
Vigilance, consistency unlocks structured reporting benefits
March 25, 2014 -- While structured reports can lower turnaround times and improve workflow, radiologists still need to adhere to important reporting criteria to provide the highest quality reports, Swiss researchers concluded during presentations at ECR 2014 earlier this month.
Irish show alert systems boost communication with clinicians
March 25, 2014 -- The increased use of imaging means you can no longer assume all radiology reports will be acted upon by clinicians, so it's vital to consider implementing a computerized alert system for dealing with clinically significant, unexpected findings, according to Irish researchers.
Big data clouds signal end for enterprise PACS storage
March 24, 2014 -- Radiology has been ahead of the curve in adopting healthcare IT, evident in the widespread implementation of PACS. But heavy reliance on PACS and resistance to broader cooperation with other hospital stakeholders is slowing healthcare IT development. We look at the dynamic changes taking place in this rapidly evolving industry.
CT perfusion useful for evaluating small esophageal tumors
March 21, 2014 -- CT perfusion can be used to evaluate esophageal cancers with small tumor diameters that are not amenable to assessment with PET/CT, according to a new study by Turkish researchers presented at ECR 2014 earlier this month.
Making the invisible, visible: Meeting EU requirements on dose
March 20, 2014 -- Implementing an effective dose management system will help hospitals meet the new European Union legislative requirements and enable radiologists to meet their ethical responsibility to maximize patient safety, writes Dr. Jan Casselman.
Top tips from Maria Argyropoulou on winning posters
March 19, 2014 -- Fancy improving your CV by presenting a poster at a major congress like ECR? Dr. Maria Argyropoulou, EPOS editor and a member of the Postgraduate Educational Programme for ECR 2014, explains how different posters can be created and how to find a topic. She also provides insight into planning and presenting award-winning posters.
CT's golden days are gone, as focus shifts to cost cutting
March 18, 2014 -- The worst of the pain in the CT sector appears to be over, and the modality has emerged smarter, leaner, and more efficient, but this in no way signals another golden era of booming sales. The next five years will see more consolidation and stringent management of advanced imaging resources.
Top 10 stories for ECR 2014
March 18, 2014 -- was pleased to provide coverage of ECR 2014 in Vienna. Below are the top 10 stories from our RADCast@ECR as measured by member traffic.
CAD offers helping hand in prostate MRI
March 17, 2014 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) software can make it easier for radiologists to interpret complicated prostate MRI studies using multiple pulse sequences, Italian researchers reported at ECR 2014 in Vienna.
Identifying key trends in digital tomosynthesis sector
March 17, 2014 -- In the constant drive to improve patient care and cut healthcare spending, technology must now be used in ever more cost-effective ways, as is happening in the digital tomosynthesis market.
MR-guided focused US: A therapy revolution?
March 14, 2014 -- MR-guided focused ultrasound has the potential to become one of the most exciting and revolutionary treatment technologies of the 21st century, according to presenters at an ECR 2014 scientific session. They highlighted the technique's capability to improve treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.
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