Kuhl looks ahead to breast cancer detection in 2020
November 16, 2016 -- Breast cancer remains the most common cause of cancer-related death for women in western countries, but MRI screening may bring about major changes, according to leading researcher Dr. Christiane Kuhl. In this interview, she speaks about areas of research and future challenges.
Debacles mar big science and fMRI research
November 16, 2016 -- Functional MRI (fMRI) was one of the most promising research techniques for and be­yond neuroimaging, but have hundreds of millions of euros of research grants been wasted? Dr. Peter Rinck, PhD, investigates in his latest column.
Report: Radiologist shortage grows in Europe
November 15, 2016 -- Further evidence has emerged of the increasing skills shortage across Europe. The population pyramid of radiologists in France could be seen as a ticking time bomb, while growth rates of CT and MRI in Sweden have continuously exceeded growth rates of practicing radiologists.
4D CT of subtalar joint aids ankle instability assessment
November 15, 2016 -- Dynamic quantitative CT with a 320-detector-row scanner of the subtalar joint offers detailed analysis of joint motion with a tiny radiation dose, revealing strong potential for the assessment of ankle instability, the authors of a new study conclude in the American Journal of Roentgenology.
PACS can shorten hospital stays, but challenges remain
November 14, 2016 -- PACS not only improves efficiency and clinical decision-making but also shortens hospital stays, a study from Saudi Arabia has found. Major challenges to PACS usage remain, however, particularly the time taken to find images, recurrent system downtime, and insufficient training.
Casos de radiología ahora disponibles en español
November 14, 2016 -- Trabaje en sus casos de radiología favoritos de, ahora disponibles en español.
Smoking adversely affects patellar, Achilles tendons
November 11, 2016 -- Need another reason to quit or never start smoking cigarettes? B-mode ultrasound and elastography show that smoking can negatively affect the patellar and Achilles tendons, according to research published in the November issue of the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.
Siemens plans to spin off healthcare as separate business
November 10, 2016 -- German industrial giant Siemens is planning to spin off its Siemens Healthineers business as an independent publicly traded company, according to an announcement made by the company on November 10.
Strickland backs peer review plus digital feedback learning
November 10, 2016 -- LONDON - Radiology urgently needs effective vendor-neutral peer feedback and peer-review systems for reported imaging studies that are easy to document and share, Dr. Nicola Strickland told attendees at the British Institute of Radiology annual congress.
EUSOBI paper seeks united approach to breast imaging
November 9, 2016 -- The European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) and 30 national breast radiology bodies have released a position paper in a bid for clarity on breast cancer screening and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). The group's top priority is double-read, biennial mammography for women 50 to 69 years old, but it urges everybody to prepare for screening with DBT.
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