ESTRO: A fish desperately looking for a bicycle
May 7, 2015 -- "Radiation oncology and technological innovation: A fish desperately looking for a bicycle?" was the novel title of the plenary lecture by Dirk Verellen, PhD, at the recent European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) meeting in Barcelona, Spain.
Swedish study finds one-view DBT detects more breast cancers
May 6, 2015 -- One-view digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) detected 40% more breast cancers than traditional two-view mammography, with lower radiation dose, in a study of more than 7,500 women in Sweden that was published on 1 May in European Radiology.
Web-based technologies boost multisite teleradiology
May 6, 2015 -- Faced with an aging population, a shortage of clinicians, and the need to balance radiologist workload across different locations, the Health Region Waldviertel in Lower Austria has found success from adopting Internet-based technologies to enhance the practice of teleradiology.
Europe unveils blueprint for lung cancer screening
May 6, 2015 -- In a new joint white paper, the European Society of Radiology and the European Respiratory Society have added their support to lung cancer screening in comprehensive, quality-assured programs within a clinical trial or in routine clinical practice at certified multidisciplinary facilities.
IAEA aims to set global standard for nuclear medicine
May 5, 2015 -- A goal of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to advise on medical guidelines, train health workers, and aid developing nations in acquiring modern imaging and treatment technologies. In an exclusive interview, Colombian-born Dr. Diana Paez explains more about the agency's work.
Mobile App Spotlight: CT Anatomy
May 5, 2015 -- Mobile apps in radiology are developing fast. We're taking a look at CT Anatomy, an iOS app that offers a cross-sectional guide of normal anatomy as seen on CT. It includes more than 350 axial CT views, as well as more than 700 anatomical structures and descriptions.
No need for CT: Contrast US can follow up solid-organ injuries
May 4, 2015 -- Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can be used instead of CT for following up solid-organ injuries in children and young adults, avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure in this vulnerable population, according to researchers from London's King's College Hospital who reported their findings from a large retrospective study.
Errors by locum radiologists ignite fierce debate in Ireland
May 1, 2015 -- Thousands of x-rays and other scans have been reviewed and hundreds of patients recalled after errors were discovered in the work of three locum radiologists, according to the Irish Times. But a senior radiologist in Dublin is questioning some aspects of the report.
Treatment images highlight dose changes
May 1, 2015 -- Researchers from Munich have worked out how to reveal the dosimetric impact of changes on intensity-modulated x-ray and proton therapy, and are promoting awareness of dosimetric consequences in staff involved in treatment plan creation or irradiation.
CT reveals cardioembolic stroke that echo misses
May 1, 2015 -- Echocardiography may be the de facto gold standard for cardiac evaluation of patients suspected of having cardioembolic stroke, but it isn't necessarily the best modality. A new study from Saudi Arabia used CT to discover several thrombi that echo had missed, along with other conditions.
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