Spanish present 15-point plan to reduce error rates
April 5, 2017 -- A group of experienced radiologists from Madrid has developed a comprehensive, practical approach to cut error rates by adopting methods such as standardized imaging protocols. They collected a certificate of merit at ECR 2017 in Vienna for their efforts.
Germany reaches consensus on MRI of cardiac implants
April 4, 2017 -- The German Cardiology Society and the German Radiological Society have published a joint consensus paper on carrying out MRI scans on patients with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. In this interview, Dr. Torsten Sommer explains the aim of this initiative.
Clinicians glean more from structured radiology reports
April 3, 2017 -- Several studies in the literature have found that clinicians would prefer to receive structured instead of unstructured radiology reports. But the structured format also yields valuable benefits such as better comprehension of the key information contained in the report, an Irish research team found.
What motivates opportunistic breast screening?
March 31, 2017 -- Why do some women pursue opportunistic breast screening when they aren't yet eligible for an organized mammography program? High levels of fear and perceived susceptibility to breast cancer are among the most-cited reasons, according to the results of a survey published on 21 March in BMC Cancer.
DBT improves sensitivity in less-experienced readers
March 30, 2017 -- Adding digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to 2D screening mammography has a different effect based on who's reading the images, according to a new study published online on March 13 in Radiology. It improves specificity for all readers, but sensitivity improvements are reserved for more junior radiologists.
Hybrid imaging: Collaboration's top priority for ESHI
March 29, 2017 -- As this month's first anniversary celebrations draw to a close for the European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging (ESHI), its president has stressed that more collaboration and better education and training are vital for the future success of hybrid imaging.
Italians report 30% drop in breast cancer due to screening
March 28, 2017 -- A breast cancer screening study of more than 400,000 Italian women found that screening attendance is associated with a reduction of nearly 30% for cancers stage II or higher. However, the authors suspect the new data probably won't sway screening opponents.
German group hones cardiac MRI for myocardial infarction
March 28, 2017 -- What's the best way to distinguish acute from chronic myocardial infarction on cardiac MRI (CMR) scans? German researchers found that native T1 and T2 mapping significantly outperform conventional measurements of the T2 ratio, and they presented their results at ECR 2017.
Two CCTA techniques cut iodine dose across vendors
March 27, 2017 -- Major contrast reductions in coronary CT angiography (CCTA) can be achieved across vendor platforms with a couple of simple techniques, according to a Dutch presentation at this month's ECR 2017 in Vienna.
The great enabler: Artificial intelligence in radiology
March 24, 2017 -- Much has already been debated over the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) for radiology, and now the first products have started to enter the market. AI will not replace radiologists, but enable them, according to market analyst Stephen Holloway.
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