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Reboot recommended on breast screening debate
April 10, 2014 -- It's time for both sides of the mammography screening debate to drop the same old arguments and start thinking about the problem of breast cancer in new ways, according to two opinion papers from Switzerland and the U.S.
Think deeply to cut out mistakes, urge Dutch prizewinners
April 9, 2014 -- Beware the dangers of intuitive thinking. That's the central message of new award-winning research from the Netherlands about cognitive errors, which includes 20 practical tips on how to avoid typical mistakes.
Do we all have to be Matisse to achieve research success?
April 9, 2014 -- French artist Henri Matisse was driven by immense enthusiasm for his work, but "mere mortals" need real incentives to get involved in areas like research. The age of the pure, idealistic (underpaid) researcher has now passed, according to guest columnist Dr. Anagha Parkar.
3T MRI gauges functional significance of coronary stenosis
April 8, 2014 -- Thanks to 3-tesla MRI, radiologists can now measure coronary flow velocity reserve (CFVR), noninvasively showing the significance of CT-detected stenosis in all three major arteries, researchers from Japan reported at last month's ECR 2014 in Vienna.
Spanish show the way on clinical decision support
April 7, 2014 -- One silver lining to the economic crisis in Spain is that it's causing radiologists there to look for innovative ways to do more with less. Clinical decision support can help accomplish that, and a Spanish hospital is testing software that could find its way into widespread use.
Proton CT can improve stopping power accuracy
April 7, 2014 -- The fine-tuning of proton therapy plans to maximize tumor dose and minimize dose to healthy tissue is held back by significant uncertainties in the stopping power estimates used to calculate proton range. Danish researchers have boosted the accuracy of these estimates with an image reconstruction technique combining x-ray cone-beam CT data with a proton CT scan.
Breast cancer radiotherapy boosts lung cancer risk
April 5, 2014 -- Women treated for breast cancer have a small but significantly higher risk of developing lung cancer, according to a large study presented at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology meeting in Vienna.
3D planning proves value in facial reconstructions
April 4, 2014 -- Facial reconstructive surgery appears to have turned a corner, judging by a recent case in the U.K. that would have challenged even the most experienced and skilled surgeon. A patient's face was rebuilt after a horrific motorbike accident, and 3D visualization techniques made the difference.
Digital mammography causes less 'harm' than film-screen
April 3, 2014 -- Screening for breast cancer with digital rather than film-screen mammography lowers recall and biopsy rates, suggesting that the technology causes less "harm" to women and the healthcare system in the form of overdiagnosis or unnecessary biopsies, according to a new Norwegian study published online on 1 April.
Mobile devices look set to drive image sharing, communication
April 2, 2014 -- Radiologists are increasingly utilizing mobile devices in clinical applications, paving the way for new opportunities for image sharing and improved communication with clinicians and even patients, according to the results of a new Europe-wide survey presented at ECR 2014 in Vienna.
U.K. issues new guidance on cancer imaging
April 1, 2014 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has published updated recommendations for cross-sectional imaging in cancer management. They can be downloaded free of charge from the RCR's website.
Mobile application brings images into autopsy room
March 31, 2014 -- Mobile devices can be used as an effective tool to link a radiology department and a forensic pathology institute at two different locations with a common workflow, enabling forensic pathologists to view CT images and reports offline during autopsies, German researchers have found.
Swedish radiologist wins award for 3D dual-energy CT image
March 31, 2014 -- A Swedish researcher has received the top prize in a prestigious image competition for his 3D dual-energy CT scan of a patient who received a mechanical heart pump while waiting for a heart transplant.
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