Munich team develops handheld scanner
June 13, 2017 -- A handheld optoacoustic scanner enables imaging of skin layers and blood vessels in patients with psoriasis. Developed by researchers from Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich, the device uses raster scan optoacoustic mesoscopy to provide relevant clinical information, without requiring contrast agents or radiation exposure.
PET/optical combo can guide breast-conserving surgery
June 12, 2017 -- Researchers are reporting early success in the combination of optical and molecular imaging to view FDG-PET images that detect early-stage breast cancer. The technique can assess tumor margins during breast tumor surgery by detecting light emitted from an FDG-PET radiopharmaceutical.
Breast density software proves reliability
June 9, 2017 -- Breast imaging software can be reliable in estimating the local glandular tissue distribution in mammograms and can be used for assessment and follow-up, according to Spanish researchers. In addition, the software can handle small variations of the acquisition angle and to the beam energy.
Update: Record retention in vendor-neutral archive
June 8, 2017 -- Radiology departments are relatively advanced when it comes to digital transformation, but in the absence of meaningful algorithms for record retention, the unnecessary large size of imaging data kept online is likely to cost hospitals large amounts of cash, writes columnist Dr. Neelam Dugar.
Prokop: Ultrahigh-resolution CT raises the bar
June 7, 2017 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Exquisitely detailed ultrahigh-resolution CT is on its way thanks to several technologies, although most haven't reached the market yet, according to a presentation given by Dr. Mathias Prokop on Monday at the International Society for Computed Tomography meeting.
How to plan and implement a home reporting service
June 7, 2017 -- One of our top articles in 2015 was about a retired radiologist, Dr. Richard Harries, who reads up to 35,000 scans a year. He is still keeping very busy and is highly productive at home. In this special feature, we find out how he does it.
MRI shows even moderate drinking harms brain
June 6, 2017 -- MRI results have revealed that even moderate drinking is linked to declines in brain health. The results of the 30-year study have important public health implications because alcohol consumption affects such a large percentage of the population, concludes a new study in BMJ.
Advanced CT can boost outcomes in pancreatic cancer
June 6, 2017 -- Radiologists at the Technical University of Munich are using dual-energy spectral CT to improve treatment planning for pancreatic cancer patients and gain a better idea of their prognosis. They're convinced the procedure makes it much easier to see tumor boundaries.
Italians show how to succeed at 7T MRI of knee
June 5, 2017 -- Ultrahigh-field MRI -- and specifically 7-tesla MRI -- now is a clinically viable method for studying knee cartilage, thanks in large part to the development of a custom-built volume coil, according to researchers from Pisa University Hospital in Italy.
Visual aid pinpoints women at high risk of breast cancer
June 2, 2017 -- A new chart developed in Iran can help physicians identify women who are at high risk for breast cancer. Doing so could make a breast cancer screening program more efficient and productive, suggested the researchers who developed the chart.
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