10 things to know about the ECR 2017 president
February 15, 2017 -- Dr. Paul Parizel, PhD, is the first radiologist to preside over the European Society of Radiology and ECR at the same time. What do we know about the man behind the presidential mask? What makes him tick? What are his views on the future of radiology?
New kid in town shakes up MR contrast use
February 15, 2017 -- The "gadolinium story" is the talk of the town, but a completely different group of contrast agents for MRI is just around the corner and well worth a close look, writes the Maverinck in his latest column.
New CT algorithm reduces noise, dose
February 14, 2017 -- A reconstruction algorithm for CT fluoroscopy demonstrated a "significant" reduction in noise and effective dose compared with filtered back projection in a study by German researchers and published online by European Radiology. The algorithm also boosted readers' confidence.
Molecular radiotherapy: A personalized approach
February 13, 2017 -- Molecular radiotherapy uses radiopharmaceuticals to deliver radiation directly to malignant cells and minimize damage to healthy tissue. It can treat a variety of cancers, but accurate dosimetry is required to enable personalized treatment.
Official launch of ArabSafe goes ahead
February 10, 2017 -- DUBAI - The first ArabSafe committee meeting was held during Arab Health 2017. Modeled on the EuroSafe Imaging campaign, the new initiative aims to establish a radiation safety culture among Arabic-speaking countries and to ensure the appropriate use of radiation.
MRI pioneer Sir Peter Mansfield dies
February 9, 2017 -- Nobel laureate Sir Peter Mansfield, PhD, who performed early research in nuclear magnetic resonance that led to the creation of MRI, died on February 8 at the age of 83, the University of Nottingham announced.
Ultrasound elevates diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
February 9, 2017 -- Adding lung and venous ultrasound into the diagnostic process for pulmonary embolism can yield improved sensitivity and specificity, obviating the need for CT pulmonary angiography in many cases, according to research from Italy that will be published in the March issue of Academic Emergency Medicine.
Radiology learns the lessons of Ebola crisis
February 8, 2017 -- Researchers from a top London teaching hospital with extensive experience of infectious diseases share their knowledge of performing imaging examinations on patients with the Ebola virus and give practical recommendations on how to minimize problems in future epidemics.
Machine-learning analysis of heart motion predicts survival
February 8, 2017 -- A machine-learning survival model based on 3D cardiac motion predicts outcomes beyond conventional risk factors in patients with pulmonary hypertension, according to a new study from the U.K. and Singapore. Semiautomated analysis of the cine MR images could potentially be used to guide patient management.
Italians put finishing touches to image quality method
February 7, 2017 -- Italian researchers have proved a combination of phantoms, an automatic software tool, and a statistical process are effective and applicable on a large scale to vet the image quality and reproducibility for any type of digital mammography system.
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