PET/CT dominates diverse hybrid imaging market
October 30, 2013 -- In Western Europe during 2012, there were 577 providers of PET and/or PET/CT, of which 18 were mobile, and PET/CT accounted for 92% of the installed systems, according to new market research presented last week at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine annual congress, held in Lyon, France.
Banned: Top 8 words or phrases to avoid in radiology reports
October 30, 2013 -- To highlight common expressions that can mislead, misinform, or misdirect referring physicians, the radiology report needs to be re-examined, and it is vital to eliminate the lexicon of clichés that undermine a radiologist's work because of their vagueness, warns a respected global expert in a hard-hitting editorial.
Pacemakers and MRI: Always read manufacturers' small print
October 29, 2013 -- The European Society of Cardiology has published new guidelines about MRI for pacemaker patients, but caution is still needed because the advice is incomplete, according to Dr. Jörg Barkhausen, chair of the Cardiac & Vascular Diagnostics Working Group of the German Radiology Society.
Consistency still eludes teleradiology use in France
October 28, 2013 -- Results of research conducted by the French Radiology Union Council across its regional branches reveal operational differences in teleradiology setup and delayed implementation in different areas of the country.
Doctors are not informing patients of overdiagnosis risk
October 28, 2013 -- Patients are not being told about the possibility of overdiagnosis and overtreatment as a result of cancer screening programs, and many say they wouldn't start a screening program if the overdiagnosis rate is too high, according to a German survey of patients in the U.S.
Software-based PET-MRI can prove cost-effective
October 25, 2013 -- Software PET-MRI does not offer a complete alternative to hybrid hardware PET/MRI, but commercially available software can bring PET-MRI to routine clinical practice using existing hardware, according to Timor Kadir, PhD, Dr. Andrew Scarsbrook, and Thomas Beyer, PhD.
JFR: Finger position proves vital to measure dose
October 24, 2013 -- A French PET/CT study has revealed alarming gaps between radiation dose measured in different areas of the hand, calling into question the accuracy of radiation safety monitoring of staff, delegates learned this week at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) congress in Paris.
Pakistan losing radiologists to lucrative overseas offers
October 23, 2013 -- Pakistan is facing a shortage of radiology faculty members as they are leaving the country for more lucrative salaries and better working conditions abroad, with the brain drain reaching an alarming rate in recent years. A new article outlines the problem and offers solutions for fixing it.
High pitch plus iterative reconstruction clips CCTA dose
October 23, 2013 -- In one of the first studies to combine a high-pitch cardiac CT angiography (CCTA) imaging protocol with iterative reconstruction, researchers from Beijing have reduced radiation doses to less than 1 mSv, with good image quality even in heavier patients.
Market expands for patients' online second opinions
October 22, 2013 -- A new e-health venture offering an online opinion service for medical images is due to begin commercial operations this month. Describing itself as an opinion provider rather than a second read service, it deals directly with patients rather than physicians and faces fewer restrictions.
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