Study: Finding out who's at fault in communication breakdowns
May 23, 2012 -- A major contributor to preventable medical errors is communication breakdown between managing and consulting physicians -- and many of these errors can be traced to radiology reports, according to a new study published in the June issue of Clinical Radiology.
DRK: Researchers progress with carotid plaque imaging in stroke
May 22, 2012 -- In Germany, a stroke occurs every three minutes. Eight out of ten strokes are ischemic, and in 30 to 40% of these cases, the cause cannot be established. Against this background, a German multicenter imaging study has analyzed the risks of instable carotid plaque.
Global gathering celebrates life and career of Marion Frank
May 22, 2012 -- A celebration of the life of the well-known international radiographer Marion Frank took place in London last Saturday. The organizing committee for the event, called "Frankly Speaking," was led by her friend and colleague, Margaret McClellan, and there was a large audience, with some people coming from afar.
CARS congress in Pisa leans toward personalized medicine
May 22, 2012 -- For the first time in its 27-year history, the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) congress will take place in Pisa. Next month, delegates will descend on the relatively small Italian city for four days of multidisciplinary exchange.
Luxembourg eSanté project works out data security details
May 22, 2012 -- Ensuring the security of medical data, including image data, is paramount for any healthcare IT project, let alone a national one. As part of its upcoming eSanté (e-Health) national project, Luxembourg has settled on a "de-identification" concept to tackle that critical concern.
SERAM president reflects on challenges facing Spanish radiology
May 21, 2012 -- Later this week in Granada, Dr. Eduardo Fraile Moreno will stand down as president of the Spanish Society of Radiology (SERAM). To mark the occasion, he spoke exclusively with about the status of radiology in his country and the future challenges facing the specialty.
DRK: Is high-field MRI microscopy ready to replace biopsies?
May 21, 2012 -- Use of extremely strong magnets in MRI can bring about high spatial resolution thus far only seen in light microscopes. German researchers demonstrated at theGerman Radiological Society's annual meeting, the DRK, that MRI microscopy provides as much information about the shape and growth of tumors as conventional histology.
What to look for in gynecological emergencies
May 21, 2012 -- Gynecological emergencies don't just happen during pregnancy. Researchers from a top London hospital have compiled an overview of the imaging appearances of emergencies in nonpregnant patients, and they found MRI is particularly helpful in identifying the site of origin of large pelvic masses such as torsion.
E-health helps raise quality of care in Norway
May 18, 2012 -- When it comes to e-health, Norway has an enviable track record. Any exchange of information between parties in the healthcare sector must be done electronically, and an Internet portal enables patients and other users to find quality-assured information and services and gain access to their own health data.
Local PACS firms rule as China begins digital leap forward
May 18, 2012 -- TORONTO - The Chinese government is heavily investing in healthcare IT infrastructure; however, the PACS and digital revolution in China is still immature, and local firms dominate despite the presence of multinational competitors, according to a presentation at this week's Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology conference.
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