Breast cancer looks the same in younger, older women
August 23, 2013 -- Women younger than 40 with breast cancer do not have different imaging characteristics than their older counterparts, but they do have similar genetic profiles, which have a different distribution in young women compared with the general population, French researchers have found.
Global x-ray equipment market reaches 7.5B euros
August 22, 2013 -- Driven by continued digitization of x-ray systems and increasing healthcare investments in emerging regions, the global market for x-ray equipment reached 7.5 billion euros ($10 billion) in revenue in 2012 and is expected to increase by 18% to reach 9 billion euros ($12 billion) in 2017, according to market research firm IMS Research.
Why all the hype about retrofit flat-panel detectors?
August 22, 2013 -- The retrofit flat-panel detector market accounted for around 3% of general radiography x-ray unit shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2012, and the figure is forecast to increase to 5% by 2017. We look at what's driving the market and analyze the key trends.
Study: Too few clinicians give chest x-ray details on CT requests
August 22, 2013 -- Emergency teams are particularly poor at documenting chest x-ray findings on request forms for CT, but when details are included, there is usually good correlation between accident and emergency departments and radiology reports, according to an audit reported at the 2013 U.K. Radiological Congress.
In celebration of our meticulous attention to detail
August 21, 2013 -- The innate pedantry or fastidiousness in radiology comes from our training, writes Dr. Paul McCoubrie. Our tests are ranked by their ability to be specific and sensitive, and learning curves, receiver operating characteristic curves, operator dependencies, etc. are part of our working culture. But is this a bad thing?
Will CDA replace HL7 version 2 messaging?
August 20, 2013 -- CDA, or Clinical Document Architecture, is a new information exchange standard under HL7 that is mandated by the U.S. government's meaningful use program. In this article, radiology informatics expert Herman Oosterwijk of OTech explains CDA and how it differs from previous HL7 standards on messaging.
Roberto Passariello: Europe mourns a great leader
August 19, 2013 -- Dr. Roberto Passariello -- the famous radiologist, educator, and MRI pioneer known in Italy simply as "Professore" -- died on 11 August at the age of 72. As a tribute, we asked colleagues to share their memories of him and reflect on his life and career.
Diffusion-weighted imaging adds value in rectal cancer
August 19, 2013 -- Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is easy to acquire, has become a fine problem-solving tool in most circumstances, and is an important complement to other sequences in oncology imaging, attendees learned in Barcelona at the 2013 European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology congress.
New elastography technique measures breast tissue stiffness
August 16, 2013 -- A new breast elastography technique is demonstrating promise as a reliable method for measuring the stiffness of healthy breast tissue. Standard values proposed by the German researchers may even differentiate parenchyma and fatty tissue from breast lesions.
FDG-PET changes treatment, staging for Merkel cell carcinoma
August 15, 2013 -- Australian researchers found that FDG-PET scans changed the management plan for more than one-third of patients with Merkel cell carcinoma and altered the disease stage in approximately one in five cases, according to a study in the August issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
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