Speech recognition gathers speed in Sweden
April 14, 2011 -- Only about 10% of Swedish radiologists use speech recognition, but this situation appears to be changing fast. More of them now recognize that the technology can cut report turnaround times and is relatively easy to use.
Italian VC surveillance patients won't wait
April 14, 2011 -- In results that run counter to a U.S. center's experience, Italian patients undergoing virtual colonoscopy screening won't wait three years for surveillance and follow-up of small polyps as an alternative to colonoscopy, according to a new study from the University of Pisa.
CAD can prevent unnecessary biopsies of benign breast lesions
April 13, 2011 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) can reduce the number of stereotactic breast biopsies of suspicious microcalcification clusters that are eventually shown to be benign, according to a German research team.
e-Learning can enhance safety in image-guided interventions
April 12, 2011 -- A group of German health informatics specialists won the top poster prize at RSNA 2009 for promoting C-arm radiation awareness and protection. Eighteen months on, they're still developing their virtual training package.
Rads' interpretation remains 'essential' even with breast MRI CAD
April 12, 2011 -- Pairing computer-aided detection (CAD) with breast MRI has little effect on the sensitivity and specificity for experienced radiologists, according to a study in European Radiology. However, residents or inexperienced radiologists may benefit from the combination.
8 ways radiologists can win the turf battles
April 11, 2011 -- Medical imaging's increasingly essential role in the diagnosis and treatment planning of patients in almost all fields of healthcare has prompted physicians, clinicians, and other subspecialists to claim any one of the imaging modalities for their own domain.
New IHE website targets healthcare system interoperability
April 11, 2011 -- Ahead of this week's Connectathon conference in Pisa, Italy, the Europe branch of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) has redesigned its website, targeting healthcare system interoperability.
3T MRI helps confirm age of asylum seekers and sports stars
April 8, 2011 -- MRI is significantly better than plain radiography for imaging the medial extremity of the clavicle in forensic bone age estimation. In cases where accuracy is the primary concern, MRI should be used, but from a practical point of view, only in cases where radiography is inconclusive.
Developers upgrade iPad app with upper limb scans
April 7, 2011 -- PARIS -- Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, Monster Anatomy Upper Limb allows users to scroll through 500 MRI slices at intervals of 2 to 4 mm for a high-definition examination of muscle, nerves, and other structures from the shoulder to the fingertips.
Take strict precautions when it comes to pacemakers and MRI
April 6, 2011 -- The emergence of MRI-compatible pacemakers has revolutionized patient management, but this relatively new clinical combination of pacemaker with MR systems means that radiologists are often only partially aware of the associated risks.
Radiology reports could use improvement
April 5, 2011 -- Radiologists are still the best physicians for interpreting images, but improvements can be made in the reports they provide to referring doctors, according to a survey of Dutch and Belgian physicians.
PE defect size on CT correlated to poor clinical outcomes
April 4, 2011 -- Perfusion defect size on dual-energy CT of pulmonary embolism (PE) is an independent predictor of both right heart strain and patient outcomes, concludes a new study by German and U.S. researchers. On the other hand, lab markers such as D-dimer results showed only weak correlations.
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