Postmortem MRI shows sudden cardiac death invisible at autopsy
May 2, 2013 -- In results that add substantial forensic power to identifying the cause of death, postmortem cardiac 3-tesla MRI has been found to identify sudden cardiac death in cases that are invisible at conventional autopsy, according to new research published online in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
Second cancer risks warrant rigorous investigation
May 2, 2013 -- How can we estimate the risk of inducing second cancers in patients receiving radiotherapy? Ionizing radiation is known to cause cancer, and the risk of inducing second cancers in patients undergoing radiotherapy cannot be ignored.
Is France an underdeveloped country when it comes to MRI?
May 1, 2013 -- As the first anniversary of François Hollande's presidency approaches, a new report has highlighted the serious shortages of medical imaging equipment in France and the continued long waiting times for an MRI appointment throughout much of the country.
Working all hours? launches survey
May 1, 2013 -- The EU's Working Time Directive has focused attention on work hours. It provides for the right to work no more than 48 hours a week, restricts excessive night work, and requires a minimum number of holidays a year. But are imaging professionals complying with this? Take this survey to help determine the major trends on the working hours of imaging staff.
Why interruptions are a good thing
May 1, 2013 -- A change of ethos is necessary when it comes to interruptions, and it's far better to think of them as consultations, writes columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie. Consultants are there to be consulted and we should always try to help our clinical colleagues, he says.
ITALUNG CT lung screening study reports high compliance rate
April 30, 2013 -- More than 1,000 subjects recruited for an Italian CT lung cancer screening study stuck with the program through four years of annual follow-up, researchers reported in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.
Patient access to radiation therapy still a major concern in Africa
April 30, 2013 -- There is an acute shortage of radiotherapy equipment of any type in Africa, and the scarcity of resources is becoming even more severe and pronounced with the increase in cancer incidence in the continent, according to an International Atomic Energy Agency report published in Lancet Oncology.
Large European dose survey shows low medical exposure
April 29, 2013 -- A pan-European dose estimation project has found that doses administered to patients in medical imaging examinations vary widely by country, but are lower than comparable levels reported for the U.S. and Australia.
Biplanar DR outperforms standard DR for upright imaging
April 29, 2013 -- Biplanar low-dose x-ray systems outperform standard digital radiography (DR) systems in terms of delivering a lower radiation dose to the patient and expediency in acquiring images, but their cost and limited uses require high examination volume to make them cost-effective, Swiss researchers believe.
Adding 3D breast tomo to mammography finds more cancers
April 26, 2013 -- Using 3D digital breast tomosynthesis with conventional 2D mammography finds 50% more cancers than 2D imaging alone and also reduces the false-positive rate, according to a new study published online April 25 in Lancet Oncology.
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