EuroPACS: Gesture devices for PACS workstations show promise
July 6, 2012 -- A keyboard and mouse are ubiquitous components of diagnostic imaging workstations. But after two decades, it's time to convert to so-called natural user interfaces, according to a presentation made at the International EuroPACS meeting, held last week in Pisa, Italy.
BMJ: Twice is the key to cost-effective AAA screening
July 6, 2012 -- Danish researchers have found a sort of Goldilocks solution to the question of whether abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening is cost-effective if performed repeatedly rather than just once in a patient's lifetime. The most cost-effective scenario is twice, they reported on Friday in the British Medical Journal.
Violence against radiographers moves swiftly up political agenda
July 5, 2012 -- Fresh evidence about the escalating levels of violence against accident and emergency radiographers is focusing attention on an issue of growing concern, and is encouraging more organizations to look into how best to protect staff, especially by provision of better training.
FFDM fails to lower missed-cancer percentage, study shows
July 5, 2012 -- Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) does not improve upon the performance of film-screen mammography, at least in terms of the percentage of missed interval and screening-detected cancers, Norwegian researchers reported in a study published online June 14 in Radiology.
CARS: Teleradiology brings new dynamic to training
July 4, 2012 -- In Greece, a three-year teleradiology-based training project that started in January 2011 is already getting positive reviews from clinical colleagues, delegates heard during the teleradiology and e-learning session at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) congress in Pisa, Italy.
CARS: Radiology gets 'intelligent' dedicated search tool
July 3, 2012 -- RadMiner, a tool that the developers hope will revolutionize radiological Web searches, looks set to improve computer-based research after a successful pilot project in Germany, attendees learned during the teleradiology and e-learning session at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) congress in Pisa, Italy.
Dutch radiology mourns icon Dr. Carl B.A.J. Puylaert (1923-2012)
July 3, 2012 -- Carl B.A.J. Puylaert was a radiologist in Tilburg, the Netherlands for 17 years before he started his career as professor of radiology in the University Hospital of Utrecht for the next 15 years. He educated 23 fellows in radiology in Tilburg and 75 in Utrecht, and five of his pupils later became professors of radiology themselves.
EVINCI: Noninvasive heart imaging cuts invasive procedures 75%
July 3, 2012 -- As many as three-fourths of patients with chest pain could avoid invasive and costly procedures like invasive coronary angiography by undergoing noninvasive imaging tests first, according to investigators at the Evaluation of Integrated Cardiac Imaging (EVINCI) Consortium last week.
Bionic Vet shows what humans can learn from small animal imaging
July 2, 2012 -- Taking the audience on a whirlwind tour around a Noah's Ark of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, reindeer, and snakes, a veterinary surgeon known to his thousands of television fans as the "Bionic Vet," gave a plenary lecture to remember at last week's U.K. Radiological Conference.
Audits can help cut lumbar spine x-ray requests
July 2, 2012 -- Radiologists from Leeds, U.K., are using audits to reduce the alarming number of lumbar spine radiographs that may be unnecessary, thereby reducing radiation exposure to patients and freeing up x-ray machines and radiographers for more urgent examinations.
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