O'Connor's squad gets set for imaging the 2012 Olympics
March 14, 2012 -- The head of the musculoskeletal (MSK) medical imaging service for this summer's Olympic Games aims to set new standards in sports radiology. Dr. Phil O'Connor, consultant MSK radiologist from Leeds, U.K., says he hopes it will become the benchmark against which future Olympic medical services are compared.
Vendor-neutral archiving promises to transform health IT
March 14, 2012 -- Vendor-neutral archiving is an evolving concept, from customer ownership of DICOM data to an enterprise repository containing multiple data formats from multiple sources. But its success rests on the philosophy of vendors and their willingness to adopt common standards.
CVIS, RIS offer growth prospects amidst PACS saturation
March 14, 2012 -- While the PACS markets in most developed regions have reached a point of high saturation, the worldwide market for cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) and radiology information systems (RIS) is expected to be worth $600 million in 2012.
Breast MRI displays viability for new indications
March 13, 2012 -- When participants at a European Society of Breast Imaging training course were presented with a case study and asked to provide their first-line assessment, the instant poll revealed the challenge of changing clinical practice for assessing whether a patient complaint of nipple discharge is symptomatic of cancer.
iPad up for task of assessing pulmonary nodules
March 12, 2012 -- The iPad can be reliably used for preliminary assessment of lung nodules, offering accurate nodule detection and localization with only slightly longer image reading times than a conventional workstation, according to research presented at last week's European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.
Spanish team collects top ECR prize for MSK research
March 12, 2012 -- Calcaneal fractures are subtle injuries that require an urgent diagnosis because they can have long-term disabling consequences if not treated early, Spanish musculoskeletal (MSK) experts stated in a top award-winning e-poster at last week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR).
ESR publishes results of major education survey
March 12, 2012 -- The medical school attended, plus the framework of its curriculum philosophy, will determine the scale and depth of an undergraduate medical student's teaching in radiology, according to a European Society of Radiology (ESR) survey of medical schools published online on 24 February in Insights into Imaging.
Gilbert casts doubt on breast MRI use to monitor recurrence
March 9, 2012 -- VIENNA - Although MRI is the most sensitive modality, it is not justified as a surveillance tool for women who have previously had breast cancer, Dr. Fiona Gilbert told participants at last week's meeting organized by the European Society of Breast Imaging.
CTA identifies outliers, aids prognosis in CAD patients
March 8, 2012 -- VIENNA - CT angiography (CTA) can act as a gatekeeper in coronary artery disease (CAD), identifying outlier patients and thus enabling dedicated trials to characterize biomarkers and genomics of protective/antiprotective factors, according to a leading Italian cardiac radiologist.
Politics blocks widespread use of breast MRI for implants
March 7, 2012 -- VIENNA - In the region served by the Ribera public hospital, around 10,000 women have received defective Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, a population that would quickly overwhelm the radiology service if MRI examinations were authorized, according to Dr. Julia Camps Herrero, head of radiology at the center in Alzira, Valencia, Spain.
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