Collaboration among specialties enhances prospects of cancer patients
March 8, 2013 -- VIENNA - Promoting more effective collaboration among radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and radiation oncologists to improve imaging and radiotherapy outcomes is a core principle underpinning the lectures in a special focus session on Friday at ECR 2013.
Prepare for the transformation of care by prostate MR imaging
March 8, 2013 -- VIENNA - Some urologists continue to persist with the old methods of prostate biopsy and tumor detection, despite the benefits of MRI in visualizing the most aggressive parts of prostate tumor. But the situation is changing fast, according Dr. Jelle Barentsz, PhD, of University Hospital Nijmegen in the Netherlands, in a session on Friday at ECR 2013.
CT vendors focus on iterative reconstruction, cardiac applications
March 8, 2013 -- VIENNA - Innovation in software technologies provides the main talking points for visitors to the CT equipment vendors' booths at the ECR 2013 commercial exhibition. Companies are demonstrating novel approaches to reducing radiation dose, improving image quality, and extending the modality's capabilities in cardiac imaging.
European experts urge caution on PET/MRI use
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - "Hold your horses" was the main message regarding PET/MRI at Thursday's ECR 2013 opening press conference. People may want to quickly adopt the fairly new technique, but Dr. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg urged caution.
FDG-PET/MRI 'comparable' to FDG-PET/CT in head/neck cancer
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - FDG-PET/MRI can produce diagnostic quality images "comparable" to FDG-PET/CT in patients with head and neck cancer, according to a study presented on Thursday during the opening day of ECR 2013.
Interventional techniques improve outcomes in colorectal liver metastases
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - Imaging is the mainstay of colorectal liver metastasis management. Although colorectal liver metastasis is one of the top causes of cancer death, patient prognosis has improved dramatically due to improved collaboration between oncology and radiology.
Molecular advances boost evaluation of cancer treatment response
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - Advances in molecular imaging promise to make it realistic to identify differences in response of cancer cells to a specific treatment, and this information will eventually be used to better adapt therapies to a patient's specific needs.
The 'beauty' of the head and neck: From temporal bone to oral cavity
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - General radiologists often shy away from the anatomical complexity of the temporal bone, but Dr. Bert De Foer, from GZA Hospital Sint-Augustinus in Antwerp, Belgium, provides both encouragement and inspiration, noting that he finds this anatomy to be one of the most intriguing regions of the human body.
US elastography, contrast-enhanced mammography, MR spectroscopy: Which offers the most promise?
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - Mammography is an imperfect modality, so it makes sense that radiologists are on the lookout for something better, or at least something to supplement the technique. Thursday's refresher course covers functional imaging of the breast and goes into detail about ultrasound elastography, contrast-enhanced mammography, and MRI diffusion, perfusion, and spectroscopy, which may supplement mammography or replace it altogether.
Cardiac imaging comes under intense scrutiny at ECR 2013
March 7, 2013 -- VIENNA - A panel of experts will update both general and specialized radiologists with the latest information available on cardiac imaging, during the dedicated Mini Course "Organs from A to Z: Heart," which starts today.
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