Austrians provide boost for digital telemammography
February 27, 2013 -- Compared with teleradiology, implementation of telemammography has been held back by vendor-related technical limitations of some diagnostic workstations and lack of affordable data networks capable of transmitting large uncompressed mammography images. Researchers from Vienna have now given a boost to the technology's viability.
Cardiac MR software automatically plans long-axis heart views
February 26, 2013 -- Cardiac axis localization software can automatically and reliably detect the long-axis views of the heart, offering potential to decrease workload for MR technologists, a global group of researchers told delegates at the recent Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance meeting.
Hybrid brain imaging technique adds temporal dimension
February 26, 2013 -- MRI/PET/electroencephalography hybrid scanning has been achieved for the first time by a group of researchers from Jülich in Germany, according to a recent article published online by the Journal of Magnetic Resonance, which describes the work being done and makes a case for multimodal imaging at 3 tesla and 9.4 tesla.
Understanding kilovoltage brings major rewards in CT
February 25, 2013 -- Kilovoltage adaptation can improve CT image quality, cut radiation dose, and lower the required contrast volume, but not all at once, plus it's vital to make a choice, according to Dutch researchers from a top European center of excellence.
Lung cancer x-ray screening in Italy shows positive results
February 25, 2013 -- A nearly decadelong lung cancer chest x-ray screening program of at-risk residents of the Varese province in Italy reduced the number of deaths attributed to lung cancer by 18%, according to findings published online in Lung Cancer. This study offers insights into the value of chest x-rays as a low cost screening tool.
Site profile: French project aims to transform diagnoses
February 22, 2013 -- Online resources for medical imaging continue to proliferate. One such website is, a site launched by a French radiologist with the goal of providing answers for doctors facing difficult diagnostic challenges.
Evidence is lacking to support mHealth's effectiveness
February 22, 2013 -- Mobile health technology, or mHealth, has the potential to change healthcare by improving the flow of information and interactions between providers, organizations, and patients. But will this happen? An essay published on 12 February in PLOS Medicine issues a warning.
Study: Use CCTA 1st for lower-risk chest pain patients
February 21, 2013 -- Choosing cardiac CT angiography (CCTA) first to assess chest pain is more cost-effective than initial stress myocardial perfusion cardiac MR for all but the highest-risk patients, according to a presentation at the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance meeting.
Olympics squad embarks on long road to Rio
February 20, 2013 -- London's Olympic imaging equipment providers switch their attention to Rio this week, when details about their experiences and best practice are officially handed over to the Brazilians' 2016 team. Also, scanners used at last year's games are due to be installed soon at sites across London.
Mercy Ships offers volunteer opportunities for physicians
February 20, 2013 -- Radiologists have much to offer as volunteer physicians for Mercy Ships, a nonprofit organization that provides much-needed basic medical care to people in developing nations. In a recent article in the American Journal of Roentgenology, a U.S. radiologist who served on the Africa Mercy described his experiences.
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