Mobile radiology and social media: RSNA video interview
December 11, 2013 -- Dr. Erik Ranschaert of Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis in the Netherlands discusses the hot topic of mobile radiology and social media with Editor-in-Chief Brian Casey during last week's RSNA meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Practice smooths PACS data migration process
December 10, 2013 -- A well-conceived trial run prior to PACS migration can identify the most important problems institutions will encounter during their switch to a replacement PACS and enable problem-solving ahead of time, Dutch researchers reported at RSNA 2013 in Chicago.  Discuss
Saudi hospital successfully implements IORT for breast cancer
December 10, 2013 -- Intraoperative radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer was successfully implemented in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, spurring more installations in the region, according to a presentation by Dr. Yasir Bahadur at last week's RSNA meeting.  Discuss
7T MRA delves deeper into intracranial aneurysms
December 9, 2013 -- CHICAGO - If and when it is ready for routine clinical use, 7-tesla time-of-flight MR angiography (MRA) will provide "superior assessment" of aneurysms and related vessel features, according to a study presented at RSNA 2013.  Discuss
Calcium scores rise and fall based on scanner vendor
December 9, 2013 -- CHICAGO - What's your coronary calcium score? The answer may well depend on who made your CT scanner, according to a session at RSNA 2013. Dutch researchers who scanned cadaver hearts were surprised to see up to a 25% difference in scores, depending on which scanner was reporting the results.  Discuss
Facial transplants: Low-dose methods prove vital to success
December 6, 2013 -- CHICAGO - The complexity and extent of follow-up imaging often required in cases of facial transplantation means the application of all available low-dose imaging techniques must be pursued, according to top award-winning research presented at RSNA 2013.  Discuss
Breast tomosynthesis, density research highlighted at RSNA
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Study findings on the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis and how tissue density affects a woman's breast cancer risk as she ages were highlighted on Tuesday at the RSNA meeting. Dr. Nicholas Perry, from the London Breast Institute, was one of the speakers at the session.  Discuss
Germany's rising stars step into limelight at RSNA
December 4, 2013 -- CHICAGO - More than 30 of Germany's brightest researchers have grabbed the opportunity to display their talents to a global audience at RSNA 2013 in a lavish government-funded initiative.  Discuss
MRI technique shows how energy drinks alter heart function
December 4, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Using a novel cardiac MRI technique, German researchers found significantly increased heart contraction rates in the left ventricle of healthy young adults one hour after they consumed energy drinks, in a study presented on Monday at the RSNA annual meeting.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2013: Interview with ECR 2014 president
December 4, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Strong links and a healthy spirit of cooperation exist between RSNA and the European Congress of Radiology (ECR). Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn from Moscow, president of ECR 2014, reflects on his week in Chicago and the upcoming meeting in Vienna, Austria, in March with  Discuss
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