MRI lung perfusion looks set for broader clinical use
January 23, 2012 -- Contrast-enhanced MRI pulmonary perfusion should be used in a broader clinical area, in part because the modality can be performed quickly, even in critically ill patients, but optimal temporal resolution and contrast-to-noise ratio are both necessary to achieve appropriate perfusion imaging of the lung, according to researchers.
Study validates new technique for CT colonography
January 20, 2012 -- Researchers at University College London and software developer Medicsight have validated and improved a technique that automatically registers prone and supine images on CT colonography. They believe the algorithm is robust enough for daily clinical use.
MRI shows potentially grave extracardiac findings
January 19, 2012 -- Cardiac MRI finds significant numbers of extracardiac findings in patients with suspected heart disease, and as many as 20% are potentially serious, according to a Swiss study in European Radiology. The prevalence of extracardiac findings has been investigated using CT but less with MRI.
Shear-wave elastography improves assessment of breast masses
January 18, 2012 -- Shear-wave elastography is highly reproducible for assessing elastographic features of breast masses, an eminent ultrasound researcher has found. Additionally, shear wave elastography is at least as consistent as BI-RADS ultrasound B-mode features, which could aid in classifying masses.
Smartphones and tablets -- the sequel
January 18, 2012 -- After his popular recent column about the potential downside of smartphones, the Maverinck revisits this hot topic. He looks at the applications of these devices in radiology, and asks whether they can ever be suitable for image reading.
Fetal MRI can complement prenatal ultrasound
January 17, 2012 -- MRI is proving useful in the prenatal diagnosis and evaluation of complex fetal thoracic pathologies, and is invaluable in assisting surgical planning where complicated anatomical abnormalities exist, Irish radiologists have discovered.
Addenbrooke's adopts new approach to abdominal radiography
January 16, 2012 -- Managers at a top U.K. hospital have made significant changes to how it uses abdominal radiography in the emergency department, following an extensive review of work patterns by a group of radiologists.
How molecular imaging was born
January 16, 2012 -- As molecular imaging continues to develop, it's worth considering the origins of nuclear medicine, which has a long and rich history. Appreciating the early days of nuclear medicine can lead to a better understanding of today's developments, according to Dr. Adrian Thomas in his latest column.
Study: IT service programs are rare in European hospitals
January 13, 2012 -- The countries of Europe have led the world in adopting electronic record keeping for healthcare. But even European healthcare organizations remain light years behind other industries in 21st century information technology utilization, as a new study reinforces.
MRI of limited use in C-spine imaging of whiplash patients
January 12, 2012 -- Swiss researchers have concluded that 1.5-tesla MRI provides "only limited evidence" of specific changes to the cervical spine and surrounding tissues in patients with acute symptomatic whiplash injury, according to a study published online December 20 in Radiology.
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