Van Andel reflects on famous Dutch MRI sex study
July 21, 2015 -- LONDON - "Love between the magnets" was the intriguing title of last week's special lecture by Dutch physiologist Dr. Pek van Andel. He revealed how and why he used MRI to study male and female genitals during coitus, and now he wants to study gay sex.
Still using CR for breast cancer? Time to rethink
July 20, 2015 -- It's time to think again about the use of computed radiography (CR) detectors when it comes to spotting breast cancer, U.K. researchers have found. In their study, digital radiography (DR) performed significantly better than CR for identifying calcification clusters and noncalcification lesions.
Max Factor -- for the beauty of your curriculum vitae
July 17, 2015 -- Publishers make a big deal about impact factor, but it's not a reliable measure of quality or a true indicator of a journal's actual impact, and you should treat them with great caution, writes the Maverinck in his latest column.
Dutch researchers launch DENSE breast MR trial
July 16, 2015 -- It's well-known that mammography is less effective in women with dense breast tissue. But what hasn't been established is which supplemental modality is best for these women. Dutch researchers have launched a trial to study the use of MRI in addition to mammography for screening women with dense breast tissue.
CT, MRI account for most speech recognition errors
July 15, 2015 -- In an audit of mistakes resulting from the use of speech recognition software, CT reports had the highest overall error rate, and this can be attributed to the high volume of reports dictated and the complexity of cases. MRI reports also accounted for a large proportion of errors.
French MRI waiting times arouse fresh controversy
July 15, 2015 -- MRI waiting times in France have improved slightly, returning to the 2012-2013 average of 30.3 days, but they still represent a disaster and the government is not facing the truth, said one senior radiologist from Paris.
CT analysis algorithm defines malignant lung nodules
July 14, 2015 -- A multitasking algorithm designed to analyze CT lung cancer screening images and pick out likely malignancies, nodule volumes, as well as other characteristics at CT, delivers significant, if modest, performance improvements over that based on size alone.
Texture analysis sorts out breast cancer types
July 13, 2015 -- Texture analysis of MRI breast images can reveal multiple lesion subtypes, potentially enabling different assessment and management strategies depending on lesion type, according to new Scottish-led research published in European Radiology.
Ultrasound-based CAD pinpoints thyroid nodules
July 10, 2015 -- Ultrasound combined with a novel computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme can help determine whether thyroid nodules are malignant or benign, a new study has found. The research team thinks it's feasible to identify malignant lesions, based primarily on the presence and patterns of thyroid nodule calcifications.
Design changes transform potential of PET detectors
July 9, 2015 -- Two novel PET detector designs offer a significantly improved coincidence time resolution and may help better localize tumors within patients, report researchers from the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, Italy, and the Swiss-based European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN.
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