Multipurpose CT lung cancer screening more cost-effective
July 6, 2017 -- CT lung cancer screening is likely to be more cost-effective if it is used to identify other tobacco-related conditions in high-risk people, according to a study published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.  Discuss
Radiologists must go global with Twitter
July 5, 2017 -- Twitter is becoming an invaluable platform for radiologists, and after a slow start, European radiologists are embracing the platform. Dr. María Jesús Díaz Candamio and Dr. Erik Ranschaert offer a variety of reasons why Europeans should start tweeting -- even if they aren't doing it in English.  Discuss
Giles Maskell: How to avoid errors in radiology
July 4, 2017 -- There is a great deal more work to be done to understand why radiologists make mistakes, specifically due to perceptual and cognitive functions, according to former U.K. Royal College of Radiologists President Dr. Giles Maskell. But enough is already known to devise approaches to prevention.  Discuss
Motion compensation improves cardiac PET
July 3, 2017 -- Cardiac PET is used to measure tissue viability, myocardial perfusion, and functional parameters such as ejection fraction (EF). The EF provides valuable information for patients with heart disease. Now, researchers have developed a method to compensate for respiratory motion.  Discuss
Egypt releases DRLs but dose concerns remain
June 30, 2017 -- Egypt has unveiled the first national diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for CT, but senior radiologists still have concerns about radiation dose. Areas for improvement include the selection of exposure parameters for different examinations, taking into account the image quality, with particular attention on facilities using consistently higher doses compared with DRLs.  Discuss
French group announces 9-point plan of action
June 29, 2017 -- France's national union of private radiologists (Fédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues, FNMR) unveiled its new independent medical imaging project. The plan lists nine major areas on which urgent action is necessary, said FMNR President Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson.  Discuss
MRI + mammography detects recurrent breast cancer
June 29, 2017 -- Adding MRI to mammography improves the detection of recurrent breast cancer in women who have been treated for the disease, according to a study published on June 22 in JAMA Oncology. What's more, MRI appears to be a better option than ultrasound as an adjunct to mammography.  Discuss
Use of English in post-Brexit world
June 28, 2017 -- English remains by far the dominant language in medicine and science, but political changes underway in the European Union and the U.S. may reduce the level of Anglo-American control across the globe. The Maverinck investigates in his latest column.  Discuss
Is postmortem imaging acceptable to Muslims?
June 27, 2017 -- Muslims living in both Europe and the Middle East prefer postmortem imaging over conventional autopsy, believing it preserves the dignity of the corpse, but they prefer autopsy in cases of homicide or suicide, new research has found.  Discuss
Yves Menu gets set to ride high at European Radiology
June 26, 2017 -- The European Society of Radiology this week unveiled Dr. Yves Menu as the new editor in chief of its journal European Radiology. He will take over from Dr. Maximilian Reiser later this year and serve a three-year term.  Discuss
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