Spanish deliver master class on imaging of peritoneum
January 17, 2017 -- What do you really need to know about imaging of peritoneal metastases? Radiologists from Barcelona, Spain, have tackled this tricky topic and collected a prestigious international prize for their efforts.
Dual-energy CT can replace MRI in myocardial sarcoidosis
January 16, 2017 -- Dual-energy cardiac CT can readily distinguish cardiac sarcoidosis from other kinds of cardiac hypertrophy, eliminating the need for cardiac MRI, according to researchers from southeastern Paris.
Personal experiences in MRI: A cardiologist's perspective
January 16, 2017 -- Dr. Sven Piepenburg is training to become a cardiologist at Würzburg University Hospital in Germany. He conducts about 800 MRI examinations on a 3-tesla scanner, mostly on patients with suspected myocardial infarction or inflammation. In this column, he writes about his experiences.
Casos de radiología ahora disponibles en español
January 16, 2017 -- Trabaje en sus casos de radiología favoritos de, ahora disponibles en español.
Physics advances help shape clinical PET
January 13, 2017 -- Developments in PET software and hardware can have a big impact on the application of PET in clinical practice, and PET can also move beyond the imaging of cancer, according to a researcher from Leeds, U.K.
PET/CT remains best option for head, neck cancer
January 12, 2017 -- While PET/MRI shows great promise in a multitude of clinical applications, German researchers have found that the hybrid modality's performance in evaluating head and neck cancer appears no better than that of tried-and-true PET/CT.
U.K. publishes new standards for teleradiology
January 12, 2017 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has released updated guidelines for the provision of teleradiology, noting that the latest version contains standards for the sharing of imaging data and for outsourcing reporting of images outside local healthcare organizations.
Deep learning boosts CT colonography outcomes
January 11, 2017 -- A new kind of electronic-cleansing algorithm can deliver reduced-prep CT colonography (CTC) to routine clinical practice, according to results from a multinational team of researchers. The group's technique for CTC outperformed two conventional methods, producing far fewer artifacts.
Improving the patient experience benefits everyone
January 10, 2017 -- As a diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Jennifer Adams has always been sensitive to the concerns and fears that patients can have when faced with medical imaging procedures. But she gained a new perspective on what it's like to be a patient when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38.
Cochrane group again takes aim at breast screening
January 9, 2017 -- Continuing a campaign going back to at least 2000, researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen take aim at screening mammography in a January 10 article in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The group claims that breast screening doesn't reduce the incidence of advanced tumors, and that one-third of tumors detected actually represent overdiagnosis.
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