A short and critical approach to contrast agent safety
September 8, 2017 -- In the current climate of "gadolinium phobia," it's difficult to know which contrast agent to use in a given clinical scenario and in what quantity. The Maverinck aims to bring some clarity and common sense to the ongoing safety debate in his latest column.  Discuss
PET with AV-1451 times tau deposits with Alzheimer's onset
September 7, 2017 -- Using PET with the novel radiotracer fluorine-18-AV-1451 that binds to tau deposits, Swedish researchers have linked certain regions of the brain with the early or late onset of Alzheimer's disease and its symptoms, according to a study published in the September issue of Brain.  Discuss
Italians find DBT 'modestly' boosts radiation dose
September 7, 2017 -- New research from Italy shows digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) "modestly" increases radiation dose for patients compared with full-field digital mammography (FFDM). However, don't let that be a deterrent in using DBT, the researchers said.  Discuss
Why Europeans must care more about AI, machine learning
September 6, 2017 -- In this digital era, new types of businesses related to artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging in several areas of healthcare. Radiologists, in particular, are vulnerable to the growth of automation, write Drs. Sergey Morozov and Erik Ranschaert.  Discuss
French raise alarm over smoldering blanket in PET/MRI
September 6, 2017 -- French researchers are alerting radiology facilities to an incident that occurred in their PET/MRI suite: Copper fibers in a blanket used to cover a patient began to heat up, causing the blanket to smolder and nearly catch fire, according to a case study published August 31 in Radiology.  Discuss
How ultrasound can trigger pain relief
September 5, 2017 -- Ultrasound can be used to release nerve-blocking agents contained in liposomes and relieve patients from pain. This would be an alternative to opioids and open up the possibility of a safer, on-demand, and personalized management of pain.  Discuss
Research shines spotlight on cinematic rendering
September 4, 2017 -- It's been touted as "3D on steroids," but many in radiology still aren't sure how cinematic rendering of medical images works. Fortunately, two new articles from the U.S. and Europe offer an explanation of the new technique, which creates stunningly lifelike images from scans.  Discuss
Cambridge team moves ahead with multidimensional imaging
September 1, 2017 -- Sarah Bohndiek, PhD, and her colleagues at the U.K.'s University of Cambridge are on a mission to develop low-cost and nonionizing optical technology to improve early cancer detection. Bohndiek heads up an international team combining physicists, engineers, chemists, and molecular biologists.  Discuss
Rights group says Turkish radiologist languishes in jail
September 1, 2017 -- A human rights group in Sweden has picked up the case of a Turkish radiologist who it claims has been languishing in jail for the past year on trumped-up charges that he was connected with a coup against the Turkish government in 2016.  Discuss
Radiographers face up to uncertain future
August 31, 2017 -- Will the radiographer profession die out by 2025? That's certainly one possibility, according to new analysis from Sweden. But facilitating career development opportunities for radiographers could help to turn the tide, the authors predict.  Discuss
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