Global survey puts renewed emphasis on dose
January 8, 2016 -- European hospitals perform nuclear cardiology at lower doses than the rest of the world, and they use more of the best practices that have been identified, according to the results of a global survey published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.
Automated technique compares lung screening priors
January 7, 2016 -- A new technique uses digital subtraction imaging to detect temporal changes in lung cancer screening scans between baseline and follow-up. The method could make screening follow-up easier by quickly identifying new or growing nodules.
CTC excels in matchup with FIT, colonoscopy
January 6, 2016 -- In the first randomized trial to pit CT colonography (CTC) against the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) and conventional optical colonoscopy, FIT yielded a higher participation rate than CTC but found fewer cancers and advanced lesions, according to results published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
CT breaks new ground in assessing heart valves
January 5, 2016 -- Third-generation dual-source CT scanners can now provide fast, comprehensive, and complementary information in the evaluation of mechanical heart valves, award-winning Dutch researchers reported at last month's RSNA meeting in Chicago.
Cancer rates rising in lower-income countries
January 4, 2016 -- Cancer incidence and mortality rates are increasing in low- and middle-income countries, perhaps due to lifestyle changes and lack of appropriate screening or prevention measures, according to a new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.
Optical imager targets breast cancer screening
December 31, 2015 -- Diffuse optical imaging has been proposed as a nonionizing and relatively inexpensive alternative method for detecting breast cancers, including those in dense tissues. Now, U.S. scientists have developed a handheld optical scanner with the potential to image breast cancer in real-time.
Quality assurance confirms benefits of MRI-guided radiotherapy
December 30, 2015 -- Radiation oncologists are hailing the benefits of MRI-guided radiotherapy, having published a quality assurance program for their system. They claim the system is allowing them to hone their treatment margins and adapt to real-time changes in a patient's body.
Top 10 AuntMinnieEurope stories for 2015
December 29, 2015 -- We're pleased to offer the top 10 stories of 2015 on Hot topics in 2015 included a famous Dutch MRI sex study, MRI accidents, and the possible perils of gadolinium contrast.
Study finds benefits to breast cancer screening over 75
December 29, 2015 -- A new study of breast screening in women older than 75 has found that enough cancers are detected in this population to make screening worthwhile. The findings could shape the ongoing debate over whether older women should undergo regular screening.
Raman imaging steps closer to the clinic
December 28, 2015 -- For brain tumor patients undergoing surgery, the proportion of tumor removed is a major factor determining prognosis. However, diseased tissue may look like healthy brain, making it difficult for surgeons to locate the tumor margin.
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