UAE steps up campaign on dose awareness
September 22, 2016 -- Moves to limit medical radiation exposure are intensifying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and safety issues and education now are high on the agenda of healthcare professionals. Every effort must be made to reduce exposure and boost risk awareness, according to key participants at next month's summit in the region.
MR safety: Why we may not need a 20T scanner
September 21, 2016 -- The mere concept of ultrahigh-field MRI is debatable because there will be problems and risks beyond heat deposition and deafening noise, writes the Maverinck in his latest column. All exams above 2 tesla should be viewed as experimental, not clinical.
Encore une fois -- new name for French congress
September 21, 2016 -- A name change and a star-studded program that reflects political forces at play promise to bring fresh life to the upcoming French national radiology congress, to be held in Paris from 14 to 17 October, according to meeting President Dr. Yves Menu.
PET/MRI offers 'powerful' option for unknown primary cancer
September 20, 2016 -- PET/MRI is just as proficient as PET/CT in detecting primary cancer and metastases from an unknown primary tumor, making PET/MRI a "powerful alternative" with significantly less exposure of patients to ionizing radiation, according to a German study in the European Journal of Radiology.
Clinical progress in focused ultrasound
September 20, 2016 -- Focused ultrasound is a developing noninvasive treatment technique that delivers ultrasonic energy to targets deep within tissue. During therapy, individual ultrasound beams pass harmlessly through adjacent tissue then converge to a focal point at the target, for a profound therapeutic effect.
CMR, scintigraphy do more to prevent unnecessary angiography
September 19, 2016 -- When physicians craft treatment plans for patients with suspected angina based on cardiovascular MRI (CMR) and SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging results, the chance of unnecessary angiographies is much less than if care is based on tried-and-tested guidelines, according to U.K. researchers.
Action on CT dose brings results in Middle East
September 19, 2016 -- A multicenter study conducted in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has underlined the value of implementing dose-reduction techniques for coronary CT angiography and coronary calcium score examinations.
Migrants: How to determine age on pelvic x-rays
September 16, 2016 -- In an attempt to assist decision-makers in the migrant crisis, Turkish researchers have redoubled their efforts to identify an accurate way of evaluating bone age using pelvic radiographs in young adults.
Ultrasound monitors therapeutic microbubbles
September 15, 2016 -- In new work, U.K researchers have estimated microbubble velocities during therapeutic ultrasound exposure by measuring the Doppler shift of ultrasound emitted by the microbubbles as they underwent cavitation. The measurements are implementable in real-time with existing detectors.
U.K. radiologist shortage worsens
September 14, 2016 -- The shortage of radiologists in the U.K. is getting worse, according to a census released by the Royal College of Radiologists on 10 September. Demand for imaging services increases, but the supply of radiologists does not. A key finding is that 99% of U.K. radiology departments could not meet scan and x-ray reporting demands.
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