Strickland issues new warning over U.K. workforce
March 7, 2017 -- The radiology workforce crisis in the U.K. is the most serious issue facing the Royal College of Radiologists, according to Dr. Nicola Strickland. Around 9% of U.K. radiologist posts are unfilled, with 41% of those having been vacant for over a year.
ECR 2018 aims to promote unity and show diversity
March 6, 2017 -- "Diverse and United" is the motto for ECR 2018, which runs from 28 February to 4 March. Dr. Bernd Hamm, from Berlin, is returning as congress president, after presiding over ECR 2015. In this interview, he speaks about his ideas and plans for next year's meeting.
Color mapping boosts vessel interpretation in stroke CT
March 6, 2017 -- VIENNA - Color mapping of cerebral vasculature in 4D CT angiography speeds interpretation and may improve accuracy in the detection of vessel occlusions in acute stroke patients, researchers said on Sunday at ECR 2017.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Oshi Abeyakoon on being a trainee
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - Since Dr. Oshi Abeyakoon first went on a course organized by the European School of Radiology in 2013, her career has taken off. She is now an honorary consultant radiologist and doctoral student at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, U.K.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis on 10 years of ESOR
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - The European School of Radiology (ESOR) celebrates its 10th anniversary at ECR 2017. ESOR Director Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis of Athens reflects on the impressive growth of ESOR and talks about the organization's plans and objectives for the future.
MRI monitors fat for bariatric surgery
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - MRI and spectroscopy can accurately measure fat volumes in bariatric patients before and after surgery, according to the results of a German study presented at ECR 2017 on Saturday.
DBT reduces breast surgery re-excision rates
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - Adding digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to preoperative digital mammography and ultrasound reduces the re-excision rate of surgical treatment for breast cancer -- good news for women and also for imaging centers seeking to render cost-effective care, according to research presented at ECR 2017.
Taking care of logistics can reduce errors in emergency radiology
March 5, 2017 -- Errors in medicine have become headline news in recent years, and legal action against physicians for alleged malpractice is an increasing problem. Radiology is not exempt from this phenomenon. Emergency radiologists must, therefore, learn how best to safeguard their practice against human error and champion processes that will prevent systematic flaws.
Clinical trials to shed new light on preoperative breast MRI
March 5, 2017 -- Is breast MRI really diagnosing more false positives than mammography? What changes for preoperative breast MRI can be expected after the latest clinical trials? These are among the important unanswered questions in breast MRI that will be discussed at today's master class at ECR 2017.
Brain maps aid understanding of human cognition
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Detailed brain maps compiled from voxel-based morphometry of brain MR images can yield new insights into human cognition, including evidence that the hippocampus has an important role in executive function, according to a Saturday morning presentation at ECR 2017.
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