Proton delivery is feasible in a magnetic field
August 14, 2015 -- With steeper dose gradients than x-rays, protons have the potential to target tumors more precisely and better spare healthy tissue. However, to exploit proton therapy's full potential, imaging that enables accurate treatment guidance and dose calculation is particularly important.
CT transforms abdominopelvic trauma care
August 13, 2015 -- Today, CT is vital for assessing intra-abdominal and pelvic hemorrhage, and it has boosted trauma management and had major implications for radiologists, according to new research presented at the 2015 congress of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology.
5 tips to drive adoption of patient portals in radiology
August 13, 2015 -- The establishment of patient portals has blurred the lines of what is considered to be appropriate doctor-patient communication outside of the medical office. Patients may be wary of portals, but DICOM Grid CEO Morris Panner shares five tips for allaying their concerns and driving higher adoption.
Russia's limits on x-ray and other imports set to expand
August 12, 2015 -- Russia is preparing to impose new restrictions on the purchase of imported medical equipment and supplies, adding to the limits on foreign-made x-ray machines and other devices that were enacted earlier this year. The country's safety rules also may be updated soon.
Wrist fractures come out top in audit of MSK errors
August 11, 2015 -- In a new audit of musculoskeletal (MSK) errors made at a top London hospital, the most common mistakes presented at discrepancy meetings in 2014 were wrist fractures, with triquetral fractures being the biggest group within these, and the most common type was perceptual.
MRI accident leads to loss of thumb for French boy
August 11, 2015 -- A 13-year-old French boy lost his thumb during a routine MRI examination of the pancreas, according to a report in the Courrier Picard newspaper. Such incidents can occur more frequently in August, when regular staff are on vacation.
Belgians scoop prize for research on elbow injuries
August 10, 2015 -- Elbow injuries are common in power and combat sports such as boxing, judo, weightlifting, and wrestling, but uncertainty surrounds the best imaging approach. Belgian researchers provided fresh analysis at the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology congress and collected a top award for it.
U.S. team finds favor with new PEM unit
August 7, 2015 -- A positron emission mammography (PEM) unit developed in Spain offers key advantages for breast imaging, according to a U.S. team that has been testing it. The unit offers better resolution than whole-body PET, and it may prove more useful than molecular breast imaging using technetium-99m sestamibi.
New light shed on triple-negative breast cancer
August 6, 2015 -- Watch out for triple-negative breast cancer as it will often demonstrate benign morphological features on ultrasound, researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have found. Biopsies should still be performed unless the lesion is clearly a cyst or typical fibroadenoma, they insist.
Kalender: Tell your patients about CT's benefits, not risks
August 5, 2015 -- CT is thriving, and instead of informing patients about the risk of radiation-induced cancer, now's the time to emphasize the upside of undergoing an examination, according to CT pioneer Willi Kalender, PhD. Tell them CT saves lives, he said in a special lecture.
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