MRI pinpoints malignancy in extramammary disease
April 10, 2015 -- Assessing the entire field-of-view carefully for abnormalities on breast MRI studies is vital, because some incidental extramammary findings are malignant, and this alters diagnostic workup, staging, and treatment, Croatian researchers have found.
Coregistered 3D US plus angio boosts aneurysm surgery
April 9, 2015 -- Combining rotational digital subtraction angiography with 3D ultrasound creates a powerful pair for guiding aneurysm surgery when images are dynamically coregistered during procedures, according to a new study by German researchers and published in PLOS One.
MRI provides answers on fetal facial clefts
April 8, 2015 -- When a facial abnormality is suspected on routine prenatal ultrasound, fetal MRI can provide valuable clinical information, particularly about the secondary palate, and help evaluate other fetal abnormalities, award-winning research has shown.
The functional charlatans
April 8, 2015 -- Functional brain imaging celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015. To mark the occasion, the Maverinck reflects on the good, the bad, and the ugly, and finds that much research in the field is dubious, worrying, and malign.
Study advises MRI screening for high-risk pancreatic cancer patients
April 8, 2015 -- Swedish researchers believe that MRI could be the best imaging modality to screen people at high risk of pancreatic cancer, according to an 8 April study in JAMA Surgery. In a small study, they showed how using MRI to screen high-risk individuals found pancreatic lesions in 40% of patients.
CT texture analysis can help predict outcome
April 7, 2015 -- CT texture analysis of standard contrast-enhanced images in patients with colorectal liver metastases prior to treatment is showing promising results in predicting outcome before liver resection, according to Dr. Anselm Schulz from Oslo.
Global project aims to cut risk of secondary cancer
April 6, 2015 -- A combined U.K., U.S., and Belgian research effort aims to allow for tighter treatment planning margins and a greater sparing of normal tissues, reducing the toxicity and risk of secondary cancers to the patient.
What does the future hold for premium ultrasound systems?
April 2, 2015 -- Growth in point-of-care applications, workhorse solutions, and cost-efficiency dominate trends in the ultrasound market. However, premium systems, those sold for more than 100,000 euros, still have a key place in the market.
ECR 2015: 5 free radiology apps for your smartphone
April 1, 2015 -- A researcher from France has developed five mobile applications that are available for free on Google Play and are designed for use in daily practice to provide efficiency gains for radiologists and improve the accuracy of reports. Details were presented at ECR 2015 and the apps have already been downloaded over 8,000 times.
Austrian lawyer offers 3 tips for curbing 'litigosis'
April 1, 2015 -- As medical malpractice cases rise across Europe, radiologists can reduce the risk of lawsuits by being vigilant in documenting their diagnoses and information given to patients, advises Dr. Markus Ludvik, a Vienna-based specialist medical lawyer.
Teleradiology platform use expands in networks
March 31, 2015 -- The working patterns of radiologists have undergone enormous change. Remote or homeworking is gaining acceptance, but some observers think radiologists must be located within radiology departments to support radiographers, says Dr. Neelam Dugar.
Workflow, scalability, clinical focus drive CT sales
March 30, 2015 -- In the CT market, three key trends are emerging as drivers for technological innovation: automated workflow, scalability, and clinical focus. Long-term cost savings are likely to remain at the forefront of purchasing decisions.
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