Customized 3D-printed titanium ribs implanted in patient
September 21, 2015 -- Spanish surgeons have successfully implanted a customized 3D-printed titanium rib prosthesis based on high-resolution CT scans, according to a study published online in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Imaging.
DTI-MRI links hypertension to brain damage, cognitive deficits
September 18, 2015 -- Researchers using diffusion-tensor MRI (DTI-MRI) have found that high blood pressure can damage nerve tracts that connect different parts of the brain, according to a study presented this week at the American Heart Association's 2015 Hypertension Scientific Sessions in Washington, DC.
Neuroimaging underlines untapped potential of meditation
September 17, 2015 -- Imaging studies have confirmed that meditation can create the same physiological changes in the brain as medication for patients with clinical depression. More research needs to be done, but initial evidence suggests that, instead of medicating, people should try meditating.
Home or hospital: Where should cancer scans be read?
September 16, 2015 -- Would you prefer your own cancer scan to be reported at a radiologist's home or within the hospital? It was a simple question, but it recently ignited an impassioned debate. As home working becomes more common, this question raises important issues and lies at the heart of how radiologists will work in the future.
Online radiology atlas uses PACS model to aid learning
September 16, 2015 -- The modern radiologist works on PACS workstations in their clinical practice. So why not use a workstation-like interface to learn many of the crucial skills needed to be a radiologist? That's the theory behind Imaging Anatomy, an interactive online atlas.
Decision model cuts unnecessary wrist x-rays by 22%
September 16, 2015 -- Using a clinical decision model developed by Dutch researchers for pediatric wrist trauma could cut unnecessary emergency x-ray imaging for the condition by 22% -- thereby reducing children's radiation exposure and healthcare costs, according to a study published online in Pediatric Radiology.
IMS targets tomo biopsy with launch of Giotto Class
September 16, 2015 -- Italian women's imaging vendor Internazional Medica Scientifica (IMS) has released a new flagship mammography system, called Giotto Class. The new system supports digital breast tomosynthesis and has begun shipping.
New research needed to guide patient portal development
September 15, 2015 -- Online patient portals can offer major benefits, but they are not being developed with sufficient consistency and speed, say Dutch researchers, who have focused on how to overcome the challenges of implementing these portals.
MRI boosts follow-up in myocardial infarction
September 14, 2015 -- A multicenter cardiac MRI study has provided fresh insight into left ventricular thrombus formation following ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Dr. Janine Poess, a cardiologist from Lübeck, Germany, presented details of the study at the recent European Society of Cardiology annual meeting.
PET/MRI can be a boon for pediatric cancer patients
September 11, 2015 -- Young pediatric patients may benefit from FDG-PET/MRI for staging and clinically evaluating oncologic disorders, given the hybrid modality's superior soft-tissue contrast and significantly lower radiation dose, according to a study published online August 24 in Investigative Radiology.
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