CT CAC scoring tops age for predicting heart disease risk
August 4, 2017 -- Is age just a number? Maybe, at least for predicting atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease events in older adults. Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring with CT is better than a patient's age for predicting risk -- particularly for coronary heart disease, according to research published online on July 26.  Discuss
Engage trainees early to achieve success in breast imaging
August 3, 2017 -- Catch 'em young: That's the message of a new survey on what determines whether a trainee will choose breast radiology as a career. Results show engaging with trainees from an early stage and extolling the positive job aspects can make a difference as to whether they become breast radiologists.  Discuss
How to optimize dose in hybrid operating rooms
August 2, 2017 -- A clinical team from Liverpool, U.K., has revealed a 14-point strategy for improving radiation dose awareness and protection in a hybrid operating room. The checklist could serve as a useful guide for hospitals across Europe and beyond performing image-guided minimally invasive procedures.  Discuss
3D printing prepares to enter clinical arena
August 1, 2017 -- The U.K. National Health Service has appointed its first biomedical 3D technician, Heather Goodrum, to design and print maxillofacial guides, models, and inserts for use in surgery. The move shows how 3D printing of surgical prostheses is becoming a reality in routine practice.  Discuss
Software differentiates ground-glass nodule subtypes
August 1, 2017 -- Lung nodule assessment software can be used to accurately differentiate histological subtypes of lung adenocarcinomas manifesting as ground-glass nodules, helping to reduce diagnostic uncertainty in managing these common lesions, according to Austrian research published online by European Radiology.  Discuss
ESSR: 3D printing gives boost to complex hip revisions
August 1, 2017 -- Harnessing the power of new technology can enable more clinical teams to acquire and print 3D models from the pelvis and hip, making use of existing, up-to-date, preoperative, cross-sectional imaging, according to research from the 2017 European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR) meeting.  Discuss
Dynamic PET tracks early treatment response
July 31, 2017 -- For head-and-neck cancer patients, dynamic PET can provide detailed characterization of the tumor microenvironment and a more accurate assessment of response, and also may be useful for cancers exhibiting a wide range of distribution volumes.  Discuss
Zurich team moves ahead on heart replacements
July 28, 2017 -- A Swiss group has developed a soft 3D-printed silicone heart that beats almost like a human heart. The technique, which uses CT images of a real patient to create a computer-aided design model in 3D, could provide tailor-made, soft artificial hearts in the future.  Discuss
WhatsApp works well for pediatric ortho trauma
July 27, 2017 -- Researchers in Israel are finding new clinical uses for WhatsApp, the popular global text messaging platform. Reading images sent to smartphones via WhatsApp showed good agreement with the same images being read on a PACS workstation for pediatric orthopedic surgeons, according to a new study in Pediatric Emergency Care.  Discuss
3 things European radiology IT needs to get right
July 26, 2017 -- A pan-European healthcare IT network remains a distant dream, but change is coming. In his latest column, Stephen Holloway looks at how the radiology IT landscape is undergoing a transformation.  Discuss
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