Spain: Study highlights rise in pediatric CT scan rate
August 26, 2015 -- A new study published in Pediatric Radiology looking at pediatric CT patterns of use in the Spanish region of Catalonia has revealed gradual increases in CT scans and the number of CT-scanned patients over 23 years from 1991 to 2013.
Kitty Clark: An inspiration to radiographers
August 26, 2015 -- The story of the development of radiography is interesting, and Kathleen Clara "Kitty" Clark (1896-1968) played a major role in the publishing of books that became reference standards for radiography positioning and exposure, Dr. Adrian Thomas writes in his latest column.
Continuum of care: The never-ending healthcare story?
August 25, 2015 -- "Escalating health costs, poor economic performance, and rising incidence of chronic disease are driving development of value-based healthcare in the European market." Sound familiar? This is one of the most consistently quoted trends attributed to healthcare investment in Europe. But how is this actually manifesting itself in the development of medical imaging and IT solutions?
Pelvic MRI for endometriosis can be performed anytime
August 24, 2015 -- Endometriosis patients may be assessed with pelvic MRI at any time -- even during menstruation, according to a new study in the European Journal of Radiology. The researchers found no differences in the conspicuity, size, or extent of endometriotic disease at any point in a woman's cycle.
CAD picks patients with TB drug resistance
August 24, 2015 -- Researchers in Belarus have developed a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) scheme that can fairly accurately predict drug resistance in tuberculosis (TB) patients. The results show that the prediction tool could potentially improve triage and care of TB patients.
CAD analysis of 3D MRI finds bladder cancer
August 21, 2015 -- Researchers have built a computer-aided detection (CAD) algorithm that detects bladder cancer lesions with high sensitivity and specificity by analyzing 3D MRI images. They have unveiled the full details in the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery.
MRI finds brain changes in boys who faced adversity
August 20, 2015 -- MRI scans have found that boys who faced challenges during the first six years of their lives had less cortical gray brain matter and altered brain structure by the time they reached their late teens or early 20s, according to a study conducted at a leading U.K. institution.
Risks of gadolinium contrast: Where are we now?
August 19, 2015 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rekindled concern over gadolinium-based contrast agents by announcing a fresh investigation into the risks of contrast-enhanced MRI scans. To minimize adverse events, a U.K. team has compiled a series of actions and recommendations.
3D bone segmentation displays clinical promise
August 19, 2015 -- Researchers are closing in on a radiation-free alternative to intraoperative fluoroscopy in orthopedic surgery. A newly validated algorithm delivers clear bone surface images in near real-time from ultrasound images, according to a new study.
Bedside chest x-rays: Are radiologists needed?
August 18, 2015 -- When it comes to reading bedside chest x-rays, is the radiologist still needed, or can the task be delegated to other physicians? Swiss researchers have found that as long as the person is experienced, the discipline really doesn't matter.
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