Studies show DBT detects more breast cancers than mammo
April 12, 2017 -- Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) identifies more breast cancers than conventional digital mammography, according to two studies presented at ECR 2017. In addition, the recall rates between the two modalities are comparable, researchers found.
Italians show CAD improves prostate biopsy targeting
April 11, 2017 -- An artificial intelligence-based computer-aided detection (CAD) system that analyzes prostate MR images for tumors improves the targeting of core biopsies for cancer diagnosis, according to Italian research presented at ECR 2017. With fine-tuning, the system could improve patient care.
Attention focuses on added value of clinical audits
April 11, 2017 -- Compulsory clinical audits are on the horizon. Skeptics fear they are time-consuming and costly, interrupting daily practice and resulting in stressful and hurried activity followed by a gradual slackening in standards once the audit is over. But a Belgian group thinks otherwise.
IR with CAD permits ultralow lung CT dose
April 10, 2017 -- Iterative reconstruction (IR) can improve lung nodule detection with 3D computer-aided detection (CAD) to the point where nodule detection using ultralow-dose CT is comparable with standard and low-dose exposures, according to researchers from Japan presenting at ECR 2017 in Vienna.
Quality of China's radiology research improves
April 10, 2017 -- Imaging research in mainland China has witnessed significant advances in the past decade, as evidenced in part by articles published in Radiology and European Radiology, according to a recent paper in European Radiology.
Ultrasound-induced drug uptake requires caution
April 7, 2017 -- Ultrasound-activated microbubbles can be used to increase the cellular uptake of drugs in vivo, and this can be tracked by fluorescent dyes, but Dutch researchers found the results can be affected by the rate of the dye's intercellular diffusion and nuclear accumulation, plus other factors.
Whole-spine MRI provides early warning of degeneration
April 6, 2017 -- Whole-spine sagittal MRI of patients with degenerative diseases often can detect significant incidental findings, according to a study with nearly 1,500 patients and published in the European Spine Journal.
IBA Molecular forms Curium as new radiopharmacy player
April 6, 2017 -- Radiopharmacy vendor IBA Molecular has combined with recent acquisition Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine to form Curium, a new company with a mission to be a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of SPECT, PET, and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
Norwegians find compression matters in breast screening
April 5, 2017 -- High breast compression force and low compression pressure are associated with positive performance measures such as lower recall rate and higher specificity, a Norwegian breast cancer screening study has found.
Spanish present 15-point plan to reduce error rates
April 5, 2017 -- A group of experienced radiologists from Madrid has developed a comprehensive, practical approach to cut error rates by adopting methods such as standardized imaging protocols. They collected a certificate of merit at ECR 2017 in Vienna for their efforts.
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