ECR 2015: 5 free radiology apps for your smartphone
April 1, 2015 -- A researcher from France has developed five mobile applications that are available for free on Google Play and are designed for use in daily practice to provide efficiency gains for radiologists and improve the accuracy of reports. Details were presented at ECR 2015 and the apps have already been downloaded over 8,000 times.
Austrian lawyer offers 3 tips for curbing 'litigosis'
April 1, 2015 -- As medical malpractice cases rise across Europe, radiologists can reduce the risk of lawsuits by being vigilant in documenting their diagnoses and information given to patients, advises Dr. Markus Ludvik, a Vienna-based specialist medical lawyer.
Teleradiology platform use expands in networks
March 31, 2015 -- The working patterns of radiologists have undergone enormous change. Remote or homeworking is gaining acceptance, but some observers think radiologists must be located within radiology departments to support radiographers, says Dr. Neelam Dugar.
Workflow, scalability, clinical focus drive CT sales
March 30, 2015 -- In the CT market, three key trends are emerging as drivers for technological innovation: automated workflow, scalability, and clinical focus. Long-term cost savings are likely to remain at the forefront of purchasing decisions.
Hungarian twins' study sheds light on coronary calcium
March 26, 2015 -- Coronary calcium is a strongly heritable trait, but noncalcified plaque burden is more a factor of lifestyle and environment, according to a new Budapest study of twins presented at the ECR 2015 meeting in Vienna.
Why it pays to know about management in radiology
March 26, 2015 -- Management is really not as boring as many radiologists may think, and there are also many interesting projects to consider for radiology trainees, which really can be done in every clinical setting, as Dr. Peter Mildenberger from Mainz, Germany, explains.
Portuguese scoop top ECR prize for fibroid work
March 25, 2015 -- Groundbreaking research about MRI's expanding role in the planning, safety, evaluation, and success of uterine artery embolization won a Portuguese group a prestigious Magna Cum Laude award at this month's ECR 2015 in Vienna.
ABUS adds no value for BRCA carriers, Dutch say
March 24, 2015 -- Despite intensive annual surveillance, BRCA carriers still present with interval cancers. Dutch researchers found automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) detected no additional cancers, so it's back to the drawing board.
Top tips on getting your work published
March 24, 2015 -- Publications look great on a curriculum vitae but can be a real minefield. The editor in chief of Insights into Imaging, Dr. Robert Hermans, outlines the common mistakes to avoid and explains about practical issues such as copyright, the costs involved, and the meaning of impact factor.
4D ultrasound U.K. study links fetal movement, maternal smoking
March 24, 2015 -- In a small study published in Acta Paediatrica, researchers in the U.K. used 4D ultrasound to detect changes in facial movements of fetuses that could reflect the effect of maternal smoking. Researchers performed 80 4D ultrasound scans on 20 fetuses to assess subtle mouth and touch movements.
Radiology tests need to incorporate 3D
March 23, 2015 -- Medical imaging investigations, which consist almost entirely of 2D scans, are shortchanging radiology students in a 3D world where most real-life clinical imaging is displayed in volumetric images, according to researchers from the Netherlands.
Three-nation symposium goes ahead in Innsbruck
March 23, 2015 -- The acronym GAST stands for the combined conference of the German, Austrian, and Turkish radiological societies. The GAST-Symposium 2015 will be held in Innsbruck, Austria, on 1 and 2 May. Its organizer Dr. Stefan Wirth talks about common objectives, supposed differences, and the main focal points of the meeting.
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